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When you reach my age you have heard a time or two, I want to be like her when I grow up. That is strange because first, I don't want to grow up and second, I am just figuring out who I am. I am an entrepreneur. I am having fun growing businesses from home while caring for my 90+ year old mom. Life is great!

How to Quit Bugging Family and Friends and Start Getting Real Results

We don't need family and friends...

To build our business.

We do need them for holidays and vacations. For love and relationships.

So, I am thrilled to share with you how to find a better source of customers and business partners.

I discovered attraction marketing and this amazing community of leaders, educators, and coaches a few years ago.

And I have never looked back.

I discovered training that made sense to me. Mentors who believed in me.

Here is a great example from two of our leaders who are rocking digital marketing.

They have some great lessons for us in the article below.

Or if you want to fast track yourself and get Free Attraction Marketing Training click here.

“Hey Girl”: Top 3 ‘Cheeseball’ Social Media Prospecting Tactics to STOP Immediately (Plus, How to Start Getting REAL Results Instead!) 

by Guest Writers Whit & Cari Higham

Not seeing results with prospecting on social media?

Have you been diligently spreading the good word about your product, service, or opportunity…

Only for it to fall on deaf ears?

Or worse, find all your hard work is resulting in being BLOCKED by friends and family, or a Messenger inbox full of angry messages?

Look, chances are you’ve been following your upline’s advice to the letter…

But unfortunately, your upline’s advice is probably REPELLING every single person that you’re trying to attract to your business!

And it’s not your upline’s fault; they’re simply using tired, old-fashioned strategies that might well have worked in the pre-digital age, but FAIL massively when taken online.

Social media has revolutionized the network marketing industry!

It allows for even your “average Joe” to connect with vast audiences spanning the globe.

 But there's an effective way to prospect on social media that attracts prospects to you, and there are a multitude of downright ‘cheeseball' prospecting methods that will only pester, annoy, and perturb your potential recruits.

Sadly, most uplines aren't “in the know,” and fail to recognize that social media prospecting is NOT traditional prospecting.

And most of what used to work offline, back in the pre-social era, has gone the way of the dodo bird.

So, to keep you hip with the times, let's explore three prospecting tactics you should STOP immediately, and then we'll talk about the KEY to creating real social media influence.

Scripts can be a good thing.

Especially on a prospecting call, when you’re brand new, and you’ve got NO idea what to say.

But online it’s a different story.

“Copy/pasted” scripts, where the only thing that is changed is the recipient’s name, are hot GARBAGE.


Be honest:

Have you gotten one of these half-baked pitches? Did you feel anything other than profoundly annoyed?

These types of posts lack all authenticity.

There are so many of them circulating on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, most people will immediately tune them out.

Adding in copious emojis, as in en vogue these days, only makes its artificiality more apparent.

Spamming people incessantly, especially with the same, “cookie-cutter” scripts, will only anger the recipient.

It’s no way to get people to know you, like you, and trust you, which is the foundation of successful social media prospecting.

What’s worse than copy and pasted scripts?

Scripts that start off with a smarmy introduction that’s meant to be personal, but comes off generic and hollow.


“Hey girl” is practically a trope at this point, and will drive away most people as fast as they can hit the delete button.

It’s especially annoying because it gives nothing of value to the recipient.

Relying on a “faux-familiar” introduction to catch your reader’s eye, and draw them into your “bait-and-switch” message, will only elicit an eye roll–at best.

Chances are, that recipient has already seen a hundred other such messages.

You need to stand out from the other marketers.

You need to lead with value.

That’s how you can start building the trust you need to succeed at social media prospecting.

This is one that we’ve started to see more recently.

People asking to post a message about their product, service, or opportunity on another marketer’s wall, feed, or page.

Here’s a real example…

“Hey girl! Do you care if I put a post on your wall for my business? I’m trying to hit a big promotion this month.”

First of all… YES, WE DO CARE!

We care because we’ve spent years and thousands upon thousands of dollars growing our tribe and teaching them how to grow their business, the right way, using attraction marketing.

Thus, if I’m going to put a post on my wall, it’s going to be something that’s going to actually SERVE my community.

No one who’s investing their time and energy into growing an audience wants to disrespect the relationship they’ve painstakingly built with their followers.

Is it time to DETOX from your upline’s out-of-touch advice?

Now, I don’t want to sound mean, because as I’ve pointed out before, your upline only has your best intentions in mind.

But if you’ve been taught any of the above cheesy prospecting tactics…


These messages come off as desperate and amateur, like you don’t know how to build a REAL business.

Real businesses don’t waste time on social media to spam strangers, needily asking them to come and buy their stuff, right?

It’s not a good look.

Who would want to join someone building their business like that?

Instead, real businesses use proper advertising, where they lead with VALUE.

Leading with value is the KEY to getting people to know you, like you, and trust you on social media.

What’s important about creating the “know, like, and trust” factor?”

Well, it creates rock-solid rapport, first of all.

And secondly, it’s the foundation of creating influence over people, so you don’t ever have to worry about pitching perfect strangers.

So how do you lead with value?

Well, there are LOTS of different ways you can do this.

It’s not like there’s ONE certain way that’s the magic “secret sauce” that’s going to get everyone to join your business.

Creating influence will take time.

But here’s a proven shortcut…

When you plan to start writing a post or recording a Facebook Live, ask yourself…

“What is one thing that I could share today that might be worth something to my audience?”

That’s the “trick” to value.

It’s about BLESSING your prospects’ lives and helping them grow their businesses

Every day create at least one valuable piece of content, whether it’s a Facebook Live, a post, or even an interview.

Help your prospects think like real business owners and they’ll respect you for it.

You’ll be amazed at the difference this makes in your results.

Once you start providing value people will join you because of all the value you’ve shared.

Then, when you have something new you’re doing, people will inquire in droves.

Because you’ve already led with value, built rapport, and created influence.

Once we figured this out, we went from having an $80 residual check to making multiple six-figures in our business.

Obviously, our results aren’t typical, but absolutely ANYONE can improve their prospecting results by scrapping the copy/paste, “hey girl” nonsense and instead, leading with value.

Actually serving people, while leveraging 21st century tools, completely changed our business.

That’s how we tapped into the power of social media influence

Now, if you're new to this whole idea of adding value and creating influence without pitching, and would like to learn more…

Check out our FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp!

Inside, our CEO Ferny Ceballos will show you exactly what to do and how to position yourself, so you can know how to position yourself as confident within your business.

These methods allow you to build your business automatically—where prospects reach out to you (instead of you having to reach out to them) and all online!

