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Managing Your Distractions

I was chatting with someone who, like me, is caring for her elderly mother.

Of course, I can relate to the distractions she works with.

But I can also relate to the distractions you work with as well.

That’s because a distraction is by definition distracting. Whatever circumstances create the distraction.

And . . .

Our lives are full of distractions.

A full-time job is definitely a distraction.

Looking for a job is a huge distraction.

Having health issues is also a distraction.

I believe that having few distractions may be the worst kind of distraction. You can be lulled into thinking you have unlimited time and procrastinate your day away.

So how do we manage our distractions?

How do you manage your distractions?

Here are three simple steps to help you find the answer to your distractions.

First, what has worked for you in the past when dealing with distractions? And what do others do to successfully deal with their distractions?

Don’t worry if their distractions look different than yours. There is a pretty good chance you can still learn from what they do.

Second, what hasn’t worked for you in the past? Can you identify the reason that it didn’t work?child-645451_1920

By answering these questions you are gathering ideas that will help you create your plan to deal with distractions with this step.

Third, what might you do differently in dealing with distractions now?

In this step, you create a plan. Based upon what has worked and not worked for you and others in the past, decide upon your plan of action to deal with distractions.

And now it is time to take action.

Follow your plan for a week.

After a reasonable period of time evaluate how your plan has worked.What worked

What worked?

What didn’t work?

What might you change?

Then put your new plan into action. And as they say, rinse and repeat.

This is not a definitive plan for dealing with distractions. It is a place to begin.

Your input is needed.

What has worked for you?

What has not worked for you?

To help our community post your comments below.

And if you find value in this post share with your team and friends.

I’ll be touch,
Connie Suarez

How to Be a Mentor and Build Confidence in Others

Mentorship is a key factor when developing individuals into highly successful marketers. Great mentorship helps instill trust, appreciation, growth, engagement, and most importantly, increases a new team member’s overall confidence. Moreover, great mentorship helps build leaders.

For instance, NBA star Isaiah Thomas was able to grow into a team leader thanks to the mentoring, direction and freedom to play his game when he was traded to the Boston Celtics in 2015.

He explains, “The biggest difference is in the leadership. It was better for us. We had more coaches and mentors to help us. A lot of the younger players today suffer from a lack of direction.” When new network marketers are armed with invested leadership and mentorship, the more likely they will thrive.

What is a mentor? Simply put, a mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser who trains individuals. In addition, how to be a mentor will vary from person to person, but having an open mind and giving support should always be present within mentorship.

But, what makes a good mentor that truly benefits her team? Below are five mentorship tactics and how they can build confidence in others, whether you’re in a leadership position or training a new recruit.


Before you begin to train or educate your mentee, take the time to first lay out what you both want to accomplish. Laying out expectations is also important if you are still getting to know your mentee; furthermore, it creates accountability with both parties.


Along with establishing goals, find ways that can better strengthen your relationship as you begin your mentorship. Meet in person, make it informal by grabbing coffee or ice cream together—the goal is to get to know each other on a personal level. You should come out of the meeting knowing more about their personality, likes/dislikes and how they communicate with others.

Listen to your new team member. Here is a good place to use the Five Listening Skills I train for use in recruiting. The Listening Skills work in virtually every circumstance. Click here to read the first of eight blogs. I will be publishing an eBook – The Intentional Recruiter: Five Listening Skills for Highly Effective Recruiting – soon. Stay connected for further information.

Another important factor when getting to know your mentee is to really listen to what they have to say. Don’t feel that because you’re the mentor, you have to dominate the conversation. Instead, take the backseat and ask thoughtful questions to show respect while at the same time, learning something new about your mentee.


As a mentor, giving advice is your number one priority. What do we mean when we say to give advice at the right time? Really it comes down to your mentee and what mentorship tactics will work best for them. Advice and feedback don’t always have to be immediate. In fact, good feedback often depends on the timing. At the end of the day, you should always be supportive, but you also want to help your mentee learn on their own.


Especially if you want more engagement on the mentee side, it’s vital that you celebrate their achievements. Recognition is a simple tactic that can help increase engagement and overall confidence. Anne Sweeney, former President of Disney/ABC Television Group explains, “I think the greatest thing we give each other is encouragement…knowing that I’m talking to someone in this mentoring relationship who’s interested in the big idea here is very, very important to me. I think if it were just about helping me get to the next step, it would be a heck of a lot less interesting.”

