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LLP_Connie_06aIn 2010, I signed up as a network marketer with great enthusiasm but little knowledge of marketing.

I was successful enough to not quit, but I was not successful enough to quit.

You know what I mean. The residual income had not grown large enough for me live on. So, I had to keep working.

Worse yet, I had made my “list” filled with the names of people I cared about. I had called them more times than they wanted.

But with dread, I prepared to call them again.

And I also had cold market prospecting planned. In fact, I was getting rather good at it.

I am not sure how that would have turned out since suddenly, my mom’s health required me to spend my time at home with her.

I needed a new strategy. I didn’t even know that such a strategy existed.

I didn’t find that strategy. It found me. And now it has found you.

Here is a link to a sample of what has transformed me, my business and my knowledge of marketing. This Free 10 Day Attraction Marketing BootCamp will introduce you to the team of coaches and mentors who have trained and inspired me.

You can learn how to build your network marketing business or create a whole new affiliate marketing stream of income.

You can experience a few sales or you can dig deep and learn the intricacies of marketing and find the real you. When you do you may find a whole new direction and plan of action.

Obviously, I recommend that you dig deep.

Try out the 10 Day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp.

If that doesn’t resonate with you I recommend that you check out The LinkedIn Recruiting Scripts Grab Bag that will introduce you to Gloria MacDonald’s LinkedIn Recruiting Playbook.

Or check out Social Media Recruiting Frenzy which is a preview of Julie Burke’s Social Media Recruiter.

I started with Attraction Marketing, but I have implemented some of Gloria and Julie’s training. I continue to be a student of marketing strategies and techniques as I build my own product – The Intentional Recruiter.

But my purpose is your success. The products listed above have contributed to my success. I am here to be your personal support team. I am not the IT guru. I don’t have all the answers. But I know who to ask when I don’t have the answers. And you can connect with me personally when you have a question. So feel free to contact me.

God bless you.

Connie Suarez

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