The bottom line is that, in today’s age, you don’t need to be pushy, obnoxious, or overly-aggressive to build a successful business.

So if you’re ready to get started…

Just click this link to get immediate access to my FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp and start generating leads this week!

Like anything else in business, this will take work and study.

But ultimately, you can enhance your skill set by moving your business into the 21st century, the online century!

My thanks to Whit and Cari Higham for sharing with us.

I look forward to working with you.

Connie Suarez


Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads...

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How to Build Your Team Online in Three Strategic Steps

Imagine finding all the prospects you need online without ever needing to call family and friends again.

What if highly qualified prospects were asking you for information about your business?

What would that mean for you and your family? 

What would that mean for your future?

Not long ago those questions stirred me to action because . . . 

I admit it. I wasn’t as diligent as I should have been building my network marketing team.

I wasn’t diligent in following “the plan.”

You know. “The Plan” that included making a list of everyone I knew. Call them. Get them in front of their computer and watch a video. And, I wasn’t supposed to answer any of their questions.

I learned techniques that felt very much like manipulation. 

I felt like Conniving Connie after making a call or two.

Then I’d go to a training event and I’d think . . .

It is a good product. One that everyone needs. I would have said no before I watched the video.

Yada. Yada. Yada.

So, I made the calls. I even called people on my “chicken list.”

I enrolled a good friend who was just like me. She didn’t want to make the list and call everyone.

But her husband loved doing it. 

So, my team grew. Until my friend’s husband’s warm market ran out.

No one they had signed up had a husband who liked selling so our team stalled, sputtered, and slowly shrunk.

It wasn’t a pretty scene. I should have quit. But what else was I going to do as Mom needed more and more of my time and presence at home?

I braced myself to call my list one more time. Ughh!!

But we can ditch our list.

As I was pushing down the dread of calling my brothers and sisters again…

The sick feeling of calling my best friend and hearing the cool tone in her voice as I asked her to look at another new product…

I saw the little post with the big claim that I could attract all the prospects I would ever need without calling my list AGAIN.

It offered a training for attraction marketing. I clicked without hesitation. I KNEW this was what I needed.

And I was right.

I got the training and coaching to get me on the way with three essentials to bringing my business online. It’s all laid out for you below by my good friend Ferny Ceballos . . .

Are you tired of prospecting friends and family? Tired of doing home meetings, cold calls, and chasing after everyone you meet? Are you sick of being accused of peddling some “pyramid thing?”

If you said yes to any of those questions, then you’re ready to take your network marketing into the 21st century and build your business online.

Let me explain…

Nine months into my network marketing business, I had recruited 17 people into my business and ALL of them had quit!

I had held home meetings at my mom’s house, friend’s houses, stranger’s houses, attended company events, and regional events. After literally tens of thousands of miles driven and $10,000 in the hole, I was about ready to quit.

It was pretty embarrassing and I absolutely DID NOT want to face the “I told you so” from anyone, so I took a leap of faith and started searching the Internet for answers!

By the grace of God and maybe a little luck, I found the website of someone who had built his network marketing empire almost completely online and thus began my journey into Online Network Marketing. I was saved!

Long story short, after 10 years and millions of dollars in income later, I thank God for the online mentors I’ve grown with because they literally saved my life!

And today, as my mentors did with me, I devote much of my time today showing others how they can take their network marketing business online and let go of everything you don’t like about building the old school way.

Now, if you want to build your network marketing business online, here’s what you need to know…

First of all, the benefits are YYYYUUUGE!

  • You can generate fresh, qualified leads from wherever (and whenever) you please.
  • You can end rejection forever by only talking to people who are highly interested in your offer.
  • You don’t need to drive long hours, your startup costs are low, and your business works for you 24/7—without you ever having to pick up the phone!

The best part is that you don’t need to be “techie” or particularly good with computers to get started.

There are three steps required to take your business online, starting with…


Now, I know people have different attitudes as far as personal development and mindset goes.

But my advice is pretty practical.

First, you must get comfortable with the unknown.

Basically, you need to be present and respect the journey.

Know that you’re not going to learn everything you need all at once, in one fell swoop.

When you go online, you’re learning a whole new skillset.

Almost a new profession.

Think of it…

When you learn a new profession, what do you usually do?

Well, you go to school for four years.

We’re not going to have you do that, and it probably shouldn’t take four years, anyway.

However, if there was a school of building a business online, it probably would take a few months to get through all the coursework, so be prepared for a learning curve.

Don’t try to learn everything at once.

Just focus on what’s in front of you.

Master that, implement it, and then move on.

You have to get comfortable with not knowing what’s ahead.

There’s always going to be a new technology that you don’t know about and new skills that you have to acquire.

Keep that in mind and expect the unknown.

But the other issue is a biggie and comes up often:

It’s the ability to overcome adversity and not give up.

By going online…

Do certain parts of building your business become easier?


That's the purpose of going online—to create more efficiency, so you're not doing things that either waste time or you simply don't like doing.

  • So no more driving around town to get from point A to point B.
  • No more meeting people one-on-one.
  • And no more following up over and over after they've seen “the plan.”


Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads...

Claim Your FREE Internet Recruiting Bootcamp...

However, you are still going to face adversity.

You’re still going to hit roadblocks and get stuck.

If you’re somebody that easily gives up when you encounter those types of things, then don’t even try to build your network marketing business.

You have to respect the new skills you’re learning

And be willing to face the tough times.

Respect means when you actually get stuck, you don’t easily give up.

You push through and become resourceful.

An important part of the equation is knowing where to go to find answers or knowing who to ask to find answers (more on this later).

This is vital to your success.

The last thing is…

You’ve got to overcome peer-pressure

There are people that are not going to approve of you doing something different from what they recommend within the company.

Maybe someone in your upline doesn’t want you to explore other methods.

That’s normal.

It’s normal for people who have not built their business this way to have a negative attitude.

Human beings fear the unknown which is why the first thing I told you was: master the unknown.

It’s natural for people to fear what they don’t know

Not only is it natural to fear the unknown, but it’s also natural to attack it too.

Know that if your upline—even if they have a massive downline—haven’t built a business online, then they’re talking about something they don’t truly understand.

Building a business online is completely different than building it offline.

It requires different methods and an entirely different skill set.

Building offline is something you can admire and appreciate—and I certainly do—and respect anyone that’s done it.

But if a leader hasn’t done anything online, and they’re talking ‘smack’ about it, then they have no credibility in my book.

Respect them, but don’t give in to their doubt and fear.