Don’t feel like you need to go over the top when recognizing your mentee’s hard work. In fact, think more in terms of how you can make the recognition more personable, such as sending a quick email or giving a quick shout out to a department or company meeting.

At the same time, have a plan in place in case your mentee falls short of expectations. Don’t get discouraged, but rather find ways to encourage them so they can continue their growth.


Lastly, like great leaders, mentors need to practice what they preach. David Parnell, legal consultant, communication coach and author explains, “Your goal is to not only provide direction and advice but to get your mentee to act upon them. And while conversations can be motivating, few things are more impactful than to lead by example. A mentor’s mantra must be: ‘Do as I do, not just as I say.’”

Part of the learning process for your mentee will be to observe and pick up on your work habits and leadership qualities. As such, you need to exhibit positive behavior even during stressful times because your mentee will be observing your behavior and actions. As you mentor, work to be an example of who the mentee should be like.

At the end of the day, these tips will help you on your quest to support your team, build their confidence and ultimately, bring out the best in them. Increasing a person’s confidence is critical in their progression. Armed with confidence, they become more motivated, creative in ideation as well as problem-solving, and can face challenges head-on.

Looking forward to your input.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

Good Intentions, Good Character and How Newbies Can Lead Even as They Struggle!

Are you struggling seeing yourself as a leader in your MLM business? If you aren’t someone you know is. This story is for you and them!

Last night, I listened to a Monday Night Mojo hosted by Chef Katrina, Director Client Experience, at Elite Marketing Pro.

Chef Katrina got transparent and shared that she signed up for a half marathon and did no training for it.

She had already completed a half marathon. She knew what was involved.

Her commitment seemed genuine. She had registered for the marathon which was in Dublin. She had booked the travel details. She made the trip. But last night she confessed that she did not do one day of training.

Needless to say, when the day of the race came she was not prepared.

After half an hour, she was “sucking wind”. She wasn’t even sure that she could finish by walking.

I am not sure what she would have done if a fellow runner hadn’t approached her for help.



This is not Chef Katrina helping the runner. It is one of many photos of runners helping runners. It is a  highly praised activity.

The woman asked Chef Katrina if she was going to finish by walking and if she could join her.


The woman told Chef Katrina that she wanted to finish but in her last half marathon, she had been swept. Apparently, a runner has only a certain amount of time to complete the run. If they are still on the course at the end of that time they are picked up or “swept.”

Apparently, a runner has only a certain amount of time to complete the run. If they are still on the course at the end of that time they are picked up or “swept.”

Chef Katrina was unprepared physically to help herself complete the course. She had no way of knowing what kind of pace she needed to finish without being swept.

But Chef Katrina was prepared with good character.

She agreed to help her fellow runner, even though she was clueless how she was going to finish herself.

But she took on the task of helping someone else finish and when the other runner successfully crossed the finish line so did Chef Katrina.

Chef Katrina went to Dublin with good intentions. She packed her good character. She came prepared to run a half marathon and ended up helping someone else do the same.People with good intentions make promises. People with good character keep them.

You probably didn’t take MLM Best Practices in college. They didn’t even offer Network Marketing 101.

So when you signed up with your MLM sponsor you knew more about your friend than the industry you were joining.

Then you learned exciting info about your company, its products, and comp plan.

It was your excitement that drew your team to you.

You obeyed the cardinal rules of MLM.

  • Attend all the events
  • Don’t quit
  • Set goals
  • Invite everyone you know

And yet . . .

You don’t seem to be any closer to those goals and you feel inadequate as a leader of your team.

You are “sucking wind” and you are only at the beginning of the race.

You aren’t sure how you will reach your goals let alone get your team to theirs.

You are afraid you will be “swept” when momentum comes.

Countless MLM leaders will tell you that you don’t need to be at the finish line to help others get there.

You just need to be headed in that direction.

Untitled design (1)Fortunately, you are in a profession where there is a culture of helping. The comp plan of most companies rewards up line (and in some like my company) even cross line to help others.

So as you see someone who is struggling, come along beside them and help them with what you have learned.

Help them achieve what they want to accomplish and your goals will also become reality. Focus on their success.

Chef Katrina’s run must have been hard even after she started helping someone else. But maybe she only finished because she saw herself as responsible for someone else’s success. She was focused on getting the other runner across the finish line.

How will you use Chef Katrina’s story to motivate yourself to keep “running your race?”


Feel free to call or email with your comments or questions. I value your input.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

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How to Have a Business Mindset and Why That is Vital to Your Business Success

  • Let’s Start with the why.

