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The Power of “Let’s” in Building Your Business

You have heard not to make it about your company or product. You have heard that you need to invite them to join you.

But maybe you haven’t fully bought into that thinking. After all, you have amazing products and an awesome comp plan.

But your friend could join someone else who has an amazing product and awesome comp plan unless you invite them to join you. You probably have already experienced the disappointment of losing your best prospect to someone else.

You must believe that you have something that no one else has. You do, you know. No one else is you.have

And you are amazing and awesome. If you don’t know it yet maybe that is why God brought network marketing into your life.

It’s true.

I had to learn how much I had to offer by going through the struggle of inviting people who wanted nothing to do with what I was pitching – selling.

That is a story for another day. Today I want to sell you on the power of “let’s”.

My Chihuahua Max brightens my day and teaches me lots of lessons.

He is very social and wants in and out of the house so that he can bark at people passing by.

Max lets me know he wants out by scratching on the door.

The thing is he doesn’t always go out when I get up and open the door. I stand there with the door open and he sits looking at me.2017-04-28_0831

I close the door and go sit down.

You guessed it, he soon scratches on the door. I go open the door and he sits looking at me. I close the door and go sit down.

Max has heard the phrase, “Rinse and repeat.” He scratches. I open the door. He sits.

So, you will figure out that I am a slow learner when I tell you that I eventually – we are talking months – thought to say as I stood by the open door, “Okay, Max, let’s go outside.”

Voila, Max rushed out the door, stopped a few feet out and looked back at me as if to say, “Well, are you coming?”

Yes, Max wants to go with me. He doesn’t want to go outside alone. He is social and wants company.

Translate that lesson to network marketing.

Your friends are social.

They don’t want to do network marketing. They may not be driven to make money.

But they do want to do things with you.

Two cheerful women drinking coffee and talking in cafe

Listen to your friend. Learn what she wants.

Listen to your friends. Learn what they want. Then say, let’s do that together.

For instance, you hear your friend talking about wanting to quit her job and stay home with her kids. Let her know that you are listening by not offering suggestions too soon.

Ask a question that will help her give you more information.

Then let her know what you hear her saying and suggest what you would like to help her with.

Be aware of your motivation. Network marketing isn’t for everyone.

But if you have listened well you can say something like:

“It sounds like you are determined to make some changes in your life. You have my support. I am working towards that goal too. How about I share with you how that looks for me. Then let’s work together to fire our bosses.”

“You seem to be willing to work really hard to stay at home with your kids. You might just be a good candidate for what I am doing. Let’s look at it and see.”

You get the idea.

If you are still reading this I know you see the value of “Let’s”.

You will also agree that we need to be better listeners, right?

So, let’s learn together.

Have you been reading my blog series on Five Listening Skills?

With these skills, you will be an effective listener. You will discern what your friend wants and therefore how you can support her in achieving that.

I am working on the fifth Listening Skill, Confident Close. Then I will have a post that explores how to put the Five Listening Skills together both offline and online.

As you read these blogs you may wish that you can practice them with others who are on the same page. You probably will have questions. Others will also.

So, I am inviting you to join me in creating six webinars to teach these Five Listening Skills and practice them.

These webinars will be excellent training tools so that you can duplicate on your team.


Email me if you want to be part of this project. I will be selling the webinars to other but for those who join me live, I will give them license to use them as training for their teams.

Let’s do this together!

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

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How to Max-imize Your Business – Max Takes Me for a Walk

Today Max and I walked past a neighbor who asked, “Who’s walking who?”

“Oh definitely, Max is taking me for a walk!”



It is true. Max pulls me along. It is a good thing he is not a big dog breed or I’d be in trouble.

I’m not complaining though. He keeps me moving at a healthy pace. Max even keeps me walking every day – even on the days that I don’t want to walk.

After our brief conversation with the neighbor, Max and I kept walking. I got to thinking how true it was that Max was responsible for my walking every day. In fact, it was one of the reasons I justified getting a dog. I knew that I would need to walk a dog; and even more, I knew I needed to walk.

Max has been a better motivator to get me active than any of the various fitness machines and devices I have purchased. Some were as good as new when I sold them. I still have the last two that I bought. One is buried under boxes. The other sits in the living room practically unnoticed, certainly unused.