But in today’s day and age, more and more leaders in the network marketing space are starting to accept that you can actually build on social media and use Internet marketing. The proof is in the pudding.

You see people everywhere who are successfully building online.

The proof is all around you.

You don’t need the approval of anyone else

Move forward no matter what others say to you.

Our community provides a lot of support as it relates to this, and we can offer you advice based on your personal situation.

I’ll tell you how to receive more information at the end of this article.

This sums up the mindset:

  • Master the unknown.
  • Learn how to overcome adversity (and not be a weenie).
  • Learn to overcome peer pressure.

Those three things will come up, but now you can be prepared.

The next thing you need is a…

You need an implementation blueprint.

Something you can reference along the way.

And there are primarily two different ways that you can build your network marketing business online.

First, there’s the…

Active social media recruiting

…which you can actually implement right away.

With social media recruiting, you honestly don’t have to learn much of anything.

All you need is a personal account on Facebook (no website required), and some sort of process—maybe provided by your upline or somebody in your company—on how to present your opportunity and convert prospects into either buyers or new reps.

You only need to know where to take them, and how to process them.

You can start implementing social media recruiting strategies today to build your network marketing business.

In fact, this strategy is basically equitable to what you’d do offline, except you’re transposing the process online.

The challenge with social media is you’re always busy…

  • You’re always posting.
  • You’re always engaging.
  • You’re always interacting with people.

It produces results quickly (and it can produce massive results), and you can duplicate it quickly, but it’s time-intensive.

Most of the time…

People will move beyond simple social media recruiting stuff because they want to create more leverage in their business and to free up more of their time.

And that’s what we’ve been teaching here at Elite Marketing Pro, for the past ten years.

Speaking of which, if you're ready to move forward now with building your business using “attraction marketing,” I’d like to invite you to sign up for my FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp, where you’ll gain the knowledge to create an automated selling and prospecting system to attract highly-interested prospects to your product or opportunity online.

The next level of social media is…

Passive social media recruiting

…which is about posting valuable content or information that inspires people to reach out to you and ask you what you’re doing.

In fact, a lot of our students are generating dozens of prospects reaching out to them, asking…

“What are you doing? I want to learn more!”

I prefer to start the conversation with somebody when they’re reaching out.

They are coming to you—instead of the other way around.

Then you’re able to create leverage and scale.

All the things you normally would do with social media you’re now able to scale and accelerate your results.

For this, you’re going to need a Facebook Business Page (aka a Fan Page) and a training and lead generation system like what we provide at Elite Marketing Pro.

The idea is for people to reach out to you by going to your website and submitting their information, which can happen 24/7 (while you’re sleeping or at the beach).

They’ll do this in exchange for valuable information you’ve promised to give them.

They are then automatically sent all the information they need to get familiar with your business, and we provide all the tools to allow you to do this in no time!

By the time you get on the phone, they’re 90% sold!

You only answer a few questions, and they’re ready to get started.

It’s all automatic.

That’s what a “funnel” does.

This is how you can passively have prospects come into your business, every single day.

In our business, we have between 500-to-600 prospects reaching out to us, requesting information daily.

There’s no way we could personally talk to every single one of them, so we had to create funnels or processes to be able to present offers to people en masse on autopilot.

This allows you to take people that are brand new and fresh and walk them through a presentation in an automated way.

That’s essentially what we’re talking about with passive recruiting strategies (which is also referred to as “attraction marketing”).

Now, for the final piece, which is…

It would be very difficult for you to do everything I just described without some personal one-on-one help.

Think about it, when you started in network marketing offline, somebody showed you the next steps to take.

The same is true with building your business online:

You need someone to show you a step-by-step blueprint.

Thus, when you become a customer or client of Elite Marketing Pro, you receive free one-on-one coaching to ensure you get started right.

We know it’s overwhelming when you’re brand new.

So we take away the worry by having a mentor walk you through everything step-by-step (so you don’t waste time) and tell you if you’re doing things correctly or not.

This immediate feedback means…

You’ll never feel insecure about not being sure what to do next

Or not sure if what you did is correct.

And hey, I know how powerful this is from personal experience.

When I first got started, I spent over $150,000 (mostly on credit cards) trying to build my business without mentorship.

It was pretty costly, to say the least.

However, once I got the mentorship I needed, it put me on the fast track to achieving results.

Two years later, I quit my job.

A couple of years after that, I became a seven-figure producer in my home business and have done multiple millions of dollars ever since.

I believe you can do it too, but…

You have to make the commitment and start with the first step

So if you're ready to take that first step but unsure of just how to begin building your business online, then I highly recommend you learn more about Elite Marketing Pro by signing up for my FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

It's a video course where I walk you through taking your business online using the attraction marketing strategy Elite Marketing Pro is known for.

Because while it is possible to build your network marketing business offline, the way I will teach you is more efficient and allows you to create income quickly, all from your laptop.

And just like the information that changed my life ten years ago, it can change your life as well.

In fact, I'll share exactly how I passively generate 300–500 leads per day, 30–50 customers per day, and recruit 70–100 new serious business-builders into my business each month.

You’ll have the tools to build your business automatically—where prospects come to you on a daily basis—ready to sign up and get busy.

So if you’re ready to get started…

Simply click here, and I’ll gladly give you access to my 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp​​​.

Thank you Ferny Ceballos, for sharing your insights in attraction marketing.

Feel free to share this with your team.

Best wishes as you grow your biz,

Connie Suarez


Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads...

Claim Your FREE Internet Recruiting Bootcamp...


All the Prospects You Need Without Leaving Home

It was an excellent example of attraction marketing. 

It led me to the mentoring and training community that has nurtured me as I grow as an attraction marketer. 

It said something like –

“How to stay home and find all the prospects you need without calling family and friends.”

Such a short, simple post.

Could attraction marketing be that simple?


And no, I would soon learn. There are tech tools that can complicate. There is a mindset that can sometimes be elusive.

So, here I want to share with you the simple foundation of attraction marketing. Consider this post Intro to Attraction Marketing

And if you wanted to continue learning about attraction marketing your next course would be what I call Attraction Marketing 101. It is a free 10-day Recruiting Boot Camp .

Here's the deal. I started as a network marketer not understanding anything about marketing. I had more misunderstanding than understanding. 

So, for anyone like me it will be a journey to become an expert marketer. But the journey itself is rewarding. 

Shall we get started with Intro to Attraction Marketing?

Welcome to Intro to Attraction Marketing – 5 Things You Must Do to Sell Whatever You Want to Sell.