    Hopefully, you have a “why” for building your business.
    Your why, the compelling reason you are working in the nooks and crannies of your life. The reason you are skipping your Starbucks every morning.
    You must provide a strong “why” to work a network marketing business.
    Well, you need to have a strong why for having a business mindset or you will sabotage all your sacrifice and hard work.
    Here is why:

    You Live in a World with an Employee Mindset.russia-95311_1920

    Unless you are already a business person, your business will be sabotaged by your employee mindset.
    For example, employees:
    • Do just enough to not get fired.
    • Expect the “security” of a paycheck.
    • Do not lose anything more than a job if the business fails
     Business owners:
    • Do whatever it takes for the business to succeed
    • Understand that in the beginning there is no profit; but later the profit will exceed the amount of work involved
    • Lose their investment if the business fails

    Here are three vital steps to developing a business mindset:

    Keep a Separate Bank Account

    Keep a Separate Bank Account

    There is nothing like having a bank account labeled – Business Account – to make you feel like a business person.
    But there is a more practical reason to keep a separate account. You will find tracking your income and expenses much easier with a separate account.
    Get a debit card to use instead of your personal credit card.
    And always get a receipt. Write on the receipt what business activity is tied to it. Then keep that receipt.
    Commit to this rule: all business expenses come out of your business account. Your personal and business lives are intertwined but you must be disciplined in keeping the money aspects separate.
    There are three benefits to doing this:
    First, you will be your accountant’s favorite at tax time.
    And you will pay less taxes if you have faithfully kept your expenses separate. The equation is simple: more expenses to offset your income means less taxable income.
    Second, you will be aware as the loss in your business decreases and eventually the profit increases.
    You don’t need a fancy system. Just look at your monthly statement. You will be able to recognize the cash flow picture.
    Third, you will grow in your sense of ownership. You will be motivated to make more calls, to post that blog consistently, to watch the webinar.
    Ownership will help you manage your expectations, as well.
    It is simpler if you don’t pay with cash. If you need to pay cash, maintain a petty cash fund, keep the receipts, and replenish from your business account.
    Commit to Give Money to Your Business Each Month

    Commit to Give Money to Your Business Every Month for at Least a Year

    This will help you grow out of the employee mindset and into the business ownership mindset.
    If you were keeping an accounting system. The money you put into your business account would be equity – ownership.
    When you spend for business expenses out of your business account, you are not decreasing your equity. You are creating an expense that will offset the income that you earn.
    Your equity will only decrease if you take money out for personal uses.
    When you put money into your business account, you are investing in your business.
    Keep track of that. If you invest $1000 a month in your business, at the end of the year you own a $12,000 business. If you are generating more than $1000 a month in income, you own a profitable $12,000 business.
    And if you can’t invest $1000 a month, do what you can.
    Calculate what you will need to spend: product (Most companies require a product purchase and even if yours doesn’t you need to be using your product. People will ask you. You must be able to say yes. That makes personal product purchases a business expense.), travel to events (Those are business expenses – plan for them by putting money into your business account every month.), cell phone and internet expenses.
    Commissions Are Paid Income to Your Business.png

    Understand That Commissions Paid Are Income to Your Business Not You

    I once heard an excited new liquor store owner tell the wife of a famous brewer about their new business venture.
    I did not expect her only comment, “Don’t drink the profits!”
    So when you get that wonderful commission check or direct deposit, “Don’t drink the profits.”
    Don’t go buy the new car, just yet.
    Yes, reward yourself. You have worked hard for that commission. But if your reward requires spending money use personal money. Or make the reward sitting and watching a fabulous sunset. Or taking a walk first thing in the morning.
    Remember whatever you spend personally comes out of your equity – your ownership.
    And don’t quit investing personal money into your business account until it can stand on its own with the business income you are generating with your hard work.
    You will, someday, be able to draw on than account.
    Be patient and . . . You will be able to abundantly bless others out of that account.
    ​​​​​​​Feel free to call me or email your comments.
    Have a blessed day,
    Connie Suarez



Learn to Love Your Job or Leave It

It all started with a quote by Sister Mary be successful fall in love with your work.png

“To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your job.” Sister Mary Lauretta.

I don’t even know why I posted the quote. I knew that falling in love with a job is a really hard thing to do.

I have been mostly blessed with jobs that I was happy with. I might not have loved them but I didn’t dread every day that I had to go to the job.

