The Intentional Recruiting Team

Intentional Recruiting – having a plan to attract qualified prospects.
Team – a group having a common goal and are committed to the success of each member.

This is your invitation to apply to join The Intentional Recruiting Team.

Hey, it’s Connie Suarez here and I just spent this last week putting the finishing touches on The Intentional Recruiting Team for you.

The Intentional Recruiting Team is designed to end rejection and the discouragement of trying to recruit family, friends and mall strangers and use an automated enrollment funnel instead.

It’s actually three teams in one:

👍 A team that has a global reach with patent-protected products that make a difference in everyone’s life.

👍 A team that shows how to attract online the right prospects for you.

👍 A team that will give you personal one on one coaching while you become a leader on the team.

I left old school prospecting and recruiting behind when I discovered Attraction Marketing.

Now I am passionate about sharing what I have found with others.

And I want to do it right so I will only take 5 new team members at this time.

👌 To find out if you qualify for one of the 5 spots open on The Intentional Recruiting Team click on the link:

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