It’s as simple as picking one thing to sell and one audience to sell to.

So simple. Yet, so hard. 

It is hard because we are passionate about both the product we sell and the business opportunity we offer. 

That passion makes it hard to choose one or the other.

But think about this. When I was doing old school networking I chose to talk about business first.

It’s easier to switch to talking about your product after talking about your business.

Can you see this conversation going anywhere?

Your sister-in-law says no she doesn’t want to buy your weight loss product.

And then you ask her if she would like to sell it?

Probably not.

But if she says no to selling your product.

It may be that she doesn’t want to sell. But would love to drink your delicious shake and get ready for the summer swim suit.

I struggled with the idea of picking one until I read the book The One Thing by Gary Keller.

Until then, I was sure that I could offer both. Gary Keller shares compelling reasons why it can’t be done. Here is one example.

“Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus … when you spread yourself out, you end up spread thin.” Gary Keller in The One Thing

Trust me. Our focus needs to be razor-sharp when learning attraction marketing.

Once we master Attraction Marketing we can run more than one sales campaign.  

But in the beginning, we need to pick one thing to sell. And stick with it.


You can sell your company’s product or your business offer. Or you can do what I am doing and sell the attraction marketing course that I offer.  As you do that you will learn how to find your team and customers. My mentor Ferny Ceballos tells how you can do that in Attraction Marketing 101 - the free 10-day Boot Camp.

We also need to pick the one audience we want to reach.

Because as Meredith Hill said, “If you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.”

When we speak about our one product we need to have a specific group of people identified to speak to.

It should be defined by age, interests, dreams and desires, and fears and worries.

Suppose you are selling cosmetics that are designed for younger women who like to make a dramatic statement with their looks.

What will the age of your audience be? Will you sell to men or women? What are their dreams and desires? Fears and worries?

Now when you write a post talking about current makeup trends you will imagine that you are talking to that audience. 

I am perhaps an exact opposite of that audience but if I remind myself who I am speaking to I could write a compelling post. And that is what the experts do. 

I believe that the beginner might be advised to choose an audience that is close to who they are personally.

I have often heard a fellow attraction marketer say that they mirror their ideal audience.

Defining an audience requires serious thought. And you need an understanding of how to research your audience. That research will enable you to speak to them and reach out and draw them to you.

Your goal is to write to them so that when they read it they say Connie (insert your name here) gets me. It's like she wrote that to me.

In the next training, my mentor Ferny Ceballos, goes into the tips and tricks of researching your audience. He firmly says that how well we research our audience is key to attraction marketing success.

When you have picked your product and audience, you are ready to create your unique platform.

Now you are ready to shine the spotlight on what you are selling.

You need to create a business page on your favorite social media site.

There are many great choices. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram . . .

Facebook is the obvious choice for me. It has over 2 billion monthly active users. I was already familiar with it. Most of my audience uses Facebook.

But you have many to choose from.

YouTube is a great choice. It has nearly 2 billion monthly active users. 

There are also Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more that I don’t even know about.

When choosing think about which one your audience uses and if you will have training and support to get going with it.

I chose Facebook because I will find my audience there. And I get great training and support for Facebook. 

Someday that will change. Change is inevitable.

Fortunately, attraction marketing is a strategy that works on any platform.

Attraction marketing was around long before the internet.

So, pick a platform.

Then create a page to brand you. 

If you wonder why brand yourself I think I know what you are feeling.

It seemed strange when I was told to create a fan page and brand myself. I was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone.

Here are some things that helped me and will help you.

Understand that you are unique.

There is no one else like you! And that is the power of attraction marketing.

You will attract people to you even if you aren’t like the big leader in your company.

There is no room in your company (or the world) for two of that big leader.

Once you become an authentic and vulnerable leader, that is.

You do that as you offer lots of valuable content to your one audience.

Offer lots of content to your one audience. Content that relates to the one thing you sell.

Content attracts an audience if you keep in mind this surprising fact.

People aren’t impressed with what it (what you are selling) is. People are only interested in what it can do for them.

My sponsor shared a video with me about the product that I represent. It listed the ingredients. But since I wasn’t knowledgable about the herbs in it I wasn’t impressed. 

What hooked me was that it worked for 100% of the people in reducing oxidative stress.

Over the years I had tried various herbal supplements that “worked” for others but I saw no results. But this product would work for me. I was sold.

So whatever you are offering, tell them what it does.

Offer content about the problem they want it to solve.

Perry Marshall said it this way, “Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – NOT information about drills!”

If I am promoting my product that lowers oxidative stress, I post information about oxidative stress

If I am promoting a weight loss product I post information that relates to diet and exercise.

But not all the time. Part of the time I will . . . promote my product.

There is a specific ratio that we need to follow when promoting our product.

80% of our posts should be about “holes” and 20% should promote our “drills.”

Before you promote, be sure you read the policies of your chosen platform. 

Ignoring this step you may get your account closed. Because you posted unacceptable content. If that happens you will be out of business. The hard work you have put in will be undone.

I read and follow Facebook policies. And I stay connected with my community to learn of the inevitable changes.

Here’s one example. It is against Facebook policy to use before and after pictures. That would be offensive to their users. For Facebook, their user experience is all-important. 

So, if you offer a weight loss product don’t post before and after pictures.

And finally for the secret sauce . . .

This is my favorite. 

Why Because the team that has been training and mentoring me practices this in abundance.

I can’t even count how many extras I have received.

I am still going strong because the Chief Marketing Officer reached out and gave me a free coaching call. He practiced some tough love that motivated me as no one else has.

Last year they added new training and I got it for free.

Currently, I am going through a bulk enrollment training that I got a steep discount on.

And this is my favorite because giving to others feels good. Remember what Jesus said, it is more blessed to give than to receive. 

And it is my favorite because it is the most attractive aspects of attraction marketing.

Sure it feels good to give. But it feels very good to receive. Doesn’t it?

So if you are ready to commit to learning a new skill set. And apply a completely different mindset. Then you are ready to move on to Attraction Marketing 101.

Attraction Marketing 101 is a free 10-day boot camp from my mentor Ferny Ceballos click here and sign up.

I have written this with you in mind. Let me know if I am right on or if I have missed the mark.

I do value your input in the comments below. Thank you.

Be well and prosper,

Connie Suarez


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How to Build Authority & Passively Attract Prospects on Facebook

Want to write more effective Facebook posts and ads?

…the kind that demand attention, encourage your audience to take immediate action, and warm cold prospects into hot, ready-to-buy customers?