There was one bad job. It was a temporary job. I was between full time jobs and working as an accounting temp. The job was horrible. For me it was temporary. The people I worked with expressed a desperation based upon the feeling that they were stuck there. The shifts were long. There was no time off allowed for job searches.

When my stint with them ended, I made sure that I didn’t get invited back. I didn’t want the desperation of the permanent employees to become mine.

I was fortunate. I found a job that I could truthfully say, “I am grateful for this job.”

So, when I posted that quote, I knew that it might only be possible for someone called Sister.

Strangely, Sister Mary Lauretta is quoted but I couldn’t find any inforimages (1)mation about her. I suspect that if she had learned to love her job, she had also learned humility and avoided publicity.

After I had posted the quote, I felt a little guilty for posting such a glib quote.

I am not accusing Sister Mary of being glib. But I was feeling as if I had been glib.

So, I posted this: Happy Monday! Learn to love your job . . . Or have a plan to leave2017-07-28_1825 it.

The first response was, “I wish it were that easy.”

Of course, I knew that.

So, my next post was: I am curious, which would be easier – to learn to love your job or to make a plan to leave it?

2017-07-28_1822The comments were mixed. Some people chose learning to love their job and others chose to make a plan to leave it. Not really surprising.

I had one more question: Is it easier to learn to love your job and to work the plan you have to leave it?

2017-07-28_1823Not so many comments. I wonder if the reality was beginning to sink in. It isn’t easy to love the job you hate. It isn’t easy to find a way out of it.

I guess I am grateful to not be in that situation. But I think I understand the pain of this dilemma.

I asked myself, how does one learn to love their job? I have three suggestions:

Practice Gratitude

Counselors have long made this a key to healing in mental, emotional and relationship issues. In a paper published by UMass Dartmouth states there are several studies that have indicated the value of gratitude.

Here are my suggestions for practicing gratitude:

Cheerful Woman Writing in Her JournalJournal Your Gratitude – Try this experiment. At the end of your day, write in a journal at least one thing you are grateful for about your job. Do this for 30 days. I predict that you will see an improvement in your attitude about your job.

Verbalize Your Gratitude – I learned the power of verbalizing as a care giver for my mom. I realized I had a less than excited response when she told me thank you. I would nod or mumble my answer. At some point, I decided to speak with meaning the “You’re welcome” I had been mumbling. Soon, I had started sounding like I meant it and I really did.

I didn’t hate what I was doing for my mom. It wasn’t anything like the job you may hate. But speaking clearly, instead of mumbling my pleasure in doing things for her, made a huge difference.

I believe, speaking out loud, an expression of gratitude, will make a difference for you. Thank your boss when you are asked to do a task – after all it is an expression of confidence in you. Thank a co-worker for helping you with a job. Give thanks when someone opens a door for you. Be thankful that you have a job – many people do not.

Review Your Gratitude – Read your journal entries to encourage yourself. Watch for more depth in your gratitude.

Find your purpose.

What is it that makes you excited, fulfilled, happy or content?

girl-2386167_1920.jpgIf education, money, experience, connections weren’t a factor, what would you like to do.

What would you enjoy doing even if you didn’t get paid?

Don’t be afraid to pursue your dream job.

I like to ask the above questions. When I asked a young man, I will call Dan, he answered with a job I didn’t know existed. He wanted to be involved with gun training.

I wondered how realistic he was being. But because I believe we are all designed to fulfill our purpose, I encourage people to pursue their passion. So, I kept my reservations to my self and told him to do what he is passionate about.

Dan had a job that he probably hated. It wasn’t gun related.

Then when he was let go from that job Dan did something that many of us questioned.

I had reservations about Dan’s decision to take his family out of state to pursue an interview with a gun training company. He had no income and no assurance of an interview. I don’t think the company knew he existed.

But, Dan got the interview. He got admittance to a school for gun training. The company he hoped would hire him paid for the school but Dan had to pay for his living expenses. Only the top graduate would be offered a job.

Dan got the job! And he has exceled at it!

Let Go

woman-737439_1920But what if Dan had not been fired from his unfulfilling job? There were frustrations in the job.

While he waited to find a way to his passion, he needed to let go of the frustrations.

I am not sure if he did; but I am guessing that he may have let go of frustrations. Perhaps, that is how he was emotionally strong enough to take the huge risk he did

How do you let go of the frustrations of a terrible job?

Have a dream. Have a plan.

Believe in what you were designed to be.

Find encouragement in realizing you are building character qualities that will strengthen you for pursuing you ultimate goals.

I fear I am still being glib.

I know life is hard. I know there are no easy solutions.

