Do We Need More “Yes Men?

You probably know someone like an acquaintance of mine.

Several years ago it occurred to me that she often has negative thoughts about the plans of those around her, even her children. Truly, she is being realistic.

But she is seldom encouraging. And I really don’t talk to her about my plans because she will observe some potential pitfall. She doesn’t say no but it feels like she is saying, that is a bad idea – don’t do it.

Jeff Olson reports in The Slight Edge that according to social science research children hear five times as many nos as yeses.Growing up we heard five times as many nos as yeses.Life has a downward pull. (1).png

I am guessing that it doesn’t get better as we continue in life.

This seems especially true if we choose a “career path” that isn’t “normal.” That is if we choose to be an entrepreneur, not an employee. Especially, if we start building a “pyramid scheme.”

Don’t you agree?

So, we learn that we need to spend more time with people who will affirm us in our “career choice.”

This is vital.

And it brings me to the concept of a yes-man as I first understood it.

My original concept of a yes-man was negative.

A yes-man was agreeing with an associate or superior to gain favor. That man or woman was not sincere and was seeking his or her own interests.

The person who surrounded themselves with yes-men was essentially weak and had nothing of value to share. Thus necessitating the need for the phony affirmation of yes-men.

That is not who we strive to be.

Perhaps because we start life with so many nos and likely continue to hear them we aren’t as confident in our own thoughts and decisions.

So we are encouraged to distance ourselves from the naysayers and hang out with those who are making similar choices to ours. But . . .

Let’s be clear about this – the network marketer is not weak.

Our decision to join a network marketing business was a daring decision.

We were aware of what many people think about our profession. In fact, many of us still harbored some of that mindset when we joined.

And even though we knew what others thought, we joined.LLP_Connie_09cropped

That takes courage and strength. But most likely we have exhausted our reserve of courageous strength after calling a few of our family and friends who turn out to be no-men.

So, we need to hang out with more yes-men. But what if we are married to a no-man/woman? What if our best friend is a no-man/woman?

What do we do? Where do we find the positive reinforcement that will fill up our courageous strength tank?

Here are two obvious suggestions followed by two not so obvious suggestions.

Your sponsor and/or immediate upline.

It is your sponsor and other upline’s job to stay plugged in with you. Your company’s compensation structure is designed to reward them more if you succeed than if you don’t. So they have a vested interest in your success.

Your upline doesn’t think you are crazy for building a network marketing. They are your loudest yes-men. The more you communicate with them the more yeses you will hear.

Therefore it is your job to stay plugged in with them.

Some people work closely with sponsors and upline. Some people don’t. That is your choice but make sure you get the maximum positive affirmation from your upline.

And while you are at it pass it back to them.

Company Regional and National Events.FB_IMG_1500087208283

There are several reasons for attending company events. It is the best way to stay informed of compensation plan updates and product launches.

We usually learn of the latest developments in the use of technology in selling our opportunity and products at company events.

And one of the best reasons is networking.

Introduce yourself to new people. Get contact info. Or just friend them on Facebook.

Then stay in contact with them.

Some of those contacts may become your best yes-men.

Those are the two obvious suggestions. And here are the two less obvious suggestions.

Create your own yes-groups.Untitled design (2)

Use the internet to attract even more yes-men. You can do that in several ways and on many social media platforms.

My preference is creating a Facebook business page and start building your own brand. Post items that will be helpful to others building a network marketing business and start inviting people to like your page.

You will be attracting people who love network marketing and you will create a positive place for network marketers.

You should be posting daily and engaging with those who show up on your page so it will be like a networking event in your community all day every day.

Finally, join other network marketing groups and meet new contacts.20180118_083737

Do online searches for MLM or network marketing groups and find one that works for you.

Observe the posted rules. Some allow, even encourage, people to post their opportunity information. Whatever the rules a good guide is to be more interested in helping others than helping yourself.

The best group I have found is one of the perks of an internet marketing training and affiliate program that focuses on network marketers. They have a Facebook group that both helpful and encouraging.

I found them almost two years ago. They aren’t free but they are valuable.

They train, mentor and coach and you choose the way you will build your business.

You have an opportunity to get a taste of the program in a free 10-day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp.

The Boot Camp link signs you up to receive 10 days of video training and an introduction to the program and the community that comes along with it.

It is only a Facebook group but it is a community in the best sense.

In closing, I volunteer to be one of your yes-men. I love what we do and the freedom it provides.

May you grow and prosper and do well and good with your prosperity.

I value your comments and feedback.

If you have found value in this article share it with others.

I’ll be in touch,
Connie Suarez

Language Patterns of Successful People

Ever wonder why there are so many personal development books and programs out there and yet people keep signing up for more?

Is it possible those books and programs aren’t getting the job done?

Some people have purchased so many personal development products that they could teach their own class.

Maybe you are one of them. I have plopped down enough money over the years that I should be wondering why I haven’t seen a greater change.

I recently heard my mentor Ferny Ceballos speak about this on a Facebook Live he titled:

Language Patterns of the Most Successful People I Know

Ferny loves to go out on the controversial limb and he did this time as well when he said,

The problem with most personal development gurus is that they mostly show you what to think, not how to think.