Well, you're in luck…

Because my mentor Ferny Ceballos is about to reveal the five psychological elements your Facebook ads and posts should contain to passively attract new prospects and customers, as well as, improve your recruiting results using social media.

Learn how to hit on these five psychological elements using minimal text (yet maximum effect).

recruiting with social media

First, let me tell you what NOT to do on Facebook.


Do NOT talk about your company!


This is super important.

You’re not trying to spam your audience with details about your company or the products your company offers.

Instead, you want to be focused on the RESULTS that you or your product can produce for your prospects.

Unfortunately, most network marketing companies teach distributors all the wrong ways to post on social media.

They give distributors pictures of their product and logos of the company and tell them to go out and paste them everywhere.

They claim this is to “brand the company.”

But, here’s the thing…

No one cares about the brand of ANY company unless they understand how that company can help them! 

And here’s the real kicker…

If you post about how your company can help your audience and provide the name of the company, then people will simply Google the company themselves and bypass you entirely (since you gave them all the necessary information)…

Which means they won’t purchase the product or join the company through you, because you are no longer required to complete those transactions.

So, if you don’t want that to happen, then…

Don’t post anything related to your company!

Not because your company is bad, but because you want to maintain an element of mystery.

Especially if you’re recruiting with social media.

Also, you want your prospects to reach out to you because they see you as the channel by which they can receive a certain benefit—the one that you described in your Facebook update or ad.

That’s the primary reason you should not post information about your company all over social media.

Again, you want to keep the mystery, because you are encouraging people to reach out to you to learn more.

Frankly, you want people to see YOU as the source of the solution to their problems.

…not your company.

Thus, If they have…

  • Skincare issues
  • Financial issues
  • Lack of energy issues
  • Weight loss issues

…whatever their problem, you want to be the source your prospects seek when it comes to that particular issue to receive a certain benefit.

That’s how you build a brand and authority

In fact, people will perceive you as an authority when you demonstrate you can help other people (or even yourself) achieve a result in that arena.

Not because of your degree or background.

Okay, so that’s a general approach for how to create Facebook posts and what not to include to position yourself most advantageously.

Sidenote: sign up for my FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp, where you’ll gain the knowledge to create an automated selling and prospecting system to attract highly-interested prospects to your product or opportunity online.

Now, let’s break down the five psychological elements I recommend for most Facebook posts or ads.

And look, you don’t have to include all five, every single time.

And the five elements don’t have to all be articulated individually, in, say, separate sentences.

But your ads and updates need to hit on at least three of these elements to be effective on Facebook.

Starting with…

In traditional marketing or online marketing specifically, what’s been effective in the past is beginning an ad with the message, “Attention {Blank}.“

For example…

  • Attention diabetes sufferers!
  • Attention network marketers!
  • Attention WAHMs (work at home moms)!
  • Attention… “whomever!”

They just spell it out—stating exactly who the ad is for.

Now, that can be effective with other ad platforms.

But the problem with Facebook is they DO NOT allow you to do that in your advertising.

Note you can “flag” your audience using your personal profile, but it comes off a little cheesy and ‘salesy,’ though it is effective.

However, you can’t do that using paid Facebook advertising, because their policies don’t allow you to call people out on their personal attributes.

So, another effective way of grabbing attention is to…

Share something from your personal experience

A good example of this comes courtesy of an ad by one of our students, Hannah Gorvin.

She was targeting network marketers (she’s selling training) and her ad says…

“My upline told me I only needed five key people. Easy, right? Well, not actually…”

Note how she’s saying something that subtly contradicts the worldview of most network marketers, regarding how a business is built.

Here’s another example from one of our ads, which is a little bit more in your face…

“I finally stopped listening to my upline.”

That statement grabs attention (and might even build some rapport).

Here’s another one (that combines a few elements)…

“We taught these folks how to recruit without prospecting.”

Again, these are specific to network marketing.

One surefire strategy to grab attention is to…

State something that’s contradictory to what people in your market commonly believe

One of my mentors is in the intermittent fasting market.

That means ketogenic living, which is a certain diet you follow for weight loss and health.

His opening statement was…

“It turns out breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day.”

That definitely grabs attention.

Hopefully, these examples give you some ideas.

Now, one further comment about using contradictory statements…

You don’t want to challenge deeply-held beliefs. You don’t want to “go for the jugular” too hard.

For instance, don’t go after politics or religion.

But you can challenge a certain aspect of doing business in a particular niche without upsetting people too much.

That’s fair game.

Next, you must demonstrate credibility and authority.

A credibility or an authority statement can be achieved with data, statistics, or social proof (such as testimonials).

Or it can be related to people you’ve helped accomplish certain results in your market.

For example, if you help somebody lose weight then you can specifically state what you’ve helped them accomplish.

And by doing that you’re sharing information that shows authority and also provides you with credibility.

Plus, when you share quantified data (in the form of numbers), people just automatically assume it’s true.

Authority is the product of such claims.

For example…

  • “I’ve helped X amount of people in this market.”
  • “I’ve helped X amount of people accomplish X, Y, Z.”

These type of statements position you as the authority on the subject matter in question.

Note: whenever you’re making a claim it’s important to state your results aren’t typical and you’re not guaranteeing anything.

You can also frame this in an expert positioning way by saying…

“My results aren’t typical and I certainly can’t guarantee your results, because I worked my tuchus off to get where I am today and most people aren’t willing to do the same. But if you’re highly motivated I can tell you this…”

One of my ads says…

“We taught these folks how to recruit without prospecting.”

That’s an attention-getting statement, yes, but it’s also an authority statement.

I said we taught these folks how to recruit without prospecting, and immediately following this claim, I detail a real-life case study.

This offers credibility because it’s proof that we’ve done what we said.

Next, I’m going to discuss what makes your ad unique.

One of the features you’re presenting should be unique or different from what’s in the marketplace.

Or you’re simply sharing your story because your story is going to be unique from anybody else’s story.

An example of a unique promise or mechanism is, again, going back to the contradictory statement from before…

“We taught these folks how to recruit without prospecting.”

That’s compelling because recruiting without prospecting is unique in the marketplace.

I’d never heard that claim before.

Here’s another ad from our student, Hannah…

“When I changed my approach to what was talked about in this blog, prospecting became more fun and interested people started to reach out to me.”

What’s unique is saying, “interested people started reaching out to me,” because that’s not the normal experience of a network marketer.

People don’t reach out to you if you’re a network marketer; they run from you!

So that’s a unique promise.