But I do believe that if, today, you will do what is hard, that tomorrow’s path will still be hard. But you will be stronger and it will feel less hard.

There is one more question I think I want to ask.

Knowing that whatever you choose will be hard. Which do you want to choose to learn Knowing that whatever you choose will be hard. Which do you want to choose to learn to love your job or work to leave-to love your job or work to leave?

For some the choice should be to learn to love their job. Others should courageously work their plan to leave.

Which is right for you?

I suggest that whatever you want to choose is where your passion lies. And . . .

If you are following your passion neither can be wrong.

Do what you were made to do.

And be blessed.


Connie Suarez

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What You Can Learn From Mommy Bloggers

You may not want to build a blog.

But a blog might be a way to build your business.

At the least, you can learn about marketing from bloggers.

I ran across this list recently and thought I would share it with you.

I am including website links so you can visit the blogs.

Here is what you should observe:

The balance of content and ads. The ads are what pay the bills but the content is what drives readers to the blog and keeps them coming back.

The type of content is presented. What is being used to attract readers? Are there free offers? Is the content useful to the targeted audience? What services are offered or featured?

Does the blog relate to the reader? Consider how close the blog title and About description match the articles. Do the articles and items advertised both meet the interests of the reader?

Here is what you should learn?

When posting on Facebook keep in mind the ratio of content and promoting your business or product.

Are your posts addressing the interests of the people you want to reach?

Is blogging something that interests you?

Should you consider starting a blog to build your business?

Blogging definitely isn’t for everyone; but learn from these bloggers how you can communicate your product and business with those you are contacting.


How She Got Started: Originally set up in 2007, Caryn designed Rockin’ Mama as a modern lifestyle blog to guide and support eager young moms. She built her audience by being direct and honest in her experiences with pregnancy and the fears she had about becoming a new parent.

What She’s Doing Now: Today Rockin’ Mama is still going strong. Caryn has even managed to expand her original blog’s offerings into a whole host of fun guides and unique recipes that any mom can read and use.


How She Got Started: If anyone embodies the “follow your dreams” philosophy, it would absolutely be Gabrielle Blair. Since starting her blog Design Mom in 2006, Gabrielle has been on the lookout for new ways to expand her horizons and push the limits of her family’s experiences. As a testament to her bold outlook on life, she rounded up her six kids and moved them to France just to prove she could.

What She’s Doing Now: Gabrielle’s blog is still as popular as ever, although she has since moved from France to California. If you’re interested in some unique design tips for your home, feel free to visit her blog and see what has made her brand so enduring over the years.

How She Got Started: Although originally a news reporter, Jennifer Borget has since transitioned into a successful mommy blogger thanks to her work on Baby Making Machine. Through this blog, Jennifer encourages women to take control of their dreams and follow their passion wherever it might lead them.

What She’s Doing Now: If you’re looking for some inspiration to build a legacy, then you’ll want to devote a few hours to consuming everything that Jennifer’s written. You might be there for a while, but you can trust us when we say it’s worth it.

I found Jennifer on Twitter. The blog at Baby Making Machine is not open. Not really a problem for you. Twitter is a tool that might work better than a blog.

How She Got Started: Ashley Ann Campbell first set up Under the Sycamore in 2008 as a way to share her writing and photography. It has since evolved into the successful mommy blog that it’s now known for.

What She’s Doing Now: Ashley maintains her blog to this day, helping families express their individuality and embrace their uniqueness.




How She Got Started: Kimberley Blaine set up The Go-To Mom as a helpful guide for new and would-be mothers. It has since served as an excellent resource for anyone interested in mindfulness and spiritual exploration.

What She’s Doing Now: Kimberley’s successful mommy blog has afforded her numerous opportunities, including book signings and guest appearances on television.


How They Got Started: This one is a little unique in that the mommy blog is actually more of a mommies blog. Originally set up by Yvonne Condes and Sarah Auerswald, MomsLA has evolved into something more than just a blog.

What They are Doing Now: MomsLA has brought in guest writers to flesh out content on the main site. It continues to be a great resource for moms interested in new activities and sites to take their kids.



How She Got Started: Naomi got her start blogging when she and her family were just beginning their journey. After numerous back-and-forth moves across the country—all well-documented of course—we’ve come to feel like a silent part of Naomi’s family.

What She’s Doing Now: Love Taza has evolved from a blog about raising a family into one about general New York life. Even with a slight content shift, it’s still as beautifully photographed as ever.