He really got my attention when he said,20180118_083737

When selling I reveal to a person how I think. My thinking doesn’t allow for excuses to be inserted.

Does that interest you?

If you are a network marketer you know that people have an endless array of excuses that they offer when you invite them to join you in your business opportunity.

That is why I listened with pen and paper in hand. I wanted to retain the valuable info I was about to hear.

Ferny continued with this question:

What if learning how successful people think was like learning any other skill?

For that to happen it has to be:Identifiable Repeatable Duplicatable.png

  • Identifiable – We need to know what purpose it serves.
  • Repeatable – We need to be able to do it again.
  • Duplicatable – We need to be able to teach it to others.

I am currently demonstrating the third item on the list. I am teaching the process to you in this blog.

Yesterday I repeated it in the blog I posted.

And apparently, I understand the purpose it serves and believe it to be valuable enough to devote time talking about it in two blog posts.

So here is the process Ferny Ceballos taught.

The How to Think Process. Or The Success Formula.

  1. Who is the person asked to think – who is doing the work? Often this will be you. You are growing as an entrepreneur and as a person. But understanding this process will help us as we have a conversation with a prospect.
  2. What – historical – We are gathering information at this point.
    • Ask what worked in the past, what didn’t work, what works for others, what are other ideas that I might do, what else might I do to gather more ideas.
    • We are gathering ideas and we are not attached to one idea. If you are going through this process with someone you hope to recruit it is important that you remain unattached to the idea of them joining you in your business.
  3. What is the action plan?
    • The question we ask here is what might I do differently that I haven’t done before.
    • You may involve a mentor in this part of the process.
    • You are forming a plan. You want to decide what is going to be most effective.
    • You may decide you need more ideas and go back to step 2.
  4. The final step is to take Action. Do what you have planned.

As Ferny shared these steps I did not question their worth. He had been role modeling it for me and I had already adopted it somewhat.

Still, I was glad to hear that this is based upon research. The Canadian government spent millions studying how successful people think.

So, the question is how will I be more like Ferny and lead others in learning how to think when I am selling.

It is definitely something to put in our toolbox. Then when it would be helpful in a conversation pull out those questions and ask them in the context of the problem.

I believe that when we quit making excuses ourselves and start thinking we begin to naturally influence others.

In other words, if we want the people we invite to our business to quit making excuses we should stop making excuses.

It is too bad that more people aren’t taught to think. Wouldn’t it be nice if this process were taught in schools?

Until that happens we have one more opportunity to make a difference as we role model it in our lives and teach those we are leading and coaching in our businesses.

I welcome your comments.

If you find value in this article, share it with your friends and team.

I’ll be in touch,
Connie Suarez

Don’t Drink the Profits!

May you think like a millionaire in 2018!

If you can, hang out with a millionaire in 2018.

If you can’t, read this story of the time when I hung out with a millionaire couple.

He was the grandson of a beer mogul.

She called the President of the United States Ronnie.

And it was interesting to observe them.

First, they didn’t dress to impress. His suits looked like they came off the rack – of Goodwill.

She carried the same purse every time I saw her.

antique-metal-vintage-metalIt was a metal lunch box like the one in the picture except that it was painted orange with floral decoration. I didn’t ask her about it. I wish I had.

I was not impressed with it.

I was impressed with the fact that she could carry a different designer purse every time she went out and didn’t. I wondered if it had been a gift from a grandchild or someone else who was dear to her.

I similarly wondered why her husband whose frame required the tailored suits he could afford, bought his like the rest of the population.

I hadn’t yet learned that millionaires don’t spend money the way people who dream of being a millionaire do.

I did have a respect for their not being flashy about their wealth. They were down to earth people.

She was so down to earth that when she went to Ronnie’s inauguration she came back with star-struck stories of the movie stars she shared an elevator with. She was impressed with who she rubbed elbows with and I thought that they should have been impressed with rubbing elbows with the woman who called the President of the United States Ronnie.

I don’t think that they thought much about money. They were involved in politics to make life better. They weren’t interested in wielding power or being famous.

But here is the story you and I need to take to heart.

Don’t drink the profits.

Remember, their money came from the production and sale of beer. One day mutual friends excitedly shared that they were opening a liquor store. I imagined that she would respond with enthusiastic encouragement. Instead, she said, “Don’t drink the profits.”

Don’t drink the profits. Did she think that they might be prone to overindulging?

I have thought about this over the years and this is what I think she really meant. Don’t spend your profits. Put them back into the business.

If you are going to be successful in starting a business. You can’t use the profits for personal wants or needs. Maybe for years, you are going to need to put that money back into the business.

Shortly after that, I lost contact with the millionaire couple and the new business couple. I don’t know whether she got a new purse, or he got a new suit, or the new business succeeded.

You and I don’t need to know.

We have this nugget of wisdom. Don’t drink the profits.

Don’t spend that commission on a new suit, or purse or even pay the bills. That is not what the profit is for in the beginning.

If you earned your commission from internet ads, increase your ad budget accordingly.

If you earned your commission from signing a distributor into your MLM, spend the money on personal development. And go teach your new distributor to do the same.

That is the mindset of a millionaire.

LLP_Connie_06aI am looking for 5 people who think like a millionaire to join my team.

Are you ready to put the profit back into the business to grow a sustainable business?