The difference with Max as an exercise device is that Max demands attention. On days when weather or my schedule cancel his walk, Max gets scrappy. I have learned to make time for a walk.

In other words, Max has become my “why” for walking.

Every successful network marketer has a “why.”

A “why” – a reason for doing what you find scary,  hard,  impossible.

She who has a strong enough why, can bear almost any how.

What is your “why?”

Is it to take dream vacations? Or buy a dream house?

Is it to send your children to college? Or to bring your husband home from the corporate job?

Is it to just be able to pay the bills?

It had better be something compelling.

It needs to be something that will haunt you like Max haunts me if he doesn’t get his walk.

Your -why-It should be something that makes you lie awake because you didn’t make your calls.

On the cold winter mornings, I take Max for a walk because I know that he will not leave me alone if he doesn’t get his walk.

I want to let you in on a little secret.

I heard that dogs don’t really care how long their walk is. It is true of Max. On the days that I am short of time, our walk may only be half a block. Max is good.

I really need more of a walk for maintaining my physical well being; but I have, at least, maintained my habit of daily walks. Most of our walks are longer; maybe I have gone a block and think we could start back; but I push forward.

My habit is to get even a short walk in while striving for a longer walk.

To Max-imize your business you need to have a similar mind set.

You need to have a daily minimum while maintaining a higher standard on a typical day.

Years ago I attended a Bible conference. The speaker challenged us to commit to reading the Bible for at least five minutes a day.

Was the speaker saying that five minutes a day is enough time in the Bible? I didn’t think that at all when I made the commitment. I realized that five minutes a day established a routine and a daily minimum. Most days I spend more than five minutes, but the minimum five minutes keeps me from getting out of the habit of reading the Bible daily.

So here is my challenge for you:

  • First, if you don’t have a compelling reason, your “why,” you need to spend time finding it. Talk with your spouse, your sponsor, a trusted up line, or message me. Talk to them. Let them ask you questions that will lead you to find the motivation that will drive you to daily action that will Max-imize your business.
  • Second, decide what your daily minimum should be. Make it the equivalent of a half block walk or five minutes of reading the Bible.
  • Third, decide what your daily higher standard will be. Make it something that will stretch you and be enough to achieve the results you want to see. Again, talk with someone as you decide what your daily minimum and daily higher standard need to be.
  • Fourth, have an accountability partner. Let someone monitor how you are doing.

It is all pretty simple. Yet so vital. I did not walk regularly until I got Max. Max has become both my “why” and my accountability partner. He is a faithful motivator. I hope and pray that you find one as effective. You won’t find one more adorable.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez


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Max-imize Your Business: How Picky Should You Be?


Mas's dish of dog food has many colors. (2)

Max’s dog food has many colors. There are bright colors and bland colors. Max picks through the food and eats the colored bits first.

Max will eat all of his dog food – eventually; but he picks out certain colors first. I suppose he is picking certain flavors.

Max has picked out most of the greens, yellows and reds. What is left are the browns.

After the food has been in his dish for an hour or so, Max has picked out most of the reds, greens and yellows.

I don’t really care because he will eventually eat it all.

Of course, he won’t eat dried dog food as long as there is real meat available.

Max’s eating habits reminds me of the conversations network marketers have about who to recruit.

I confess, there have been times when I would have signed anyone up.

Then there have been times when I might have not been open enough.

We had this discussion with one of our up line when he was training our team.

I said, “There are some people I just couldn’t work with.” His response was, “That is what your up line is for.”

He went on to explain that when you are starting out, you can’t afford to be picky. Sign up everyone  and then help them find the right person to help them get going.

You can do that if you are with a company that encourages an atmosphere of support throughout the company. Then you can work with cross line.

And, by the way, I think that even if you would love working with your new distributor, you need to help them find the person who will be the best fit for them. As network marketing evolves, it is clear that there is more than one way to build an organization. What works for you may not work for your sister or best friends. What works for your up line may not work for you. So make it a habit to introduce your new recruits to different folks on your team and in your company. Let them know that it is their business and they get to build it in the way that works best for them.

The point of being picky is that individuals that you invite to associate with you and your business should complement your business not detract from it.

What do I mean? Well let me illustrate with two lists. One list is those who you should be inviting. The other is a list of people that you maybe should leave off of your list.