How She Got Started: Chelsea started her blog, Someday I’ll Learn, by infusing each of her posts with her infectious sense of humor and providing real value to her audience.

What She’s Doing Now: That commitment to quality has paid off. Chelsea’s blog has made appearances on numerous television channels, including Fox and CNN.


How She Got Started: Amber started her blog, Illustrated with Crappy Pictures, as an innocent and fun exercise in chronicling her family’s adventures. Thanks to her comedic instincts and hilariously poor drawings, it has become something much more.

What She’s Doing Now: Amber was able to translate her success as a blogger into success as a writer with her very own book available for sale. If you’ve ever wondered how you could parlay your success as an internet blogger into something worth money, then you’ll definitely want to study Amber and everything she did to become the mommy blogger she is today.

To be a successful network marketer today demands that one become a social entrepreneur.

You need to find your niche and then get as good as you can from there.

You may never write a blog but I am confident that if you have read this far you have gleaned some approach to add to your marketing toolbox.

God bless you,

Connie Suarez



Helping others improve their physical and financial health.



Change Your Habits to Boost Your Happiness

Horse head on womans shoulderWhen happiness seems to be a fleeting flash of emotion for you, there may be some things you need to do in order to make it longer lasting. After all, happiness isn’t supposed to be fleeting.

Bad or negative habits are the stumbling blocks to true happiness in life. Switching these out for positive, productive habits can transform your life overnight. Here are a few of the tactics you can use to develop the best habits for creating the happiness you seek.


Veggan bruschettasDoing something that can help improve your overall health is one way to increase happiness. Making it a daily habit to seek out better nutrition is showing self-love that will benefit you for your entire life. Stay away from highly processed foods and ones that are packed with preservatives. You can even make healthier eating choices at restaurants by staying away from the greasy foods and eating more plates with vegetables in them.

See also: Master the Mediterranean Diet


Two female friends doing excercise in natureExercise is a great way to boost your mood and keep your body in shape. Believe it or not, it can also make you feel more energized. Developing the habit of daily workout routines, whether those are swimming, golfing, or even brisk walks, will make you happier since you are focusing on special time for your enjoyment. You do not have to feel guilty about setting aside time to improve your body and health.

See also: How to Schedule Your Life Around Regular Exercise


Nothing makes you feel happier than doing something well. That feeling of pride in accomplishment can do wonders for the soul. Whether you are good at writing poetry or knitting sweaters—do it! Set aside a little time each day to be successful and do uplifting activities.


Keeping a few close friends near and dear is a sure way to paving happiness that lasts. It is necessary to have trusted people you can talk with to help get you through the daily struggles of life without feeling awkward or judged. Getting through life is a team effort!

See also: Why Does Friendship Make Women Healthier


Teenager female reading in parkTaking your brain out of a thought pattern that leads to unhappiness does not have to be such a big chore. Any time you find your wheels grinding and you cannot get a grip on happiness, try challenging your brain by doing things like:

  • Starting a new hobby
  • Taking a class
  • Enjoying a tough board game
  • Playing mental puzzles and quizzes
  • Reading a good book

The important thing is to keep your mind active and you will find unhappy thoughts turning to happy thoughts in no time.


Offering time, money, and expertise in volunteer activities is one way to boost positive feelings. When you can make others feel happy, it reciprocates almost immediately. Find a local charity you can get behind and make it a habit to pour your free time and energy into the cause. It beats moping around the house or feeling bored!


family at homeSqueezing all of the good out of every moment in life is a way to extend happiness into all areas of your life. If you have had an amazing day at work and there are difficulties at home, stick with the happy feelings you experienced at work. It will energize you to power through other difficult moments with your happiness intact. Happiness is infectious. Share it with your significant other, kids, or neighbors.


Too often people develop habits of going with the emotional flow of things. Simply changing perspective can combat negative thinking. Negative perceptions can set the tone for how you feel, react, and operate on any particular day. Try viewing things positively and see how quickly things can turn around.


Have you ever run into someone who is simply happy? It can really pay off to make it a habit to watch and observe truly happy people. Are they viewing things differently? Are they reacting to the stresses of life in a different way? Try and mimic whatever they are doing that seems to work.

No one can be happy all the time, but there are opportunities to increase these joyful feelings by switching bad habits for good. Give the tactics mentioned above a try and you will be surprised at how much happier you feel each and every day!