Also, Hannah shares all these points in her ad through the telling of a story, telling her journey, so the entire ad is wrapped in something unique, which is her personal experience.

No one can take your personal experience from you.

It’s always going to be unique.

So number three is a unique promise or a personal story and number four is the thing that you must have in all of these.

You must convey to your audience there’s a benefit to receive.

The good thing is, if you share the results you’ve produced for people, it’s implied that you can help others get similar results as well.

There’s an implicit benefit, so in many ways, credibility elements also serve as benefits.

This is what I mean when I say these five elements don’t need to be addressed line-by-line.

You don’t need five different ideas, sentences, or paragraphs in the post.

The content can overlap and cover two different elements at the same time.

Like our example…

“We taught these folks how to recruit without prospecting.”

I already mentioned this grabs attention.

Plus, it also builds authority (and credibility via the case study).

It’s a unique promise and there’s an implied benefit: we’re going to show you how to recruit people.

It’s not explicit.

But it’s implied by saying, “We taught these folks how to recruit,” followed by, “Click here to learn more.”

Our student, Hannah, shares her story in one of her ads…

“I found a way to base my business at home to suit me and my family. No more prospecting friends and family. No more parties. No more awkward cold market prospecting.”

Hannah’s targeting network marketers for the purposes of providing training, and by the way, her statements are all true.

This is what we do here at Elite Marketing Pro, we teach network marketers how to do this type of stuff, so there’s nothing inaccurate about her ad.

Let’s say you’re in the weight loss market…

Your ad might say:

“We show people how to lose weight…

  • Without dieting
  • Without exercise
  • Without injections

You offer them the benefit, and then if you want to enhance that benefit, you list out all the things that they don’t have to do (that they hate).

You provide the benefit without the pain normally associated with doing that thing.

Maybe you sell natural skincare that’s effective without chemicals.

Again, you have to be really careful when you’re advertising to make sure you don’t violate any rules with Facebook.

But, when you’re posting on your personal profile, you can pretty much get away with anything (though it’s always a good idea to keep in compliance with your company’s guidelines, of course).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not encouraging you to make hyperbolic, ethically-borderline claims.

But you must always convey a benefit.

Last, but of great importance, is…

You must always include a call to action with some sort of urgency.

For instance, Hannah’s call to action is…

“Check it out or comment for more info and I’ll be in touch.”

She’s offering to engage in a conversation.

That’s a little bit different from what most advertisers are doing.

Now, a call to action can simply be…

“Click here to read more.”

Most simply, a call to action is you instructing your audience what to do next…

  1. “Click to see more”
  2. “Comment below for more information”

Option #2 is something I recommend for most network marketers.

If you’re doing a post, ask people to comment below or send you a private message—that’s a call to action.

Why would you do that?

Well, because you’re getting them to reach out to you as opposed to you prospecting and reaching out to them.

The point of passive marketing or passive prospecting is for people to reach out to you

Now you just need to add urgency.

How can you give them a reason to act now?

Well, let’s say it’s a weight loss product of some kind; you can say…

  • Only ten available!
  • Offering these free for a limited time!
  • Offering a discount for a limited time!

You create urgency so that they reach out and take action now.

Now, sure, not every post or every ad needs urgency, but it is very useful and underutilized.

To recap…

The five elements are:

  1. Attention
  2. Credibility
  3. Unique promise or story
  4. Benefits
  5. Call to action

These five elements will help you to be more effective in your messaging and recruiting with social media.

Again, notice I did NOT say…

  • Talk about your product,
  • Let people know what the product is, or
  • Talk about your company!

Equally important…

Don’t spam your links!

When I’ve mentioned, “click to read more,” as the call to action in some of the examples above, the ad in question is taking the audience to a piece of content that’s informational in nature (much like the post you’re reading now).

The content is not trying to hard-sell them on an opportunity, it’s offering them more value.

However, in the network marketing space, if you’re just trying to generate more prospects for your business, then I recommend your call to action is to have people comment or private message you for more information.

It’s the quickest and most efficient way of doing so.

Do that and…

You’re going to immediately generate more prospects and leads

Ignore the training your company gave you if they’re telling you to spam your links and the product all over the place.

And if you just take action on what I shared with you here, I guarantee you’ll be getting much better results than whatever your company is teaching you.

Now, here at Elite Marketing Pro, we primarily focus on how to leverage paid Facebook advertising (as opposed to using your personal profile).

Personal profile updates are cool, sure, and you can get traction there, but advertising can reach further—a lot further.

Imagine being able to expose your message to millions of people for a few extra bucks a day.

Using paid advertising, you’re able to scale your efforts and your team members will be able to scale as well.

So if you're ready to start learning all the ins-and-outs of the entire advertising process…

Sign up for our FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp and discover our proven method of quickly building your own automated Internet recruiting machine!

You’ll learn about the specific tools and techniques you can use to passively connect with prospects on social media, so you'll never have to chase anyone, pester friends or family, or face rejection ever again.

These methods allow you to build your business automatically—where people will reach out to you (instead of you having to reach out to them).

The bottom line is that, in today’s age, you don’t ever need to cold prospect to build a successful business!

You can take advantage of these methods starting today—no matter how much (or little) online recruiting experience you currently have.

So if you’re ready to get started…

Simply click here and you'll get access to EMP's 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

I hope you got lots of value from Ferny's post. 

If you have, feel free to comment below and share it with your team.

Best wishes,

Connie Suarez


Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads...

Claim Your FREE Internet Recruiting Bootcamp...

How to Save Your Relationships, While Rapidly Growing Your Team

No I didn't want to join one of those things to supplement my social security when I retired to care for Mom.

But God had other plans.

So, I made my list and called people I valued.

And tried to convince them to do something I didn't want to do.

Of course, I wore out my list.

I was desperate for something that wouldn't alientate my family.

Then I found Attraction Marketing and my mentor Ferny Ceballos.

Here is his take on how we can save our relationships  and this profession while rapidly building our team.

You can keep reading or click here to get Ferny's FREE Attraction Marketing Boot Camp by clicking here.

My family is glad I did!

The future of network marketing is bright

A MURDER mystery has been solved…we finally know what’s killing “old school” network marketing…

The Internet did it!

The scene of this murder???

Your Facebook News Feed!


LOL… Obviously, I’m having a little fun here.

It’s true, though: armed with the “Facebook dagger,” the Internet—over the past 10 years—has slowly been pressing its sharp social blade into the heart of “old school” network marketing, which is now certifiably on its death bed!