Your Do Invite List Should Include:

  • Business peopleperson-801829
    • Successful business people
    • Unsuccessful business people
    • People you do business with
    • Members of Chamber of Commerce
    • People who sell things they make
    • Small business owners
    • Your accountant
    • Your attorney
  • Employment
    • Co-workersgraphicstock-coworkers-in-white-t-shirts-sit-by-the-table-in-headphones-and-look-eyes-to-eyes-call-center_BIdgj5DQdne.jpg
    • Ex-bosses
    • People who are out of a job
    • Retired people
    • People who talk about wanting a different job
  • Friends
    • People you know in neighborhood
    • People you meet walking your dog
    • Friends you have’t seen in years
    • Old classmates
    • Friends on Facebook
    • Parents of your children’s friends
    • Friends from church
  • Family
    • Parentsbeautiful hipster young women sisters friends
    • Siblings
    • Cousins
    • Aunts, Uncles
    • Spouses family
  • Community
    • Youth sports coaches
    • Youth sports parents
    • Recreational sports league participants and spectators
    • Community organization volunteers and leaders
    • Local music organizations
    • Local theater groups
    • Your server at restaurantwoman-paying-for-groceries-at-supermarket-checkout_HtEx0CHi.jpg
    • Mail carrier
    • News carrier
    • Door to door sales people
    • Teachers
    • PTA/PTO leaders and volunteers
    • People who need extra cash
  • Your company/product line interests
    • People who are interested in health if your company sells heath and wellness products
    • People who like to travel if your company sells travel related products or services
    • People in business if your company sells products that help businesses serve more effectively or profitably
  • Everyone on your phone contact list
  • Everyone who is your friend on Facebook
  • Everyone you are afraid to call
  • Everyone in the phone book – I have used the phone book as a reminder of folks I know. I haven’t ever called strangers.
  • Every new person you meet in the grocery story check out line and on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatever.

Your list or database is your inventory. If it isn’t long you will be out of business soon. So keep it growing.

Your Probably Shouldn’t Invite List:caution-alert_fJDhDLLO_L

  • Beware of those who are “drama” addicts. Their posts are almost always about the drama in their life. They seem even to enjoy that misery. Do you want them bringing the “drama” to your business?
  • Those with no picture of themselves, at all. I don’t even accept Friend requests if there is no picture. Sometimes it may just be shyness, but other times no picture indicates that not all is right.
  • Those with extreme language and political posts.
  • Those who only have game posts

Building a business is hard enough without the baggage some people have. Certainly, there are heart warming stories of network marketing transforming people; you may want to cut someone slack if you see a diamond in the rough. Just keep in mind that you are the one who will have to work with them through the process.

Your Don’t Invite List – Your list should NEVER include:thumbs-down-color_zJiL88I__L

  • The occasional person who you know will not be honest in the business.
    • If you have a business associate who is loose with the truth both you and your company could be jeopardized. You don’t need their volume to build your business!

At the end of the day, Max’s bowl in almost empty. I fill it back up and the process starts over.

You too need to replenish your list frequently. Here are suggestions of ways to keep your list growing:

  • Go grocery shopping or to the restaurant or mall, etc.
    • Chat either with the cashier/server or folks in line with you.
    • Ask the cashier how long they have worked there, how they like their job, what they do in their free time, comment on their name, ask if they have family, etc. Go with the conversation. Make it about them.
    • When you feel like you have connected in someway, find a way to stay connected. My preferred way right now is Facebook. It seems less intrusive than asking for phone number. Plus, you can go to their Facebook page and post a comment and be reasonably sure they see it. They are even likely to respond. If you call them on the phone, you most likely get voice mail and may never hear from them.
    • Don’t rush to give them your sales pitch. Keep the conversation going back and forth naturally.
    • Wait to share about a way to make extra cash or a product that will solve their problem until it is really appropriate to the level of your newly formed friendship.
  • Go to networking events.
    • Join the local chamber of
    • Join a group. Google it and find what is available in your area. The strategy is to collect as many business cards as you can. Then call the individuals and ask them if they are open to a side project. If they say no, thank them. If they say yes, respecting their time, set up a phone call, zoom meeting or a meeting at a coffee shop.
  • Attend local sporting events. Get acquainted with spectators. Connect with them and follow through as you would if meeting in grocery store.
  • Visit Facebook pages where you will find people who share your interests.
    • Comment on and share their posts.
    • When they respond, move forward learning more about them, making it about them.
    • Continue to build relationships until an opportunity to share about your business or product presents itself.
    • Julie Burke is a master of using Facebook. Check out her Social Media Recruiting Frenzy Guide. It is free and offers you a chance to sign up for her Social Media Recruiting course.
  • Start a Facebook Fan Page and use it to attract people you can identify as interested in your business or product.
    • This will mean learning new skills which may or may not fit your personality. But many network marketers are turning to Attraction Marketing Formula to learn the skills.
    • Want to learn more? You can register for a free 10 Day Boot Camp which will give you enough information to decide. It will give you information that will help you build your business.