Are you open to learning a new mindset and skill set to market your MLM?

Or are you are looking for the right MLM?

Comment “message me” and I’ll be in touch.



Connie Suarez

How You Can Gain More from Listening

Do you agree with the quote, “If you make listening and observations your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talk?”

I think we all would agree with Robert Baden Powell in theory. But in practice, I fall miserably short. I confess I love to talk too much.

How about you

Are you thinking about what you want to say when the other person is talking?

Do you find yourself wanting to finish the other person’s sentence?

When the other person is talking are you empathizing with them (feeling what they are feeling)?

I am right there with you. Even though I taught volunteers at a nonprofit how to listen for 15 years and now I have written The Intentional Recruiter: Five Listening Skills for Highly Effective Recruiting I have to confess I still need to discipline my self in those skills.

Is it worth it?

An article in says it is. They list five benefits of listening in the workplace. I agree that listening will benefit you in your workplace, your business, your relationships.

Among the benefits that they claim can be yours are:

Mutual Trust – you want to establish trust with those you are in contact with, don’t you? Whether it is an employer, a spouse, a prospect, you need for them to trust you. And you need to be able to trust them.

Confidence – as an effective listener you will grow in your self-esteem and self-image. That is sort of counter-intuitive. We tend to think that we have to impress people with what we say. Which reminds me of an old joke. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Productivity – because we understand problems as we listen effectively we are better problem solvers!

Cooler heads prevail – when there is human interaction there are human misunderstandings unless you are listening well. Then there will be less misunderstanding, to begin with. Which will lead to:

Fewer mistakes – people who are working together in mutual trust and understanding will make fewer mistakes.

You can read the article at this link:

You can download a free copy of my book Five Listening Skills at this link:

I welcome your comments below.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

3 Easy Habits for Greater Life Success

We’re all after success, though it will look different to each of us.

Your vision of success may even change on a day-to-day basis. Your goals and outcomes are fluid and variable, but there are a few habits which can apply to anyone, for any goal, anytime.

Forming helpful habits can transform your life, even (maybe especially) when the habits take only a few minutes. What you do every day matters quite a bit more than what you do only some days. So what should you be doing today?


1. Wake Up Earlier

“The sun has not caught me in bed in fifty years.” – Thomas Jeffersoncheerful-alarm-clock-with-shadow-and-copy-space_rkl-l6tes.jpg

It doesn’t sound all that appealing, we know. But adjusting your morning alarm can have serious benefits for your mood, productivity, and goal achievement. How much earlier you wake is up to you, but give it a try tomorrow.

Set your alarm 5, 10, maybe 15 minutes early and see where you go from there. You can keep everything else in your routine the same, or you can designate those extra minutes for something like meditation, planning, reading, or inspiration. It’s a great way to take control of your day from the first second.

2. Intentionally Prioritize

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey

now-1272358_1280Make it a habit to prioritize your day. Whether this means a planner, to do list, sticky note, or simply verbally prioritizing items in your day, it’s critical that you make it absolutely clear what items or tasks are most important to you for that day.

Successful people don’t lose time on things that don’t matter or get caught up in meaningless tasks. Successful people know exactly what their most important priority is, each and every day. Find a way to intentionally prioritize each day and you’ll find success.

3. Take Breaks

“There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” – Alan Cohen

For many of us, it’s habit to keep plugging away at something until it’s done. That can be snow-2952307_1920effective, but it can also wear us down and force mistakes. Successful people learn how to build breaks into their schedule.

Set timers or alarms to remind you to take breaks as you work. Stop to stretch, get a glass of water, chat with a friend, or listen to some music. You’ll return with a clear head and renewed purpose for your work.

You can increase your productivity and success by starting with just one of these habits today. Practice it as best you can, and then slowly add more habits as you master them.

Self-improvement habits are well worth the effort, and you’ll reap the benefits of success.

And here is one more habit that is simple but for most of us not all that easy.

Learn to listen. It is simple but not necessarily easy. Start to learn by downloading my free book Five Listening Skills.

You’ll learn the same Listening Skills I taught nonprofit volunteers for 15 years. These skills will work for any relationship but I have adapted them in this book for network marketers.

Click here now for your free download copy of Five Listening Skills.

If you have found value in this blog I would love to read your comment below.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

Do you take work home or do you work from home?

I had an aha moment as I walked Max this morning.

We were passing through the parking lot of a bank. I saw an acquaintance leaving the back entrance with a file folder in her hand.

I got this tight feeling as I remembered running back to the office for something I needed to complete the project I had taken home.

I asked her in a sympathetic tone if she was taking work home. She said no she just had to make some copies. I said I was glad for her, but I was feeling glad those days were behind me.

Then I wondered at the fact that I work from home and yet was sympathizing with someone who had to take work home. Wasn’t that sort of the same thing?

My response was immediate. NO!

It is different. I work from home that is true. But I enjoy what I do. I get to make it fit my schedule. And I am building my dream not someone else’s dream.

If you are still working towards working from home.

If you are struggling to build your business in your very spare time, be encouraged. It is worth all the hard work!

Work as hard as you can consistently. A little bit every day is more effective than working in spurts. The day is coming when you will be working from home.

Would you like to know the one factor that has best equipped me to achieve my dream?

