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If you are comfortable selling, they will be comfortable buying!


Don’t you hate it when you realize that you have just made your best friend uncomfortable because you have invited her – again – to look at your product?

To me it is worse than having her say no.

I was called to network marketing over six years ago, when I was leaving the nonprofit organization that I loved, to care for my mother.

I had been exposed to network marketing for years before and although I even had tried starting my own “party plan” company to market my Cottage Crafts and Creations company, I was not comfortable with network marketing.

My discomfort was the worst obstacle to building my business.

I didn’t quit. I kept going to the events. My belief grew. My network marketing skills grew. And I became less uncomfortable and more successful.

Last year I was getting good at sharing. I was ready to move forward and then Mom’s health needs changed my ability to do the business. I was spending my days and nights with Mom in a nursing care center. She did go home after a month and a half but I then needed to stay home with her. My ability to work my business changed dramatically.

At that time, I discovered internet marketing. At first, I saw potential for me to earn money with my writing. At the time, I didn’t realize it would also be the best tool for me to build my network marketing business.

And I started a journey towards where I am today. I have learned and embraced using attraction marketing.

It has transformed the way I interact with people both in my business and personal relationships.

And on Black Friday I will be learning the ultimate tool for network marketers who want or need to use the internet and specifically the social media to build their business.

So back to my subject line. If you are comfortable selling, they will be comfortable buying.

How are you most comfortable sharing/selling your business and products?

Are you still looking for that method?

Network marketing has evolved over the decades. And that is a good thing.

Now, Julie Burke, a pioneer in using the social media to recruit and teach her team to duplicate what she does will be sharing her method and skill sets with you.

Julie built her network marketing business:

  • Without chasing friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Without calling a single person.
  • Without any kind of advertising, neither online or offline.
  • And without even having a website.

Julie’s never put together her ‘warm market list.’ Hasn’t made a single cold call. She didn’t struggle a day (which is unheard of in our business) … in fact… she had 45 people REACH OUT TO HER in the first 12 days of her network marketing career. And…

Made $2,300 In the First Month

But the most important fact for you and I is that Julie was able to teach her downline to do what she did.

What Julie does is duplicatable. That is key for network marketers, won’t you agree?

You have learned from dynamic and successful network marketers what they did but you weren’t comfortable doing it yourself. And if you aren’t comfortable your friends and family won’t be comfortable.

Now you can have another tool in your network marketing toolbox.

Julie Burke will be teaching us how she did it and how we can teach our teams to do it.

The training is available to you for the first time and it will be live. That means you can ask Julie your questions.

You can purchase the training for half the price that it will be offered for after midnight on Cyber Monday. It will still be available for purchase but you will pay twice the price.

You have until Friday, November 25th, before 1 p.m. EST to purchase and register for the live training. (But don’t wait until the last minute!)

You have until Monday, November 27th, at midnight EST to purchase the recorded training at the discounted price. Either way you will have access to the recording so that you can reference it again.

You don’t want to miss this.

Here is the link for all the information.

Oh, by the way. If you purchase the training during this special introductory period, 40% of the purchase will go to Heifer International.

Heifer International is a charity organization working to end hunger and poverty around the world by providing livestock and training to struggling communities.

And here is my disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Elite Marketing Pro and will receive part of the purchase price for the Social Media Recruiter training. And you are an intelligent person. You know that we should not expect to have Julie Burke’s results. I don’t know about you but I will be glad for just being able to continue to work my business from home where I can care for my Mom. I will be glad to have another tool in my toolbox that I can comfortably share a great company and awesome products. I will be glad to be able to duplicate this with my business team.

How about you?



What Funds Your Life?

What is your passion? Are you getting paid to be involved with your passion?

Have you found your purpose in life? It’s most certainly tied to your passion.


Back when I had to work for a living I often found myself saying, “If I have to work, I’m glad it is this job. But this job is not my life – it funds my life.”

The truth is I was a good employee when I had to be one but it wasn’t my passion.

I am grateful that today I get to follow my passion. I am earning money helping people and making a difference.

I learned that having another person read my blog and comment is what makes my day.

When I introduced a couple who was worrying about how they were going to be able to retire they told me that they had been praying for the business I introduced them to. That was more fulfilling for me than the monthly residual income their business brought to me.

But I was held back by my own mindset. I needed personal development to move forward successfully.

Have you found this to be true in your growth?

You and I have to keep growing personally for our businesses to flourish. To help others you have to be helped. It seems ironic but it is true.

You are like a tea pot. It has to be filled or it won’t pour out.

So I am glad to be able to introduce you to one of the individuals who has helped fill me.