There is an endless list of people in the world. You just need to keep meeting them. Care more about what they need than you need and you will connect with them. The bonus is that most people will return the favor and care about what you care about.

At the end of the day, Max has eaten a health diet. He chooses which bits of dog food he wants to eat first.

You can do the same. Talk to people you are most comfortable with first. Or not. What matters is that you keep talking to new people every day. Don’t quit until you have all you need.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

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Max-imize Your Business – Step Out of Your Comfort Zone


Max is stuck because he doesn’t think he can open the door. I kept encouraging him to come out and then he pushed his nose to open the door and he was out!

Max is  a small dog. He only weighs 11 pounds. He definitely feels his limitations.

One of the things he doesn’t think he can do is push doors open.

This is him earlier today. I had gone outside and he followed me but I had left the door partially closed and he felt stuck.

Max has struggled with doors for all three years of his life.

It has created funny situations.

For instance, I sometimes realize that I haven’t seen Max for a while and I wonder where he is. That is, I used to wonder where he was. Now I know to go back to my bathroom and let him out.

Max can push the door to get in; but he doesn’t think he can push it open to get out. Strangely, he keeps going back to my bathroom, even though he ends up being stuck.

So I have started working to teach him to open the door.

Today, I went outside; but left the door partially open. He wistfully looked out the door at me but didn’t even try to push the door open. I encouraged him to come outside with me. He stayed put, unwilling to try to open the door.

Basically, he refused to leave his comfort zone, even though it limited where he could go.

And after several tries and lots of encouragement from me, Max finally opened the door a little bit more and came out!

Are you like Max? Is there something you are convinced that you can’t do? Is there something that keeps you limited by staying in your comfort zone?

What action, that is vital to your business, do you stop at the threshold of success?

Do you have a hard time picking up the phone and inviting a friend to join you as a customer or distributor?

Is speaking to a group of people enough to make you lose your voice?

How about talking with the server at you favorite restaurant?

All of the above?

Each of those and so many more require that you be willing to step out of your comfort zone.636027438935386010-2032268997_comfort-zoneHave you seen this illustration? I saw it years ago. It is true. You know that. But is seeing the illustration enough to get you to step out of your comfort zone?

It isn’t enough to help most of us. You can see the truth of the idea that stepping out of your comfort zone is holding you back and still be bound by fear.


What do you think about this drawing?

Can you pick just one of the concepts outside of your comfort zone and do something?

It is hard to do because many of the concepts outside of the circle are abstract. You need specific items to act on. You need doable action items.

Comfort Zone

How about this drawing?

Is there one thing outside of your comfort zone that you can do?

Of course, these are just examples. You should pick our own items.

Make a list of every specific task that you should do but aren’t doing because of fear or lack of confidence or lack of ability.

Pick one of those tasks.

You can pick the one least threatening to your comfort. The point is that when you do something outside of your comfort zone you will grow. You will grow in confidence and in skill. You will feel empowered to do another.

Or you can pick the one most threatening to your comfort. By choosing one you are eliminating the others and you lower the combined fear factor. If you tackle the most threatening task imagine how much more confidence you gain for taking on the remaining tasks.

The key to stepping out of your comfort zone is to take one step. And then another step.

What do you need to take that step? Do you need more training? Do you need a mentor to coach you? Do you need to just do it?

Choose the step you need to take out of your comfort zone.

Decide what you need to successfully take that step.

Then take that step.


Here is a little secret. As you step out of your comfort zone your comfort zone will grow.

There will always be actions that make you feel uncomfortable. But as you take one step at a time you will grow in the discipline of stepping out of the comfort zone.