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Three Critical Steps You Must Complete Before Launching ANY Advertising Campaign

Connie Suarez is enjoying a fun filled vacation with family and thanks her guest blogger Andrew T. Draughon

In this exclusive clip from No Excuses VII, multi-six figure earner Tyson Zahner reveals three very important and universal steps you MUST complete before launching any marketing campaign on any advertising platform–Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc!

Enjoy the clip?

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Andrew Draughon
Director of Content
Elite Marketing Pro

The odds are stacked way AGAINST you…

One of the benefits of working from home, is that you’re in 100% control Copy of Guest BloggerFerny Ceballos.pngof your environment.

This is a BIGGIE.

Because your environment has a heckuva lot to do with your state of mind and your attitude, which ultimately results in what you DO. Or don’t do.

Make no mistake, I don’t care how ‘positive’ you are, if you’re placed in a negative environment, after some time it WILL crush your ambition, and will keep you stuck and paralyzed from taking the actions you need to take.

I think good ol’ Zig Ziglar was right, we ARE born to win.

But the challenge is that sadly, most of us are programmed to fail.

Let’s face it… between school, tv, some of the people in our lives, Facebook newsfeed and a big part of our society in general… all THAT doesn’t really create the environment conducive to your success.

We just don’t have too many cheerleaders in our lives telling us…

Go for it.

Start your own business.

Make lots of dough.

Become somebody and live a life of freedom.

It’s usually the opposite.

Are you crazy, you’re doing what?

And don’t get me started on TV and Hollywood.

Most of that stuff is garbage. And although I love going to the movies, truth is, most of them are ANTI capitalist.

Seriously, when was the last time you saw a movie about a good rich guy or gal?

Nah, it’s usually about the greedy, power hungry, unethical go-getter who wants something for nothing and exploits the honest, hard-working person with less means. Right?

And if they’re not greedy or unethical, then often they’re just rich and miserable.

Does that kinda sum up most (not all but most) of the blockbuster movies over the last 30+ years?

Sooooo…. do you think it might have a little effect on your mindset about success, achievement and financial abundance?

It’s massively destructive I tell ‘ya.

Like it or not, the odds are stacked way against us, and we ARE programmed to fail.

And unless you take full control over what goes into your mind, you’ve got a snowball’s chance in hell of getting everything you want and living the life of your dreams.

A big part of that is getting around the right kind of people. Because you do become like the people you hang around with.

Which is why you need to join us in Las Vegas at
No Excuses Summit 8.

Yes, you’re going to learn a TON about marketing your business online.

Super effective ways of driving traffic.

Cutting edge techniques for generating quality leads.

Powerful recruiting and sales strategies.

But most important of all, you’ll be locked in a room full of WINNERS for 3 straight days.

And their energy, enthusiasm and attitude absolutely will rub off on you.

You think that’s gonna help undo some of the damage and help you stay on track to reach your goals?

No doubt about it.

And you simply can’t replicate that kind of energy sitting in front of a monitor watching a webinar or a video.

To reap the REAL benefits, you need to be there LIVE.

You can get all the details and grab your discounted ticket right here.
Talk soon,

Vitaly Grinblat
Chief Wordsmith & the Editor of 
Elite Marketing Pro Newsletter

Note from Connie Suarez:

I haven’t been to No Excuses yet. Back in August of last year when I signed up with Elite Marketing Pro, I started hearing about No Excuses Summit and couldn’t wait to go.

I heard Kate McShea say she skipped her first year. It wasn’t until Kate went the next year that she saw massive success in her business.

Chef Katrina shared that she was able to network with the people who would impact her business.

Since I have been part of Elite Marketing Pro, I have been going to the NES Facebook page looking for info about this year’s Summit.

It was like I was standing at a store front saying, Open! Open! Open!

I signed up for No Excuses Summit 7 the first day it was available. I signed up for the Workshop and the Platinum Upgrade. That is how much importance I place on this event for the success of my business.

You need to be there. Here is the sign up link.

I’ll see you there.

Let’s do coffee, okay?

God bless you,
Connie Suarez
Phone: 720-507-8231


How to Build a Powerful Brand in 10 Simple Steps


 My guest blogger, Julie Burke, has successfully branded herself to build a team of successful network marketers. In this blog Julies shares the whys and hows of branding.

Watch the video below to discover my top 10 branding tips, which took me from zero to 5-figure months in less than 60 days…

When you’re first starting your business, it can feel intimidating to think about branding yourself.

It can seem overwhelming and scary…

And you might ask how would you even get started?

Well, I’m here to tell you that…

Branding is not something to be afraid of!