I was first introduced to T. Harv Eker when my daughter gave me his book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. It offered much more for me than the title implies.

The best part of this book was helping me understand how I look at money and wealth.

Did you know that what you learn from parents, school, friends and many other influencers can sabotage how you treat money and how that can keep you from achieving your purpose in life?

This book and the money blueprint will be truly eyeopening for you.

I highly recommend the book. It makes a great gift or personal read.

You would also love this free training with T. Harv Eker.

About Passion, Purpose, And Profits / Get Rich Doing What You Love

Passion, Purpose, And Profits is a 75-minute free webinar hosted by T. Harv Eker where he will help students gain clarity and direction when it comes to finding their true passion and discovering their true purpose in life. They’ll also learn how to package their passion and purpose together in the real world in order to create profits…and get rich!

Click here to learn more.


Passive Income

pool-115850And Can You Get It?

Yes, you can. But it will take some activity on your part in the beginning, with one exception.


The one exception is if you start life with money in the bank. Then you start out with money to invest. You also have a good chance of being educated on how to make the most of your investments.

But since you are reading this I suspect that you will need to work hard to earn extra income to invest. It is one of the best forms of passive income.

You will need to have the knowledge to invest wisely or hire an expert to advise you. And although there is little work involved you have to manage your investments. You should not put your hard earned funds in a bank and forget about them.

Still, those who start early, exercise disciplined spending and wise investing can see a nice stream of passive income come to them in their retirement.

Develop a New Idea or Invention

This form of passive income depends upon your ingenuity and hard work to develop something no one else has thought of. Then selling at a huge profit and then investing those funds.

Colonel Sanders is an example. He started selling fried chicken during the depression. He understood the value of franchising an idea. The first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise opened in 1952.

When the business grew too large for Sanders he sold it to a group of investors. He was 62 when his first franchise opened and 74 when he sold to the investors.

If you have an idea that would make life simpler and easier for folks. Develop it and then reap the rewards.


Writing a best selling book series like Harry Potter or singing like Michael Jackson will bring you passive income. But for every J.K. Rowling there must be hundreds, maybe thousands, of writers like me.

I have written two novels. One I edited, had friends read it and love it, and then I reedited. Still when all was said and done I knew that it was not something I wanted to invest more time in. The second novel was finished and since then I have not even read it.

I will still write another novel. The first two were great learning experiences. But I am not counting on my writing for passive royalty income.

But you may be the next J.K. Rowling or Michael Jackson. If you are a performer there are several opportunities for you to be “discovered.” If you believe in your story or your talent be persistent. J.K. Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers before the 13th publisher let his 8 year old daughter read the first chapter of Harry Potter. She demanded the second chapter and now the whole world has heard of Harry Potter.

You just never know what will happen when you persistently believe in yourself.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a way to earn considerable money and it is easy to fit into your schedule. I am not sure that it ever becomes truly passive income. But, come on, if you are working for a couple hours on your laptop at poolside in the Bahamas, is it really work?

The trick is to find good products to represent and acquire a sizable email list. I have learned a lot about this marketing in the last year. There are good companies and there are not so good companies. I’m not going to name any of them here. But if you are interested contact me.

Network Marketing

A good network marketing or multi-level marketing company has residual income that you can build to be a nice retirement fund. It is like royalties. You have to work to build a team but when that team is established your income keeps coming based upon the sales volume of your team.

Too many people overestimate how quickly this can happen and believe that it comes with just a little work. It takes work, persistence and finding the right company and products. But if you put in the work and time you will probably underestimate how large the return can be.

The beauty of network marketing is that the initial investment capital required is relatively small in comparison to the potential return. For the less economically advantaged there is the opportunity to create “sweat” equity.

I am convinced that I will see more retirement money from my network marketing business than my future novel. The MLM money will enable me to promote my novel so I get the supreme fulfillment of being read.

Want information about my network marketing business? Want to join me and make money for your future? Click here.

Finding What Works for You

hands-1139098Have you found the right stream of income to supplement retirement income?

How is it working for you? Are you wanting to grow it or find an additional stream of income?

Your solution probably won’t look like mine.

Take a look at these ideas and let me know what you think.

Home Businesses

These are not technically passive income. But if you are still several years away from retirement you can save profits for retirement.

Your choice of a home business should be based upon what you like to do. You know the old saying. Do what you enjoy and you’ll never work. Of course, there will be work involved so doing what you enjoy will help.

As you grow your business look for ways to streamline the work. Think about ways that you can keep doing it in retirement as a source of income.