You will be amazed at what you can do. You will love what you do. You will never want to go back to safe and scared again.

Back to Max’s story.

After I challenged him to do something he didn’t think he could do, he did it and was rewarded with being outside.

To take the picture, I had to stage the event. This time Max didn’t make it outside. We’ll keep trying. Max needs a coach – me – to help him. Eventually, Max will learn that he can open doors way bigger than he is.

In the meantime, today he got a doggie treat after he tried and failed.

Final suggestions for you, then, is to get an encouraging coach who will push you as far as you can go.

And when you have stepped out of your comfort zone, give yourself a treat!

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

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Max-imize Your Business – 3 Reasons You Need a Coach

Max came to Mom and me as an adorable blend of energy and attitude. But he had some rough edges.

Maxtrashes- 0I had no good experience with dog training. Not that I wanted Max to perform dog tricks. I just wanted him to behave.

He wasn’t used to a leash. He stole my favorite pen and chewed it. He chewed the end of a phone charging cord. He went through the trash and trashed the room.

We fixed the leash problem by using a leash. He still isn’t perfect in that he pulls me along at a good healthy pace. But since that is what I need, I haven’t tried to fix that. Until Max becomes the big dog he thinks he is, we’re good.

The favorite pen stealing was cute. I laughed and chased him. It was a great game. Then I realized that I was actually rewarding bad behavior. So I gained a new command – “Drop it.”

When Max grabbed a pen, I sternly said “Drop it.” Nothing happened. So I gained a new strategy – The spray bottle.

When Max grabbed a pen, I sternly said “Drop it,” and gave him a shot from the spray bottle. Max dropped the pen. I had gained a new skill – dog training.

I realized three things from that:

  1. Max lost interest in pens once the game was removed.
  2. All I had to do was pick up a spray bottle and Max would quit doing other egregious acts.
  3. Months later, years later, all I have to do is sternly say “Drop it,” and whatever Max has in his mouth will be dropped. Anything.

Max is not perfectly trained. But he mostly behaves. Which is what Mom and I want.

I play with Max to make up for the lost pen game. He is happy and content. How could he not? He has two women’s laps to cuddle in. One of them gives him cookie bites even though I have sternly forbidden it. (My mother does not obey me like Max does. But then I have never tried the spray bottle with her.)

And there are so many fringe benefits with Max. One of them is that I see ways that he is teaching me life lessons.

One, and the most important, is how he responds to his relationship with Mom and me.

He is always so excited to see us.

His tale wags his body, literally, he is so excited.

I am challenged when I see that because I think that I need to be more excited about my relationship with God. But then I think I will be beyond excitement when I finally am at home with my Father.

I also see in Max lessons for you and me as we build our businesses. That is what Max-imize Your Business is all about.

So I am realizing that Max demonstrates why you need a coach. I know that I have grown from having coaches involved in my business growth.

fitness-center-senior-woman-exercise-sit-ups-with-personal-trainer_rtbIxDa4o.jpgThanks to Max, you can understand that you need a coach for a least three reasons. Here they are:

You need a coach to believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself!

Max demonstrates this need often. He is short and jumping up into our laps is a big jump for him. But Max can and does jump that high.

The recliner that is sitting next to the window Max perches on is a big jump for him. I have seen Max not only make the jump but hit the jump so fast that he has rocked the chair back.

So it is well established that Max can jump up.

Yet, mysteriously, sometimes he does not know that he can jump up. The chair or our lap looks to high and he tries and tries without success.

20170502_142911That is when Max needs a coach. We tell him he can do it and encourage him to jump. Eventually, he does and is successful.

People aren’t much different. We need someone to come along side us and remind us that we can do this.

If you are building a network marketing business for the first time, you really need a coach/cheerleader.

One day you believe that you can rank advance and then the next day you believe that you will never do it.

But you are venturing where you have never gone before. At least, you should be. If you aren’t stepping out of your comfort zone then you aren’t going far enough.

That can and should be scary. And although Eleanor Roosevelt advised that you try something scary everyday, she didn’t insist that you do it alone.

You need a coach. Someone who believes in you and is committed to your success. Someone who will even get in your face if you need it.

A coach has tasted of the success you are seeking. She helps you determine what it is that you want. He helps you formulate a plan to get what you want.

