We are not quitters,
you and I,
we want better,
so, let's make the internet work for us

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Connie Suarez

Connie Suarez

My mentor ferny ceballos built a huge team without bugging family and friends using the strategy he teaches here

Connie Suarez

I have learned so much from tanya aliza. this is a must do training if you want to master using social media to grow

Connie Suarez

my mentor's mentor replaced the old school network marketing playbook with the strategy in this book

Thank you so much! I am so glad we are partners in this journey! You keep me grounded! Love you!

@Mary E. Miller


Connie provides helpful information for those wanting to use the internet to market their business. I am getting followers on my blog, likes of my Facebook page.



Hi there

My name is Connie Suarez

It's great seeing you here.

I have wanted to quit so many times. But it just isn't in me.

And I think you must be shaking your head in agreement. Am I right?

It's time we use the same tools and skills the top leaders are using.  

Here I am sharing what I have learned from top leaders like Ferny Ceballos, Brandy Shaver, Kate McShea, Tanya Aliza, and many more.

From my blog

Connie Suarez

How to Build Authority & Attract Prospects on Facebook

Want to write more effective Facebook posts and ads? the kind that demand attention, encourage your audience to take immediate action, and warm cold prospects into hot, ready-to-buy customers? Well, you're in luck...

Connie Suarez

How to Save Your Relationships While Building Your Dream Team

 I made my list and called people I valued. And tried to convince them to do some I didn't want to do. Of course, I wore out my list. And I was desperate for something that wouldn't alienate my family.

I was an internet introvert. I admit it. So when social media became to go to place to build a business I was baffled, bewildered, befuddled. Social media made me feel exposed and embarrassed. Read more if you can relate...

Connie Suarez

The Four Step Strategic Formula For Writing Killer Posts That Close More Sales

my Blog @conniissuarez.com

My Blog is for you if:

You are ready to be the winner!
You want to deliver on your promises
You know you have greatness to offer
You want great tools to give your team
You want to work smarter 

My Blog is NOT for you if:

Aren't ready to invest in yourself
You are satisfied with the status quo
You aren't ready to sacrifice time
You aren't ready to make changes
You don't want greatness for your team

This is what I am Passionate about...

Making a difference
Finding Our Purpose
Working smarter....
Having time freedom &
Financial freedom
Sharing my blessings 
Communicating what...
Makes others smile
Grows success
 Creates duplication

Back when I was working (a J.O.B) I would often say, "This job isn't my life, it pays for my life." Similarly,

Our business is not our life, it pays for our life. Right?

That makes me passionate to succeed and to see you succeed.

Let's make the internet work for us to build success, so, we can do what we are passionate about.

Things like gardening, travel, helping others and 

always our family.

Let's Do This!

Connie Suarez


Connie Suarez

Glad Io see you here on my site. 

I am looking forward to learning more about you. 

I post about the best strategies to build your business online.

Let's connect soon!

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