  1. Freelancing. What skills do you have that others would pay you for? The list is almost endless. Graphic design, website design, music lessons, bookkeeping, consulting, organizing others’ homes, personal shopping, pet grooming, pet training.
  2. Fine arts and crafts. It can be hard to make this profitable but if you find the right niche and become an expert in it, you can be competitive and do something you love at the same time.
  3. Investments. This takes time and expertise. But there are people who are doing it for a living from their homes.
  4. Real Estate. If you are feeling energetic, real estate is an option. Buy houses that need fixing up. Do the repairs yourself and then sell or rent them. Make sure you know the pit falls of renting though.
  5. Writing. If you are a writer you know that writing is work but it is also fulfilling. And you can make money from it. There are varied formats to use. Blogging, eBooks and physical books are just a few. There are plenty of sources of information to help you make it profitable. (I have a favorite I can recommend. Contact me here and I’ll get you the info.)
  6. eCommerce. You can use others’ products, warehouses and shipping. By using drop shipping and a website with shopping cart software. You can be part of the distribution chain and share in the profit.
  7. Affiliate marketing. This is a referral system that connects people with products. You get a percentage of every referral you direct to a seller. There are lots of affiliate programs out there. It is fairly easy but some are better than others. (I have found one that is awesome. Let me know if you want more info by clicking here.)
  8. eBay. This is not passive income. But if you like finding bargains. I know folks who shop yard sales and auctions looking for the right items. They then sell them on eBay. They enjoy it and are making extra money. It works for them.

This is not a complete list. I have seen lists that include taking surveys. I don’t see that as a way to provide much income. I am sure that you have heard of something I haven’t listed so let me know what I missed by clicking here.


Do You Need Passive Income?

stock-exchange-1222518Sooner or later it is a really nice thing to have. Yes indeed.

When do you need passive income?

When you no longer can or want to work for linear income.

You probably grew up thinking in terms of linear income. You finished your education and found a job. You worked for two weeks and got a paycheck. If you were out sick your paycheck was smaller. If you worked on a holiday or overtime your paycheck was larger. If you were laid off you got no paycheck.

That is linear income. Work; you get paid. Don’t work; you don’t get paid.

You work for a lifetime and contribute to Social Security and hopefully a retirement plan. When you are ready to retire you receive monthly payment(s) from one or both. That is passive income. You get paid even though you are no longer working.

Savings and investments are also potential sources of passive income.

Unless you are born into a wealthy family you need to perform some kind of linear income to pay into sources of passive income.

But there are also some sources of passive income that start out requiring work – lots of work.

That is what I will be exploring next week.

Don’t want to wait? If you would like to visit with me about what I consider the best sources of supplemental linear and passive income click here.

A Penny Earned


I have too many credit cards.

You know what happened?

Someone stole one and I didn’t notice.

I noticed when I got that bill.

Whoa! It was so much less!

I’m letting him keep it. I’m saving money!

Rita Rudner
Credit cards can be a huge snare. I have said that if you can’t afford to pay off your credit card purchases monthly you really can’t afford to pay the interest either. In other words credit cards are for people who don’t need them.
Before I move on to other retirement strategies I want to mention three ideas I have employed for years.

First, think percentages.

When you are comparing prices don’t think dollar amount difference. Think percent difference.
For instance, one can of beans is a $1 and the other is $.99. If you think amounts, you think about only saving $.10. That doesn’t mean a lot so you buy the $1 can.
If you think percentage you know you are saving 10%. That is significant. If you can save 10% on purchases of $100 you will save $10.
And everyone knows that $10 is a whole lot more than $.10!
When you start buying larger priced items even 1% can add up. Saving 1% on new tires for you car could save you $4-$8. On a car it could be $200.
If your goal is to save 1% more this year, you should be looking for every way possible to spend at least 1% less. Once you have this mindset you will find yourself saving even more.

Second, buy store brands.

I have been buying store brands whenever I don’t have to sacrifice value. That makes it easier to save percentages.
Sometimes, I buy brand names. In the case of beans, I buy Bushes. And I don’t save. But I haven’t sacrificed the quality I desire.
Recently though I discovered a really good frozen pizza. My taste buds like a good greasy pan pizza with lots of pepperoni. I don’t do that very often more for dietary reasons than budgetary.
But a frozen pizza is nice to have on hand when I need a quick easy meal. Recently, I bought a thin crust pizza that was the Safeway Signature brand. It was awesome. The flavor was great and I think it was as healthy as a pizza is ever going to be.
So experiment with store brands. It could be a go to saving routine.

Finally, save your change.

This is such an old idea I almost didn’t mention it. But it is an savings tool that you should be using if you aren’t.
Put you change in a container and label it.
Call it your Financial Freedom Fund; the Retirement Party Plan. Call it whatever will motivate you to add all the loose change in your purse or pocket.
You will find it is a penny earned.