You need a coach to keep you focused as you work towards your goals.

Max loves to go for a walk.

He knows when it is time with for a walk and he follows me, jumping and running back and forth. He is excited.

When I get the leash and am ready to connect Max to his leash, he goes crazy. He grabs a toy and shakes it, he grabs a mouth of dry dog food and chews furiously.

I call him to come to me and he gets more crazy.

I have to say his name, tell him to come to me and point to the stop where he needs to come. I often have to repeat that.

Max wants to go for a walk but he needs me to help him focus on doing what he has to do, so that he can go for a walk.

You sometimes get so excited about a new comp plan or product or contact, that you forget to focus on the plan you set for yourself. You lose valuable time and sometimes even that new person you were sure would sign up with you.

You need a coach. A coach stays focused. A coach keeps you focused.

swimming-pool-swimmer-training-competition-in-class-with-coach_HtewhpNs.jpgOf course, you need a coach who is connected, someone who will be available when you aren’t focused. No one person can do that.

So you need a coach connection. You need a coach who will keep you connected with a community, a team that will keep you focused.

You need a connection that contains successful individuals you can pattern yourself and your business after.

You need to increase your connection with folks who are doing what you want to do, successfully.

You need a coach to encourage you to grow.

0o1a2655-728.jpgMax was nearly perfect when he came to us. You are great as you are.

When Max came to us he was undisciplined and in need of a home. Max needed to be surrounded by a family that loved him. Mom and I needed someone to love.

We helped him be just disciplined enough to get along with us and other people.

You need a coach if you are going to grow.

A coach is one aspect of personal development.

Books and seminars are great. You definitely need to be doing that for personal development.

But all the truly successful people got where they are with a coach. Most of them are still letting a coach challenge them to grow.

Fortunately, there are lots of coaches available. Some call themselves coaches. Some don’t.

It is your job to find the right one for you.

Here are places to consider a coach:

  • Your network marketing company. In my company, there is an atmosphere of helping each other. You may be able to find someone in your up line; or if your company encourages cross line cooperation you may find someone who is a better fit for your level of experience and personality in a cross line connection.
  • There are many people who have books or do training for network marketers that also have various forms of coaching. Read books and go to trainings to learn whose style is a good fit for you.
  • Maybe you would benefit from the personal growth you would gain from a personal trainer. I have grown from being involved with competitive sports even when I didn’t have a coach or trainer. Adding that leadership could be the confidence builder you are looking for.
  • Toastmasters International is not only an organization that builds speaking skills; it also has a leadership track which many corporation value for its leadership training. Experienced Toastmasters often welcome an opportunity to mentor new members.
  • Look for Facebook communities for network marketers, read blogs like mine, look for someone you connect with and reach out to them.

You are an entrepreneur. That is a high calling. You have the potential to touch other lives with your greatness.

It will not come easily. It will be hard.

Be prepared to be different.

Be prepared to sacrifice.

Be prepared to lead.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez
P.S. I am committed to your success. Message me with your questions or comments.

Max Is All Attitude

Max is all attitude and you must be all attitude to succeed in business.


Max is poised to demand my attention. You can see the offending laptop desk in the corner.


Of course, that is a tall order. What does all attitude look like? How can you make that work for you? Let me share what I observe in Max with ideas for you to Max-imize your business.

First, like Max you must know what you want.

Max isn’t complicated. He knows what he wants. It is simple. He wants human food and human attention. He makes his presence known until he gets what he wants. Then he takes a nap and recharges. Max naps a lot. I think he dreams about what he wants when he sleeps. I hear little yips come from him sometimes while he is sleeping.

What Max wants is clearly defined.

Have you clearly defined what it is you want?

You know the cliche.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Benjamin Franklin

For years I failed to plan and set goals, because I didn’t have a good tool or a coach to help me.

And I didn’t see the absolute need for a plan and goals. I had to get to that place.

It is a process.

We don’t start network marketing as a perfect network marketer. We grow into that.

Maybe today you have clearly defined goals and a plan to achieve them. You are on your way to Max-mizing your business.

If not, find a coach (your up line is an obvious option.)

Sometimes up line are not an option. Maybe they are as new to this as you are. Or they aren’t available for whatever reason.

The internet has many resources for you. You obviously have started looking there if you are reading this. Keep looking until you find what works for you.