You can check it out by clicking now on this link for a free 10-day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp.

I have learned how to take my network marketing business to the internet. The internet marketing training has been awesome.

But I have also received invaluable coaching and I am linked to a huge group of like-minded people.

I have grown to the point of being able to help and coach others.

I have just released a book and training to go with it.

This little book will transform network marketing.

You can read a free sample of the book by clicking on this link now – Five Listening Skills.

You are on a path that many shun. You know that it is worth it. Join others that will encourage you in your journey.

Want to chat with me about your options. Feel free to call or email me.

I welcome your comments below.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

The Hero’s Journey – Or How to Connect with Your Story

How do you compare with Luke Skywalker?

But, if you are a network marketer, some of your friends and family think you have gone over to the dark side.

So, maybe you are Luke’s father.

It’s all good.

It is part of your story after all.

And you have heard it before.

Stories sell.

So, let’s learn how to tell our stories well.

If you are worried that I will beat the Star Wars theme to death, don’t worry. I don’t know it well enough.

I want to get down to the basics of what we need to understand to make our stories sell.

When I read about crafting our stories using the Hero’s Journey, I googled it. And that is what I suggest you do. You will see many drawings to explain this model that works well for movie producers, novelists and the ancients who started telling myths.

Here is one of my favorites:

hero's journey1
Don’t forget to Google, The Hero’s Journey to see this and many other images.

Before we move on, just a bit of explanation. The Hero’s Journey started with an anthropologist named Edward Taylor. Since his foundation was laid, many people have studied and used the Hero’s Journey.

And you and I must do so as well.

There are twelve stages in the Hero’s Journey. Some of the diagrams I saw on Google divide those into three acts. But I think if we focus on the twelve stages that will be good.

Here they are:

  1. THE ORDINARY WORLD.  The hero, uneasy, uncomfortable or unaware, is introduced sympathetically so the audience can identify with the situation or dilemma.  The hero is shown against a background of environment, heredity, and personal history.  Some kind of polarity in the hero’s life is pulling in different directions and causing stress.
  2. THE CALL TO ADVENTURE.  Something shakes up the situation, either from external pressures or from something rising up from deep within, so the hero must face the beginnings of change.
  3. REFUSAL OF THE CALL.  The hero feels the fear of the unknown and tries to turn away from the adventure, however briefly.  Alternately, another character may express the uncertainty and danger ahead.
  4. MEETING WITH THE MENTOR.  The hero comes across a seasoned traveler of the worlds who gives him or her training, equipment, or advice that will help on the journey.  Or the hero reaches within to a source of courage and wisdom.
  5. CROSSING THE THRESHOLD.  At the end of Act One, the hero commits to leaving the Ordinary World and entering a new region or condition with unfamiliar rules and values.
  6. TESTS, ALLIES, AND ENEMIES.  The hero is tested and sorts out allegiances in the Special World.
  7. APPROACH.  The hero and newfound allies prepare for the major challenge in the Special world.
  8. THE ORDEAL.  Near the middle of the story, the hero enters a central space in the Special World and confronts death or faces his or her greatest fear.  Out of the moment of death comes a new life.
  9. THE REWARD.  The hero takes possession of the treasure won by facing death.  There may be a celebration, but there is also danger of losing the treasure again.
  10.   THE ROAD BACK.  About three-fourths of the way through the story, the hero is driven to complete the adventure, leaving the Special World to be sure the treasure is brought home.  Often a chase scene signals the urgency and danger of the mission.
  11.  THE RESURRECTION.  At the climax, the hero is severely tested once more on the threshold of home.  He or she is purified by a last sacrifice, another moment of death and rebirth, but on a higher and more complete level.  By the hero’s action, the polarities that were in conflict at the beginning are finally resolved.
  12.  RETURN WITH THE ELIXIR.  The hero returns home or continues the journey, bearing some element of the treasure that has the power to transform the world as the hero has been transformed. ¹

Here is a simple drawing of the Hero’s Journey.

hero's journey2

Now I will tell a network marketer’s story using the Hero’s Journey:

Stage 1. Our Hero (network marketers are heroes) was living her ordinary life in the summer of 2010. She may not have been typical though because she had been sharing a home with her mother for several years. Let’s call her Connie.

Connie had been privileged to be the director of a small but meaningful nonprofit organization. But her first priority was her mother. And her mother was aging. Connie sensed her mother’s increasing need for Connie to be at home with her.

At the beginning of 2010, Connie had cut back her hours to give her mother more time. That unfortunately caused increased stress. When Connie was at home she felt guilty that she wasn’t at The Center. When Connie was at The Center she felt guilty that she wasn’t at home with her mother.

Stage 2. Connie knew that she needed to resign from the position she loved. But wondered how to make it work. She knew that change had to take place.

Then Connie’s daughter sent her a message, “Mom, there is a video I’d like for you to watch. Here is the link: uipqrq;”

Stage 3. After watching the video, Connie messaged back, “That look’s interesting, how much does it cost.”

Connie said she couldn’t afford the product because she was about to be unemployed.

Stage 4. Connie agreed to a three-way call with her daughter and her daughter’s up line. Connie told the up line she couldn’t afford to buy the product much less join the company.