A Penny Saved

piggy-bank-1056615Can you save enough to retire well?

Can you cut back your spending a little so that you can save a little more in 2017?

What are some of the things that you can cut back on? Here are some suggestions:

  • Find a cheaper source of coffee. I make my own Starbucks. I have a plastic holder for the #2 Melitta filters. I can buy my favorite coffee and make one cup at a time by pouring hot water over the grounds. I save a couple bucks a day that way.win_20161103_21_47_22_pro
  • Like to dine out. Try the services that deliver the ingredients to make your own meal. Most of them give a discount for new customers so you can try each and find what works best for you. There are several choices:
    • Blue Apron
    • Hello Fresh
    • Plated
    • Purple Carrot
    • Peach Dish
    • Home Chef
  • Use a lot of prepared foods. You can save money and prepare more healthy meals by cooking from scratch using fresh ingredients.
  • Staycation this year. I don’t know about you but there are lots of local places I haven’t yet been to or it’s been a while since I visited. Save travel money and have a more restful vacation by seeing local sights. You will also be bolstering your own community in the process. Win. Win.
  • Buying a house? Check your credit score first. If it is a tad low. Get your credit report and correct any misinformation. Then work on paying down debt. Pay on time. Keep your old credit cards and don’t get any new ones. This will take time but when you do apply for a mortgage you will be eligible for a lower interest rate and that will save you thousands over the lifetime of the mortgage. Save that money for your retirement!
  • Keep track of your spending. Most people are surprised at how much they spend. It will be a pain to track but you will be rewarded. Things that you can do with out add up quickly. When you see them on paper the decision will be obvious.
  • Are you a collector? Are you still enjoying your collection? If not stop buying more and start selling items on eBay or Craig’s List.

Benjamin Franklin said – A penny saved is a penny earned. A penny doesn’t buy what it did in Ben’s day but the concept is still as valid. Maybe you can’t save a dollar but you can save a penny. And then another penny. And then another penny. The penny’s will add up and you will soon be saving a dollar a day.

A penny saved is a penny earned!

Max Buries a Bone


How is your future like a chihuahua burying a bone?

Is there something you can learn about digging a well from my dog Max?

Max is a rescue dog who rescued me after I lost my son. He came and offered a kind of therapy for my mom and I that I didn’t even know we needed.

He is a lap dog. He loves to cuddle on our lap underneath a throw. If you don’t have a small dog or cat you may not have experienced the kind of comfort that provides.

Max is a character. When he trots in the yard it is full of confidence. He owns the world and everyone in it. He barks at everyone who enters his realm. I used to think he was telling them to get out of his territory. Now I understand that he is inviting them in to say hi. He loves to have visitors.

Max knows our morning routine. He shows up at my side when he knows it is time for his walk. He watches me as if to say, it’s my time; let’s get with it.

I haven’t taught him many tricks. I just want him to behave. But he remembers what he has been taught. Early on when we first got him he discovered my favorite pen. It has a soft rubber grip and writes like a dream.  I don’t think he cared about how it wrote but he seemed to like to chew on the rubber grip. I had to teach him to drop it. And then it lost its attraction and he left pens alone.

Recently, he had something in his mouth that wasn’t good for him. He was about to run off with it and I said drop it. He dropped it immediately although it had been months since I had last used the command.

That makes me believe that Max is pretty smart.

But then there is the way he buries bones.

When Max gets the occasional bone or other treat he will either consume it in phenomenal time or sometimes he will bury it for later.

The problem is Max is in the house and he buries things in corners of a room or on a piece of furniture. He goes through all the motions of digging a hole in the dirt and then shoving the dirt back in the hole over his bone.

It is a comical scene. I realize that there are instincts that Max has that drive him to go through behavior that doesn’t make sense in his current situation. I keep waiting for him to figure it out. But he doesn’t.

It’s a perfect picture of what lots of very smart people are doing today.

Get a job. Keep that job.

People are going through the motions of achieving success. They are using all the strategies that have worked in the past. But like Max they don’t realize that changes have taken place.

I was an honor graduate. I wasn’t the top in my class. But I was high enough to wear a gold cord around my neck when I graduated from high school.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Actually I did. I wanted to be a wife and mother. I had seven siblings. I was the oldest. I wanted children of my own. That was what I wanted.

But I lived in a society that said do well in high school. Go to college. Get a degree. Get a good job. Keep that job by showing up and doing the work. In forty years you can retire.

I tried to follow the rules but I my heart was never in it.