You should know that I have a great tool you might want to check out. I will be offering five coaching slots in May. Message me if you would like to chat about whether that would be a good fit for you.

Second, like Max, you must know how to get what you want.

When Max wants to cuddle in our lap he begins by sitting in front of us with his intense stare. (Check it out in the photo above.) If we miss that cue, Max puts his feet up, either on our knee or the furniture we are sitting on. Then he shakes his 11 pound body in such a way that we know that he means business. I am positive that it registers on the seismograph in Golden, Colorado.

I have been guilty of ignoring those signs when I am writing a blog. (I know what I want too.)

If that happens, Max barks a short, high pitched sound and then throws his head to the side. I am not sure what that is really about; but it is disarming. I can’t be irritated with his insistence because he is so adorable.

Max is persistent; and Max is disarming in his persistence. It comes natural to Max and some people.

But most people need to work at being disarming. Here are some suggestions.

Read Andrew Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. This is the best manual on getting what you want in a disarming way. Get it on Kindle, Audible or the book.

Again, the internet is a great source. Many successful network marketers have turned to using the internet to reach people and have documented their success so that you and I can duplicate it. Here is a link to the one that has been most helpful for me. Julie Burke will train you how to use Facebook to recruit. You can even train your team to do the same.

Third, like Max you must not give up.

When Max wants up on my lap, I might as well set my work aside; because Max is not quitting.

Even when I am focused on the computer, Max believes that his wishes are supreme. He just continues to make me aware of him.

Max is persistent and adorable.

You have to continue to reach out to people with your business and be attractive. You and I will never be adorable like our furry friends. We have to find our own way of being attractive.

You have to be yourself. You have to be confident in yourself.

The best way to do that is by using power poses. Amy Cuddy is the expert on power poses. Here is one of her TED Talks.

Watch all of this video. It is 21 minutes. But I promise that if you listen and use what Amy teaches it will make you an attractive, confident new you.

I feel a little like Max right now. I want to stare intensely at you and tell you that you can do this. Your search will be fruitful if you learn to Max-imize your business.

I hope that my blog has been helpful for you. If it hasn’t, keep looking. Don’t give up on your dreams or yourself.

Max and I believe in you.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez
P.S. I am looking for five people to coach as they seek to build their business. Are you one of them? Message me and we’ll set up a time to chat and find out.








Max-imize Your Business

What do you think, can we learn from a Chihuahua with attitude?

Meet Max.


Max spends a good deal of his time scanning the neighborhood in search of friends.

Max came to live with my mom and I about a month after my son died.

I didn’t plan on him being a comfort to us. It just happened that way.

I remember the overwhelming desire to find a dog after Rich died. It didn’t seem like a good time but I kept looking up dog rescue sites in our area. I could not help myself!

Max was rescued from the Walmart Garden Center. Unbelievably, someone let him go.

He is mostly a chihuahua. The vet said he probably has a little pug in him. When he wants outside he jumps up and down at the door like he is a jack russell terrier. Outside he runs circles as if he thinks he is a greyhound. And when there is a big dog around he acts like he is the biggest, baddest dog there ever was.

Max is a bit bossy and high maintenance. He gets away with that because he is all attitude and totally adorable.

He provides comic relief. One evening I was holding him just before I put him to bed. He was making me laugh. Suddenly, I remembered my son and started crying.

Max immediately quit his funny antics and sat still, listening to me. He was more compassionate than some humans.

We had chosen Max for his name after seeing him just once. In fact, we made the decision to adopt him based upon one time of seeing him.


We hadn’t even held him. But after we got home, my mom asked me, “Now why didn’t we get that little dog?”

After the third time, I asked her if she wanted to get that little dog. She said she did if I did. I told her I did indeed want that little dog who after just a few minutes viewing had already found his way to my heart.

There was no other name for a dog with that kind of impact than Max.

So Max came home to help my mom and I grieve the loss of her grandson and my son.

But Max is teaching me so much about relationships and incredibly how to succeed in life and business.

This is the first of several blogs on how to Max-imize your business.

In the meantime, look around you. Do you have a furry friend? I’ll bet if you consider how they approach you and life, there are lessons that they are teaching.

Will you comment below on what they are teaching you?

God bless you,
Connie Suarez
Phone: 720-507-8231