But here’s what’s not so funny, and I say this with all due respect to the legends of this profession…

Ignorance and fear are currently running amok among network marketing leaders

In fact, I’m going to share an actual Facebook comment from an old school leader, which demonstrates ignorance on how online marketing, and social media work and its impact on network marketing today.

The times, they are a-changin’.

traditional network marketing is seriously flawedIt’s no secret that Blockbuster Video used to be massively successful until they weren’t.

Now Netflix has taken over.

Taxi cabs used to be dominant, until they weren’t.

Now, ride-sharing (Uber/Lyft) has taken over.

Kodak, Dell, Motorola, Sears, Yahoo, Sony, Xerox, Blackberry… once dominant… no more.

What Getting Left Behind Looks Like…

Now, as I mentioned before, I’m going to show you a comment that created quite an uproar in our community.

And no, I won’t tell you the identity of this person; my goal is not to embarrass this individual.

The real lesson here is regarding WHAT he said and WHY it presents an issue for his business…and a lot of other people who are trying to keep it “old school” in a new school world.

The context is that one of our members was using the Promoted Post feature on Facebook  a feature where you can pay a little money to Facebook to have targeted audiences see your business posts, resulting in lots of interested prospects reaching out when done right.

This post by one of our members showed up in this network marketing leader’s News Feed.

And he had no idea HOW this post was displaying there.

This was his comment…

“Not sure how this showed up on my Feed, but please take me off this. It gives my team the wrong info of what I teach them to be successful. And I know how to build solid teams. And it’s not by never meeting them, or never showing them that I care about their business. You will never replace person-to-person contact, and the people that get frustrated by that, are the ones not willing to serve their teams.”

Now, that is a pretty interesting comment.

We posted it in our community and those of us who are in the online space, and are building our businesses this way, had a little bit of fun “joshing” about it, but the whole point was to pinpoint a real problem…

Traditional network marketing is plagued by ignorance!

Now, don’t get me wrong, this person is not a bad person and traditional networkers aren’t either.

A lot of great & smart people make mistakes or have opinions borne out of ignorance and this comment is an example of that.

So, to make sure we are “hip” to the times, I want to share with you, first and foremost, how Facebook works.

Facebook 101: Why Facebook isn’t (just) a social network

A lot of people in the network marketing space don’t understand what Facebook actually is because Facebook is not just a social network.

In fact, the social aspect is second to what it actually IS, because Facebook doesn’t make money by being a social network, in and of itself.

Facebook is an advertising platform and that’s its primary product.

The ONLY way Facebook makes money is through advertising.

They refer to ad space as “inventory.” And what’s the inventory they’re talking about?

They’re talking about you and me — our news feeds to be more exact.

Their valuation is based on how many users they have, and their inventory is how many spots in our News Feeds & Sidebar they have to show ads in, (i.e. Promoted Posts).

Now, Facebook has a cool philosophy regarding their advertising and what they allow and don’t allow, because they don’t want to ruin our experience.

But at the same time…

Facebook is a business

…and the ONLY product that they sell is advertising space.

And Facebook allows advertisers like me (and our members whom we teach this to) to target people (like you) on Facebook. It’s actually quite easy!

We are allowed to target just about anyone, according to your interests, the personal profile information you willingly provided, who you follow, sites you’ve visited, etc.

In fact, in the Terms of Service, you gave up your rights to online privacy.

Thus, Facebook can track your behavior:

  • What you click on
  • What you buy
  • Who you like
  • What you watch

All that information is being tracked and can then be utilized by network marketers just like you, to target people, based on that data.

In essence…

You can target people based on their precise interests

So, as opposed to prospecting random people in public and hoping they’re interested in your opportunity, juice, or vitamins, or weight loss product…

You can specifically target people who are already interested in those things.

You can avoid the whole rejection BS all-together.

That also means Facebook allows you (and me) to target your downline, and in fact, target your entire company with training articles like what you’re reading right now.


And you may have noticed, if you’re in a traditional company, there’s likely attrition and people seem to be constantly shifting and moving to other companies.

Maybe, even their disloyalty might piss you off!

However, it’s perhaps no surprise to leaders who are more business-minded, that a few of the reasons people are moving to other companies might be because those other companies just might…

  • Be more progressive with regards to allowing distributors to use Internet strategies,
  • Have better systems for leveraging the Internet, and
  • Have better training on how to utilize the Internet to build.

Because here’s the thing about this “new frontier” of online network marketing…

It’s happening, whether you, your upline or your company like it or not

Everything I’ve shared above are basic facts about Facebook.

So if this leader, (who posted that comment and didn’t like seeing an ad in his News Feed) and has a “beef” with this…it’s frankly not with me… it’s with Facebook.

Because we are using what Facebook was specifically created for to our advantage  in order to build our businesses, whether it’s network marketing, direct sales, coaching, juice, vitamins, weight loss or whatever.

So if you want to shield your organization from any outside information, the ONLY option you have is to completely BAN the use of Facebook within your team and organization.

That is the ONLY option if you don’t want your team members discovering this new age of network marketing we teach here at Elite Marketing Pro.

Seriously, if you don’t want this information, which may contradict how you think businesses should be built, to reach your downline, then you need to require your organization to shut down their Facebook accounts forever.

That is the only option…and it’s not a great option.

Your only viable option is to adapt

your only viable option is to adapt to changing times in network marketingThe smart thing here would be to instead ask, “How does this happen?”

This guy should’ve asked…

“How does this show up in my News Feed?”

The next questions he should’ve asked are…

  • How can I use this new technology in my business?
  • How can I take advantage of this?
  • How can I use this opportunity to grow my business?
  • What can I do?
  • Who can I learn from?

Network marketing seems to be the only industry which ignores innovation and tries to pretend that it isn’t happening.

And, if you’re trying to do that as a leader, how did that work out for Blockbuster Video?

Companies go extinct when they don’t serve the needs of the modern era.

That is what’s happening in the world right now, and you have to be hip to it.

It’s about time leaders in this industry wake up

And ask themselves some serious and honest questions.

Again, good people are fighting these trends, just like the gentleman who wrote the above comment.

There are very smart, talented networkers, who are choosing to make the wrong decision by ignoring what’s happening with technology today.

And networkers who are building online are crushing it, and they’re beginning to take over the industry because they offer a better product and that better product is not the opportunity or the juice, vitamins, weight loss plan, etc.

The REAL PRODUCTS are the methods leaders in that company are using to build the business online and their ability to train others in those methods and help them produce results.

Now I want to quickly break down that post, line-by-line, and make a few points.