I had several jobs/careers. Some I enjoyed more than others. Today I have finally realized that I am an entrepreneur at heart. I also know that not everyone is.

But everyone can learn from me and Max about how to be successful.

Dig a well. Dig several wells.

What does your future look like? Is retirement something that is vaguely uneasy?

You have followed the job strategies you were taught but you have doubts about how long you can continue doing a job that doesn’t fulfill and is filled with stress.

Keep your job; but find another stream of income.

In one of my careers I was an accountant. I worked for a CPA firm during one tax season.

( I hated it. The overtime did not come close to reimbursing me for the time I lost during that four months.)

Part of my job was to process all the tax returns that the senior accountants were creating for clients.

I saw the income of every prominent citizen in town. (I signed a confidentiality statement that I haven’t violated in 25 years so I’m not mentioning names.)

I was surprised that individuals with jobs that provided the kind of income that I would have been delighted with had other streams of income. They weren’t relying upon just their job for income.

I was impressed with what I learned but I didn’t realize that it had any implications for you and me.

But it does. You don’t have to be earning six figures before you start looking for a second stream of income.

In fact, wouldn’t you agree that it is smart to start earning supplemental income especially if you aren’t earning six figures?

Don’t dig a dry well.

What if you dig a well and there is no water?

Sadly, some streams of income are better than others. Some will work for you but not for me. Some will work for the individual who wrote the book but really no one else.

How do you find your best stream of income?

Research. Trial and error. Follow God’s leading. Observe what works for others.

It won’t be easy. But it will be worth it.

I have found three streams of income that work for me. Having three takes off the pressure of any one meeting my needs. I am doing what interests me, not what others say I should be doing. I am fulfilled and looking forward to my future.

What about you? Have you found your second stream of income? Or are you still looking?

Tomorrow I start exploring viable streams of income.


What’s In Your Future?

binoculars-1209011After looking for the perfect picture on my favorite free site for a blog and not finding what I wanted, I had an idea.

Why not find a picture first and write the blog around it?

I have been researching the best ways for you to add a second stream of income so I typed future in the search bar. I knew I would get the futuristic photos but here are a sampling of other pics.

board-1647323What are you going to do next? Have you found your second stream of income? Awesome. Is it solidly established? Great. Then it’s time for another stream of income. Smart people don’t rest on their laurels. They move forward.

Tomorrow I will start a series on why we should dig a well; add another stream of income.

I have found what works for me. But I know that what works for me may not work for you. So I want to explore what are the best alternative sources of income that will work for those willing to work.

The key is that adding another stream of income is work. It will require an investment of time and or money. Probably both. With some businesses you can pick a big money investment with little time investment or the other way around.

place-name-sign-1647341But you need to be careful.

You need to do your due diligence. There are too many promising quick income for minimal work. That is almost always a red flag.

Digging a well is work. And it should be prefaced by determining if there will be plentiful water after your work.

But if you are patient and diligent you will be glad you dug your well.


Picture perfect?

coastline-1081897What is your picture of retirement?

Will you be ready to put yourself in the picture?

Are you saving enough to retire in your picture perfect setting?

When I google retirement obstacles, most results are tied to companies and financial planners who are advising around the concept of saving for your retirement.

The problem with that approach is that there are so many unforeseen variables that projecting how much you need to save is at best a guess and at the worst a gamble with your future.

Additionally, many Americans are struggling to make their income be enough for the present. They can barely save for the future even though they know that they need to be.

I agree that you and I need to save for the future. It is a prudent action.

I agree that you and I can find little ways to increase that saving. That is sound action.

I agree that you and I can take every prudent and sound action and still fall short of actual retirement needs.

In addition to saving, in addition to changing your spending habits, I suggest you also can benefit from looking for additional income sources.

Social security is designed to provide 40% of your needs. Say you will be able to save enough to match social security. Will you be able to meet the other 20%? And would you like to even find an additional 20% to allow for travel or a hobby?

The African proverb dig a well before you are thirsty is so appropriate. Start digging your well before you retire. Find a part time business that can eventually become passive income. While you are building the business and still working, save the profits. You will be working towards your retirement on two different levels.

I can see you now. Sitting picture perfect in your retirement.

There are many ways to build that part time business income. I have found the one that is picture perfect for me. I am sharing it in online meetings this week.

I will present Dig a Well 2.0 at the following times:

Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 6-7 p.m. Mountain Time. Use this link to sign on:

Thursday, October 27, 2016, 2-3 p.m. Mountain Time. Use this link to sign on:

Saturday, October 29, 2016, 9-10 a.m. Mountain Time. Use this link to sign on:

Join me and let’s dig a well together!