Stage 5. But a couple days later, Connie found the money and joined to the great surprise of her new up line. She said to herself as she paid the amount that had seemed impossible and was a big leap, “I’m all in now.”

Stage 6. Connie had misgivings about network marketing and the training she received did little to dispel her misgivings. But she was told: make a list, call everyone on the list, get them to watch the video and then get an up line on a three-way call.

Connie made some lifelong friends as she learned to trust her up line. She grew to respect the company leadership and loved the quality of the products she represented.

Still, she dreaded making phone calls. Some people were pleasant and agreed to watch the video, some said no and some sounded so awkward about saying no that Connie grew to dread the phone calls.

She faithfully attended all the events she could, even though that meant a three-hour drive one way. She got better at making phone calls and reaching out to strangers, which was good because she had called her list numerous times. Connie didn’t see how she could call them anymore.

Stage 6. Suddenly, all that changed when Connie’s mother needed her full time. Connie could no longer get out to recruit and add to her list. Connie had to find a new approach.

She tried several options before she found Attraction Marketing Formula. She saw an ad like this one:

AMF_Banner2_800x250 (2)

When she clicked on it a whole new world of coaching and training opened up to her.

Stage 7. Connie was challenged by her new coaches to boldly see herself as a hero with a hero’s calling. Connie was forced to step way out of her comfort zone.

Stage 8. Connie saw that she had personal issues that she needed to overcome. It was terrible at the time and wonderful as she looked back to see a new Connie emerge. Network marketing had begun the process but Connie knew that to become all that she needed to be as a businesswoman she had to follow the coaches call to be herself – to acknowledge that she had greatness to offer. It was terrifying and wonderful.

Stage 9. Connie was essentially a new person. She was full of joy and eager to share with everyone. As with all new converts, Connie thought she had “arrived.” Truly she needed her coaches and training all the more as she embarked on the mission to share with others.

Stage 10. Was Connie ready to face the most challenging obstacle towards her ultimate success? Connie’s nemesis was the technology of the internet. Even though she had tools that simplified the tasks at hand her days often ended in failure.

There were days when defeat seemed complete and final. But the cry of network marketers was her mantra, Don’t quit. It isn’t eloquent but it is crucial. And Connie didn’t quit. It was one step forward and two steps backward somedays. But she kept going. Connie kept plugged into her mentors, her coaches, her training. And the daily victories came more often. The defeats became fewer.

Stage 11. As Connie worked through each step of the training, she became aware of a vision that she had. Connie realized that she had key skills that would empower all network marketers to become more effective recruiters and confident closers. The skills were indeed a system that anyone could use and teach. She had a way to offer those skills and that system to anyone.²

Stage 12. Connie has so much to offer her family and friends. This morning she offered to help her sister market the Christmas and Easter plays she has been writing for the small church her husband pastors. You have no idea how much joy that gave Connie.

What do you think? Is it a compelling story?

I hope it inspires you to get busy and write your story. I recently wrote my story using the Pixar Hollywood Blockbuster formula. The formula gives a simpler story.³

You should have both ready to share.

When time is short use your short version. Like when you are taking Uber to the airport.

When a longer version is called for, use the Hero’s Journey. That would be for when you are in front of the room sharing your story.

I wish you well in the making and telling of your story.

Network marketing is an awesome Odyssey. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

I want to read or hear your story. Send me an email – – or call me – 720-507-8231.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

¹ The Twelve Stages of the Hero’s Journey are copied from:’s_journey.htm

² Connie is close to launching her Five Listening Skills that become a system on When you check it out she will reward your patience with some generous discounts when you use the code: PRE17 .

³ Here is the link to that blog:

Online or Offline. It is the “battle royale” for recruiting.

Online vs. offline.

It can seem like the “battle royale” of our times when it comes to how you should build your business because folks in either corner are constantly slugging it out saying their way is best.

It can get ugly!

But what if it’s not either/or?

What if you could do both (…and get even better results to boot)?

As a network marketer, what are some of the things you’ve been told?

  • Create a list of 100 people
  • Talk to friends and family
  • Fake it until you make it
  • Go for “No”
  • “No” doesn’t mean “no forever”
  • The fortune is in the follow-up
  • It’s not selling, it’s sharing
  • Share with everybody within three feet
  • If they can fog a mirror, this would be a great opportunity for them
  • Give home presentations
  • Hit people up in the malls

These are all old-school, traditional, belly-to-belly ways to market.

What’s funny is that there are a lot of similarities here to how you should build your business online.

I am thrilled to let one of my mentors share with you her insight on how to blend “old school” network marketing with the greatest tool of the Twenty-first Century.

Here are thoughts from Chef Katrina, Elite Marketing Pro Community Insider.

The Online “Three-Foot Rule”

Especially if you’re first starting out, you should talk to everyone within “three feet” of you online.

No matter the social media platform, if someone connects with you, you should reach out and start networking.

For instance, on Facebook, you should send a personal message to anyone who…

  • Sends you a friend request
  • Likes or shares one of your posts
  • Comments on a post or an ad (more on this in a moment)

Ask them about their business and goals and see if you can determine what they’re struggling with.

The Online “List of 100”

Here at Elite Marketing Pro, we recommend using Facebook’s advertising platform to connect with people who are already invested in the network marketing industry.

