Why Home & Hotel Meetings Are Obsolete in Today’s Network Marketing World

To put it bluntly…

It doesn’t matter if people are still successfully building their network marketing businesses using tired, old strategies like home parties and hotel meetings.

That simply isn’t a valid objection to online recruiting & building methods.

I’ll explain why in a moment…

And look, I’m not here to knock these old strategies or be unnecessarily critical; I’m just making a rational argument for moving into the future (…and by future, I honestly mean the PRESENT).

Today, I’m going to

Answer the Internet’s Invitation to Find Your Team With NO Rejection

my family and friends.

How crazy was that?!?

I didn’t know better . . . until the Internet found me and introduced me to a team of super mentors and coaches.

Now I know how to let the Internet find my team with NO rejection!

As soon as I knew that I didn’t NEED for my family and friends to join me in my business, I relaxed when I was with them.

I don’t stalk restaurant managers and servers anymore.

I don’t have to be a Mall Shark!

When I meet someone I am FREE to focus on them and their NEEDS.

I love it. And I love me.

7 Proven Ways to Find the Best Prospects for Building a Big Team with No Rejection

So where do you find new people to talk to?

And how do you find higher quality prospects, so you’re not wasting your time chasing after deadbeats?

Well, in this post I’m going to share with you seven methods top earners use to find new people to talk to every day.

I’ve used each one of these to build my business.

Number seven is my favorite (and by far the most effective), so make sure you stick it out to the end!

How to Maintain Posture When Speaking with Prospects Using Assumptive Questions

I’m NOT talking about going to the mall and talking to everyone within three feet.

Nor am I talking about writing down a list of 100 friends and family members and repeatedly annoying them by jumping up and down and beating them over the head with your opportunity over and over again.

That’s not at all what I’m advocating here.

This is about how you follow-up with your LEADS
These are people who willingly opted-in to receive more info.

High quality, pre-qualified leads.

7 Proven Ways to Find the Best Prospects for Building a Big Team with No Rejection

Not long ago I spent hours upon hours driving hundreds of miles to deliver one-on-one presentations, and going to home and hotel meetings.

Worse still, I paid a ton in childcare, only to get stood up, or having to listen to yet another lame excuse about why they couldn’t join my business…over and over again.

It’s tough trying to run a business from home, especially when you’re contending with a full-time job and/or family responsibilities.

So it’s no surprise I became fed up and ready to quit.

I honestly wondered if ANYONE was EVER going to join my business.

Luckily there’s a better way, which we’ll explore in a moment.

How to Guarantee Your Success in Network Marketing and Recruit with a Push of a Button in 5 Simple Steps

People become successful by learning skills and getting good at them.
Luck has very little to do with it.
My frustration with the lack of answers is what led me to eventually go online and find network marketing mentors who used the Internet to build large teams, using a set of strategies, which they called “attraction marketing.”

Along with giving me strategies, attraction marketing solved the #1 problem in my network marketing business—a lack of fresh and new prospects for my business.

And I was able to find them, in a predictable way, without bugging friends and family OR cold prospecting strangers on the streets.

Four Simple Steps to Get Sales and the Four Hard Things You Must Do

If I want you to “buy me” I must be quality, don’t you agree?

That goes beyond the integrity that gets you to trust me.

I have to offer the best that you can get or you should go elsewhere.

Maybe that means that my product is equal to other similar products but I give better service.

I don’t shop with Amazon because they have the best products.

I shop with Amazon because:

They are easy to navigate.
They have customer reviews and good information about their products.
They have free shipping.
They have a no hassle return policy.
Amazon gives me consistently good service.

Are You Embarrassed to Be a Network Marketer?

You’ve got to be honest and realistic about what happens in the network marketing space—because it ain’t always pretty!

You’ve probably observed some shady practices in network marketing, and look, sometimes you’re going to run into situations like that.

Pyramid schemes and slimy business practices are real in this profession, as they are in any profession.

Look at Wall Street or real estate; people do unethical things ALL the time in those industries.

Yet it doesn’t make those industries illegitimate or illegal.

So we must be real and honest about what’s wrong in our space.

Don’t Drink the Profits!

He was the grandson of a beer mogul. She called the president of the United States Ronnie.

And it was interesting to observe them.

First, they didn’t dress to impress. His suits looked like they came off the rack – of Goodwill.

She carried the same purse every time I saw her.