In fact, it will happen naturally if you follow my top 10 tips to building a bad*ss brand that resonates with your audience.

So let’s dive in…

YOU are the most important thing about your business.

So build your brand around you!

Use your name.

Obviously, I use “Create Success with Julie,” because I’m Julie!

You are what makes your business unique and you are what your customers are investing in.

So make YOU the focus of your brand.

If you don’t know your audience, you’re going to have a really hard time.

So you need to know everything about your audience…

  • Are they men or women?
  • How old are they?
  • What do they do?
  • What are their pains, frustrations, needs, wants, and desires?

…otherwise, you can’t create content that will be relevant to them.

You also will end up wasting a ton of money if you don’t know who to target, which no one wants to do.

So make sure you study your market carefully and never stop asking questions.

You need to let your audience know what you’re going to DO for them right away.

Look at my brand name, for instance:

Create Success with Julie.

What am I going to do for you?

I’m going to help you create success, right?

Don’t be vague, tell them exactly what they’re going to get from you and how you’re going to make their lives better.

Just like with making your name your brand, you need to have high quality pictures of yourself.

Whether you have a friend take some shots or you get them professionally done…

Quality photos catch people’s eye, make you stand out, and show your credibility.

Don’t put this off, it’s more important than you might realize!

You know your target audience, so you also know what your prospects are looking for.

Now become an expert in exactly that.

Pick the one or two things that your audience comes to you for, and know that niche backward and forwards.

It could be health and wellness, physical fitness, fiscal responsibility, or even online traffic generation.

For example, recruiting with Facebook Sponsored Posts or shooting Facebook Live videos.

Don’t try to be an expert in everything, that’s just exhausting and very difficult.

You need to be able to recite your story in your sleep.

Your story is how your audience is going to relate to you.

Make your story part of your brand.

If you don’t have your story perfected yet, sit down, write it out, and perfect it.

This is your “elevator pitch,” so make sure it’s high impact, to-the-point, and benefit-driven.

This is so important!

I said it before, but it bears repeating…

Your clients are investing in you!

You can’t expect anyone to give you their hard-earned money if you are not being your 100% authentic self.

Your vibe attracts your tribe!

People will like you and be attracted to you…for being YOU.

Just like you need to be consistent in your business…

You need to be consistent with your branding.

Everything you put out into the world should be consistent with your brand, your message, and your image.

So be mindful to keep your aesthetic congruent across all your media channels.

I built my business using social media, so I know what an amazing and powerful tool it is.

Importantly, you need to be where your audience is…

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • YouTube,
  • Instagram,
  • LinkedIn, etc.

…wherever your audience spends their time.

But remember, it isn’t necessary to be on every single social media platform.

You just need to engage where your audience is, and consistently post quality content that your audience will find valuable.

This is big…

You need to actually take action!

The more people see you, the more they see your brand.

So get on social media and put yourself out there.

Nothing is going to happen, unless you make it happen!

Now for a bonus tip…

You need to have a vision for your brand.

  • What’s your message?
  • What’s your end goal?
  • Where do you want to be in five years?

If you don’t have a vision for your future, you’ll end up someplace else.

…and that someplace is probably not where you wanted to be.

So once you have a concrete vision…

Work every day to get your brand exactly where you want it to be.

And now that you know how to start building your brand…

A great way to jump start your business is by harnessing the power of social media to build your team…

How I built 80% of my business using Facebook

As a stay-at-home mom of two high-energy boys, I didn’t have all the hours in the day to run all over to meetings.

So instead, I made a lot of very meaningful connections and relationships through Facebook, all without being “spammy,” without pouncing on people, and without running an infomercial on my page.

That’s the “secret” of how I personally sponsored 270+ reps and grew a team of 8,300 distributors from the comfort of my home, in 3 years.

And that’s exactly what I teach in my new, 100% free Social Media Recruiting Frenzy guide.

These strategies create such EXPLOSIVE DUPLICATION, that for every person I personally sponsored, my team would grow by an average of 30 people in depth each time.

Ready to dive in?

Then make sure you click here and grab your copy today!


Cheers to your success!

Julie Burke

700k Social Media Recruiting Frenzy!

How This Busy Mom Built a Team of Over 8200 Distributors on Social Media…

…Without Leaving Home!


In less than 4 years, Julie Burke leaped to the top of her network marketing company, built a huge team of 8,300 people, and made over $750,000 in commissions, overrides, and bonuses – all without putting together a “warm market list,” making a single cold call, or struggling for a single day to make a profit in her business!


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