…and thus aren’t skeptical your business is a “pyramid scheme” or “scam.”

You can make lists of targeted “interest groups” highly likely to respond to your offer—for instance, the followers of a big name guru like Tony Robbins or Robert Kiosaki.

So instead of making a list of 100 people who very likely aren’t interested in starting a business, now you’re actually talking to people who’ve been bitten by the “entrepreneurial bug.”

No more dealing with unresponsive friends and family members.

No more getting rejected by strangers in whatever strange land you find yourself prospecting.

Talking to people who are already interested is more than half the battle so your closing ratio will soar.

At the end of the day, though, traditional and online methods are similar, because much of the time you’re still going to hear “no.”

That’s just a fact—it’s still a number’s game.

But, it’s also true that “no” can simply mean it’s not the right time.

Hence the timeline advice…

The fortune is in the follow-up.

How Follow-Up Works Online

There are many forms follow-up can take online, and many of them are completely automated!

You can follow-up via email.

You can follow-up by providing content on your blog.

Follow-up can mean broadcasting a Facebook Live.

It’s a brave new world with today’s technology.

You’re not limited to the phone.

Social media is a highly-leveraged and largely automated follow-up channel.

You can also text message or host a webinar.

You have SO many options.

But what’s important to remember is that you’re still talking to people.

Traditional and online networking overlap each other in that you’re going to have to talk to people with either method.

Let me say that again…

You’re going to have to talk to people!

Because if you’re not…

  • Reaching out and talking to your leads,
  • Connecting with your audience,
  • Getting out there and making connections, and
  • Eventually automating everything possible

…you’re not building a real business.

You know, I was talking with a coaching client the other day.

One of the things this individual said was…

“This is a lot of hard work!”

Well, I’m going to be dead serious with you for a moment—it is hard work.

Whether you’re doing the traditional method of building your business or you’re building online, it’s still work.

Especially in your first year—you can’t avoid it, you can’t get around it, you can’t wish it away, you can’t hope there’s an easy button…

You just need to do the work.

I mean, seriously…

You can’t spell “networking” without “working!”

Your first year you’re online is the most critical in your business.

This is your year of building trust.

It tends to take a year of being online, a year of consistently being seen by your audience, a year of providing value, education, and training—for people to grow to trust you.

It’s easy to get distracted.

It’s easy to lose focus

Imagine this…

You’re teaching everybody how to build one business, and all of a sudden you veer off and start promoting something else (and then something else).

If you do that within your first year, you’re going to lose trust with your audience.

If you’re always looking for the next thing you won’t be able to focus on the task at hand.

So don’t waste time starting over again and again…

Commit to twelve solid months of delivering value to your audience

Think about it…

If you’re dating someone, you’ve got to commit to them.

When you’re in a relationship, you’ve got to show up every single day.

It’s the same dynamic with your audience:

You’ve got to show up, keep your word, and fulfill expectations.

The moment you disappear, the moment you veer off-course, the moment you come up with a new product (or service or offer) you’re going to break that trust.

And it’s hard to get back on track when you don’t show up.

So commit to the process, because…

You’re becoming the go-to authority they’re seeking

If you show up, you’ll become the trusted recommender.

So, it’s time to ask yourself…

  • Are you committed to staying the path?
  • Are are you committed to following through?

If you are, then don’t try to avoid the work.

  • Learn how to build those relationships!
  • Learn how to offer the presentation!
  • And learn how to follow-up with people using the tools available today.

Find out what’s going on in your prospects’ world and match your product to their need.

There’s always a problem—become the solution provider!

There are problems galore out there.

So become the master at solving problems and you’ll always be the go-to person—you’ll always be the person they want to join.

Blend online and offline to your utmost advantage!

You can…

  • Follow up easier through the Internet than you ever could before.
  • Easily connect with over 100 people every single day using the Internet.
  • Get more “nos” faster to get to your “yeses” sooner online.
  • Show people your presentation, without having to invite them to a hotel or home meeting.

And you can do it all online.

You can do so many things that traditionally done offline and blending them with the online world.

Sure, there are some technical skills you need to learn, and you’re going to get frustrated at first—that’s the experience we all have.

But you need to realize that if you’re reading this article today, you are among the smallest percentage of people that actually understands how to build a network marketing business online.

You are a minority in this industry (use it to your advantage!)

Give yourself twelve months.

Commit to the process and make sure you’re taking action every day.

It’s your opportunity right now to “embrace the blend” and be one of the pioneers in the network marketing space who are successfully building their businesses online and doing what it takes to move forward.


You have the opportunity—right now—to be a part of the transformation of the network marketing industry.

After all, we know that’s where the industry is going.

There’s no way around it.

In ten years, you won’t even recognize the industry.

But one thing will always remain the same: network marketing is one of the most powerful ways a person in a nine-to-five job can step out and start learning what it’s like to build their own business.

So be a pioneer.

Get out there and connect with people, make some mistakes, and have some fun!

Ready to blaze your trail?

Then I strongly encourage you to sign up for Elite Marketing Pro’s FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

You’ll learn how to build your business online using proven “attraction marketing” strategies so you’ll never have to chase down deadbeat prospects again.

