Three Mindset Gaps that Will Keep You Stuck and Sabotage Your Success

The 3 BIG, show-stopping mindset gaps are… 1. Thinking success is automatic. Stop it! Right now! It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what color you are, I don’t care. Success is not going to come easy. It’s going to take determination, hustle, drive, and consistency. 2. Focusing on your own problems, instead of the needs of your market. Make it about them. Become the education-provider, rather than the spammer. 3. Not thinking like a top earner. You must start thinking like a top earner, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you have value or anything to say. Because like we’ve said… Everybody has value to share!

The 5-Step Process to Get Inside Your Prospect’s Mind & Position Your Product or Service as Their Perfect Solution

Your ideal customer is looking for an “after” state and a specific intention they want to fulfill Here’s the truth… No out-of-shape, overweight person suddenly wakes up one morning and says… “I really want to buy a treadmill. That’s what I want to do.” They might actually wake up and say… “I have to get in shape. I need to lose some weight. After all, I’ve got to be able to fit into my suit again, because I have a 25th high school reunion coming up in a couple of months and I want to look good!” Treadmill companies are not marketing treadmills! They’re marketing transformation. They know no one wants to buy a treadmill. Their customers want the “after” state that comes from using the treadmill over time. After all, when you look at treadmill commercials (or any other exercise equipment commercials, for that matter), they always feature people who are in amazing shape using the equipment. The actors or models in those commercials are super fit. The guys have six-pack abs and great muscles, and the women are sleek and flexible. They represent the transformation they’re trying to sell. Their ideal customers WANT to look like those models or actors. They want that after state.

Eight Ways You Might be “Torpedoing” Your Own Success

You’ve been building your network marketing organization, generating some leads, getting some sales, plugging right along. There’s at least a little evidence you’re doing something right. But your cash flow could be better, you could use a few more high-performing reps on your team, and predictable, consistent results are still elusive. If that’s accurate, let me ask you a serious question… Do you ever feel like there’s something preventing you from being as successful as you could be? Look, even the heavy-hitters in this business ask themselves that very question, realizing that…

You’ve Listened, Now You Are Ready to Give Supportive Feedback 

Most of us don’t want to be told what we should do which is why old school network marketing gives our profession a bad name.  Instead, you are going to give your friend feedback that tells her what you have heard her say and you will express the emotions that you have about her choice with Supportive Feedback.

Are Facebook “Likes” Important for Marketing Your Network Marketing Business?

Okay, here’s the deal… Likes are CRITICAL to you when you first start your page! You might know you need about 100 likes on your page before you can start advertising. Now, the reason for that, if you’re not aware, is there’s a lot of dodgy people out there in “Internet land.” They’ll set up a page and want to advertise straight away. It’s a huge red flag to Facebook if somebody sets up a Facebook page and starts advertising straight away, yet they have no fans or followers.  So, you want to make sure you get those 100 likes first before you do any advertising! The misconception that can happen, however, is an over-emphasis on how important likes are.

Now you can make a difference in your friend’s life with Helpful Questions. 

What is a Helpful Question?  It is a directive question you ask that cannot be answered with a yes or no.  You want to direct the conversation in the most helpful area for your friend. This is not where you pick up the agenda you have released.  But since you have been using Reflective and Interpretive Listening you have learned what is on your friend’s mind.  Now it is time to dive deeper with a Helpful Question.  This requires curiosity. You may be reluctant to follow your curiosity. You may have been conditioned to ignore your curiosity because it is considered rude. 

Now you can learn to hear hidden messages using Interpretive Listening

You know that communication is much more than words. You learn what is being communicated by body language and tone of voice as well as the spoken words.  You are not only learning but if you use Interpretive Listening well, your friend will more clearly understand what she is thinking. She will also learn how she sounds to others.  As this happens you are opening the door to true communication. 

When you listen, your friend listens too, if you use Reflective Listening

One of the benefits of Reflective Listening is to put your sister or friend at ease. If they know that you just joined one of those things, they know what is coming. They may not want to join you, but they don’t want to say no either.  By Reflectively Listening, you begin to release your agenda.   They will sense that and realize that they can say no.   It may make it easier for them to eventually say yes. 

If you could learn five listening skills that would make you a better recruiter. . .

If you could learn five listening skills that would make you a better recruiter. . . Would you be interested?  What if those skills would be useful in other areas of your life?  Would that interest you?  With these five listening skills, you can improve:  Your relationships  Your job  Your friendships  Your service to others  Your spiritual … Continue reading If you could learn five listening skills that would make you a better recruiter. . .

Persistence: Perseverance on Steriods

What do you think? I think this makes a good headline but I’m not sure it is accurate. Here are the definitions. per·se·ver·ance  pərsəˈvirəns/ noun - steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. per·sist·ence pərˈsistəns/ noun - firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. Persistence … Continue reading Persistence: Perseverance on Steriods