Plus, you’ll see how Ferny Ceballos, CMO of Elite Marketing Pro, passively generates 300–500 leads per day, 30–50 customers per day, and recruit 70–100 new serious business-builders into his business each month.

These methods allow you to build your business automatically—where prospects reach out to you (instead of you having to reach out to them).

So if you’re ready to get started…

Simply click here and you’ll get access to the 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!


Chef Katrina
Director of Client Experience
Elite Marketing Pro


Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads…

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Chef Katrina is the Elite Marketing Pro Community Insider. Her passion is building and supporting this Elite community of entrepreneurs. She has created her own products, is a sought-after speaker, and a top Elite Marketing Pro Affiliate.

Fear Is Not a Problem

Oh but you say, it is.

If fear is one of the obstacles that you face in building your business, I have good news for you.

I watched a video by Mel Robbins with the same title that I used for this post.

From one presentation by Mel about procrastination my life was transformed. She taught me how to use the Five Second Rule to help me take action when it mattered.

I learned then that my brain was working against me with procrastination.

With the Five Second Rule, I learned to take action within five seconds of having an idea. That could be anything from doing what I have thought of immediately to writing it on my calendar.

But how can the Five Second Rule help us when fear threatens to paralyze our business?

You can read my brief summary below or watch Mel Robbin’s youtube video Fear Is Not a Problem.

Mel Robbins acknowledges that Fear is Real.

What a relief that has to be to the person who doesn’t travel because of fear of flying. That can be freeing to the person who is afraid of public speaking.

But you have to learn what to do about fear.

Fear is a real physical reaction that your body is experiencing.

What is interesting is that reaction is just like how your body reacts when you are excited.

Fear = Excitement

So, you do a little mind game with yourself.

When you feel fear and an anchor thought you can convince your brain that you are excited not afraid.

Let’s say you are afraid of flying. As you stand in that endless security line the fear ties you up inside.

Remind yourself of why you are flying. You will be landing in a tropical paradise and be spending a week relaxing on a white sand beach.

Now as you wait fearfully to board the plane, tell yourself, “I am excited to be taking this vacation. I am excited to sunbathe and take the deep sea fishing excursion. I am so excited.”

In her video, Mel demonstrates exactly how she uses this trick when she is preparing to speak at an event.

Make sure you take the twelve or thirteen minutes to watch it.

I value your input.

Feel free to call me – 720-507-8231 – or email me –

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

Three Types of Facebook Ads Every Network Marketer Should Be Running Right Now

Are you a network marketer without a big advertising budget?

Don’t fret!

Because it can be a lot more affordable (and profitable) than you ever imagined to run paid advertising today.

Leveraging Facebook’s ad platform is, by far, the quickest way to automate and scale your business to six- and seven-figures.

The value of network marketing is leveraging, right?

In this post Matt Baran shows how you can leverage Facebook ads. He takes it step by step and makes it doable even for the novice.  And if after reading Matt’s post you still have questions there is a free training offer for you at the end.

And if you aren’t advertising yet, don’t let this post keep you  from doing just one to start with.

If you are like me, you will need to take it one step at a time. Call – 720-507-8231 – or email me – – if you want to know which steps I took first.

Connie Suarez

Now, there are three types of ads you should ALWAYS be running.

Contrary to what some ‘gurus’ teach, it’s not just a matter of setting up a Fan Page and driving traffic to your capture page.

Traffic today is an “ecosystem,” where you need to run multiple types of ads together for everything to work properly.

Here’s why…

Facebook is a SOCIAL networking platform!

As such, you need to pay attention to the social aspect and use it in conjunction with paid advertising.

That synergy is where you’ll start seeing magic happen with your ads.

Facebook ads are only difficult and pricey when you’re just trying to get clicks to your website, without engaging your audience first.

That’s why I’ve come up with this three-tiered system that works well for online entrepreneurs and small-business owners.

So let’s dive in!

The first ad you want to run is a…

Big picture time:

Stories are the way people connect and identify with others.

They’ve been used since the beginning of time, before there was TV.

All the way back when cavemen sat around campfires, they told stories to entertain each other.

Human communication is story-based!

Think about when you were in your high school history class, sitting at your desk, bored out of your mind.

You’d think to yourself…

“Yeah, this kind of sucks.”

And then the teacher starts to tell a story, something you’d never heard before, and all of a sudden, you perk up!

Now you’re interested in early colonial history (…because who knew there was cannibalism at Jamestown!?)

It’s the same way with your ads.

Instead of just saying something like…

“Certain network marketers do this, which doesn’t work. However, I know what works, and here’s the secret I found.”

You really want to tell a bit more about who you are and what you do.

The struggles you went through.

You want to develop an emotional rapport with your audience

So they feel like…

“Oh my god, this person is just like me. They went through that just like me.”

And you want to get them to raise their hands and say…

“Yes, I want to work with you.”

Because they identify with you.

That’s done through telling stories.

So a story ad is number one.

It could be accomplished through either a clicks-to-website ad or a conversion ad.

  • You could ask people to “comment below” to get more information, or
  • Or you can also run traffic to your website to get people to sign up for your free lead magnet.

Point being that a story ad is the number one thing you need to run, because you need to get your message out there as an entrepreneur.

The second type of ad that every entrepreneur should be running is a…

Video views are cheap on Facebook right now.

In fact, Facebook rewards advertisers for using video in their advertising.

And essentially what you’re doing is creating your brand by creating familiarity with your prospects.

You might not get a conversion right away, but you’re getting in your prospect’s head.

They say…

“Oh my god, I’ve seen this person all over Facebook, they must know what they’re talking about.”

So when you eventually ask for the sale, or even just to get them on your email list, they’ll have some familiarity with you.

They’ll know who you are, because they’ve seen your videos in their News Feed.

The best thing about videos right now is this:

Facebook rewards you for doing them!

It’s also a great for retargeting.

People used to think of retargeting as something complicated or too “techie,” but Facebook has made it super easy at this point.

Now you can retarget easily with videos.

Here’s one of the best ways to do it:

  1. Do a Facebook Live and boost it ($5 minimum)
  2. Let this campaign run for a day or two
  3. Once complete, go into your Ads Manager account
  4. Under Audiences, you’ll be able to create a Custom Audience of everyone who viewed your video

Now you have an pre-made audience of prospects who’ve watched your video to follow-up with!

It’ll be a smaller audience at first, but a HIGHLY responsive one.

Then you can boost future videos to that particular custom audience.

That audience will keep building and building, so they get more and more familiar with you.

Bottom line:

You’ve got to do video ads!

You’re not going to be successful on Facebook if you’re not running video ads.

Because that’s the direction Facebook’s going to compete with YouTube.

Video is the way of the future.

You’ve got to learn to do it.

I don’t care if you’re too afraid to get in front of the camera; too bad!

You’ve got to get over that if you really want to build your network marketing business online.

The final type of ad you want to run is a…

This is the type of ad where you get somebody to raise their hand and say…

“Yes, I want to work with you.”

Or you get them to sign up for your email list on your website.

Which eventually you want to turn into a purchase.

The conversion ad is something that you want to run when you’ve already shown people your story.

They’re already familiar with you.

They’ve seen your videos at this point.

You provided value to them, and now you can say…

“Hey, you know what? I’ve got this solution right here. If you’re interested, hit me up. And here’s the link to my website, go ahead and sign up right here.”

But here’s the thing with conversion ads…

You want to already have some familiarity with your audience, because you’re going for “the ask” on this ad.

And you want them to take a specific action other than just watch your video or read your blog post.


You want them to make a commitment

It’s kind of like going on a first date with someone.

You wouldn’t ask them to marry you on the first date.

That’d be weird and creepy.

You’d want to go on one, two dates, three dates, four dates, five dates, etc., to build a relationship with that person.

Eventually, once there’s a bond and trust, then you can ask for their hand in marriage.

It’s the same way with your customers.

Asking for a big commitment, like signing up for an email list right off the bat, is a big ask for somebody.

We’ve all got way too many emails in our inbox at this point.

We’re all inundated with advertising message after advertising message and ad after ad after ad.

We’ve all become extremely skeptical about everything

The last thing we want to do is have somebody else, some other marketer that could be a fly-by-scammer, clogging up our inbox.

We don’t want them in our inbox until we trust them.

Again, it’s the same as where you wouldn’t want to ask for their hand in marriage right away.

You want to build up a certain level of trust, and that’s why you want to share your story.

It’s powerful when you put your face out there by doing Facebook Lives, and then retarget those viewers with more content in their News Feeds..

Now they know who you are.

Now when they see your capture page or a blog post they’re going to be say,

“Oh, I recognize that person and they know what they’re talking about. Let’s check this out and maybe I’ll buy now.”

Bottom line…

Traffic and conversions is all about building relationships

By following the above strategies you demonstrate:

  • You’re a real person
  • You have a legitimate business
  • You’re fun and tell interesting stories
  • You can relate to others and understand their problems

At this point, why wouldn’t your prospects want to do business with you?

Now, I know that everything I shared was pretty high level and conceptual today.

But it’s important to know how to think about the process instead of always focusing on the nitty-gritty, nuts-and-bolts tactics.

Luckily, if you’d like help with the more technical side of running traffic, then I recommend taking us up on an over-the-shoulder tour of…

Our highest-converting ads and campaigns!

Yep, we’ve put together a point-for-point tutorial revealing our exact advertising process in a 100% FREE traffic workshop

Hosted by none other than Tim Erway, our CEO and co-founder here at Elite Marketing Pro.

Simply pick a time and register right here.

You’ll discover how you can put together a profitable ad campaign in just 10 minutes a day with as little as $10 in initial ad spend.

In fact…

You’ll see how this exact formula to turned a $10 test campaign into $141,246.30 in sales.

And Tim will show exactly how we did it.

Hint: building relationships is a big piece of the puzzle.

So if you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for?

Pick a time that works for you to attend Tim’s traffic workshop right here.


Until next time,

Matt Baran
Traffic Specialist
Elite Marketing Pro

Matt Baran

Matt Baran is the in-house traffic specialist for Elite Marketing Pro. He began his career as an affiliate of EMP and over two years, mastered the art of paid traffic. Eventually, his skills caught the eye of Ferny Ceballos and was invited to join the EMP team. Matt teaches other home business owners how to drive traffic, get leads and convert sales at Acceleration events. His passion is finding underground loopholes to create massive amounts of dirt-cheap traffic and leads.