I already talked about how it showed up in his News Feed and explained how Facebook works.

Okay, so first he asks…

Please take me off.

Well, we can’t take you off Facebook, only Facebook can do that.

Then he goes on to say…

It gives my team the wrong info in what I teach them to be successful.

That’s implying that we’re teaching people crap and that we’re giving people wrong info that’s not going to help them.

Nothing could be further from the truth

He also goes on to say…

And, I know how to build solid teams…

True, he probably does, even if it is painfully old school.

And it’s not by never meeting them, or never showing that I care about their business.

Once, again, implying that we’re teaching people to not to care about other people, and clearly not understanding the value we give to others on a daily basis.

He follows up by saying…

You will never replace person-to-person contact.

That’s not true.

On our “Daily Dose of Awesome” Facebook Live videos, we’ll reach thousands of people everyday watching, listening, and responding in a positive way about what we’re doing here.

In fact, I recently met a few of them at a live event we hosted.

I’m not opposed to meeting people face to face, but they were already part of our community and our training system, long before we even met.

In fact, a lot of people join network marketing organizations with leaders they’ve never met in person.

Instead, they ‘met’ them online, through a Facebook group, or some sort of funnel, or some process that was entirely digital, where they said, “Yes, this is the place I need to be.”

They can have phone conversations, a video chat, whatever.

Or maybe, in some cases, they don’t have any personal contact at all, the prospect just says, “I want to work with this person. Let’s make it happen.”


Saying this business requires face-to-face contact is simply not true

The facts are in; they’re being proven every single day.

Look at top earners like Angel and Ryan Fletcher, or Nadya and John Melton who frankly out-earn most of the old school “big names” of network marketing you see on stages and they’ve done it almost 100% online.

There are endless examples of people that have built large businesses online – digitally – without ever actually meeting people face-to-face.

But don’t confuse what these leaders did with spamming your newsfeed with crap about your company and causing your friends to unfriend you. How do you know the difference? If it’s not working for you and people are blocking/unfriending you, you’re doing it WRONG.

That being said, this business ultimately does require a personal touch, but it could be on the phone, it could be on video chat, it could be on Messenger.

Finally, the last part is…

“The people that get frustrated by that are the ones not willing to serve their teams.”

Again, the implication is we are not here to help people serve their teams.

Quite the opposite is true and people have figured that out.

Many successful network marketers today are serving their teams online

For instance…

They’re doing Facebook Lives.

They started Facebook Groups to provide information to their teams.

Clearly, they’re interested in serving their teams, and they’re in constant communication with their teams.

The idea that somebody going online to build doesn’t care about anyone but themselves is bullshit.

Finally, I want to close with some comments from a leader named Tim, a six-figure earner, that’s part of our community.

He made this point regarding the comment we’ve been discussing.

He says…

I’ll be the first to admit that I used to think like this guy. I was all driven by fear and ignorance. Like someone said above, you don’t know what you don’t know. This guy clearly doesn’t know. Again, doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy, he just doesn’t know. The idea that nothing replaces person-to-person is an old school, outdated mentality. What most of the ‘old schoolers’ won’t admit is how many people say “no” to this industry, and how many people quit, because it’s perceived as person-to-person. People are busy. Either you adapt and provide your team with the know-how to build online, or they will find it elsewhere, possibly, on a new team, or a new company.

That is wisdom from a true leader in the network marketing space.

Everything people hate about network marketing is a symptom of the real problem

For the first time, the Internet is providing us the opportunity to conduct ourselves in a professional way, protect our relationships, and do what REAL businesses do.

And what do real businesses do?

They advertise and create systems so that the business can grow on its own.

That’s the main point I’m driving at here…

For the first time, we have an opportunity, thanks to social media and thanks to the Internet, to conduct ourselves as professionals and avoid all the painful family issues, the rejection issues, people blocking you, ignoring you, or insulting you.

And in the process, we are IMPROVING the public’s heavily damaged view of network marketing.

Building Online is a Better Way and It’s Saving Your Relationships & Network Marketing at the Same Time

Up until recently, people in network marketing just accepted that broken relationships and painful experiences with family and strangers were just part of being successful.

I say that’s BS!

Challenges will always be a part of business, but we don’t need to unnecessarily create more problems for ourselves and that’s what traditional/old school network marketing has done.

So if you're serious about building a business in today’s evolving world, then I highly recommend getting access to my free online recruiting bootcamp.

These are the exact strategies I used when I first started, while literally living out of a bedroom at my mom's house, and subsequently used to create a worldwide brand and over 16 million dollars in income.

More importantly, this community since it started in 2004 has literally spawned thousands of success stories, when it was started by my mentors.

The Internet gives us the ability to find more people and social media give us the ability to expand our network.

So the question is… are you going to be Blockbuster Video or Netflix?

Yellow Cab or Uber/Lyft?

Are you going to get with the times, or get left behind?

Choose wisely.

Simply click here and I’ll gladly give you access to my 10-day online recruiting bootcamp to get you started.


To Your Online Success,

Connie Suarez


Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads...

Claim Your FREE Internet Recruiting Bootcamp...

How YOU can turn absolute strangers into passionate business builders

I was an internet introvert.

I admit it. I ignored friend requests. I created a minimal Linked In presence but then ignored it.

And Twitter only allowed how many characters??? They didn’t know me very well, did they?

So, when social media became the go-to place to build a business I was baffled, bewildered, befuddled.

Social media made me feel exposed and embarrassed. Copy and paste made me feel icky.

I needed a new strategy for social media.

I found the perfect strategy for me.

And I found the perfect mentor to teach me.

Or you can learn more here as you read this blog by my mentor, Ferny Ceballos. He has such a great way of making marketing make sense.

turn strangers into passionate business-builders with the power of sales funnels in marketing on the internet

If you’ve ever visited an IKEA (or even your local grocery store), then you’ve already experienced what’s called a “sales funnel.”

Basically, a sales funnel is a carefully predetermined sequence of steps that are designed to encourage a full shopping cart.

Think about IKEA: you are literally “funneled” through an entire showroom BEFORE you reach the warehouse to pick up your items, thereby exposing you to significantly more products than you were interested in perusing (…like when you just went for another KALLAX and wound up wanting to remodel your entire kitchen.)

Even your local grocery store is carefully crafted to provide more opportunities to make you want to buy more items…

Milk, cheese, eggs, and meat are spread out around the perimeter so you have to circumnavigate the entire store to buy the most common staples…not to mention how the checkout aisle provides ample last-minute temptation to maximize your checkout value!

It’s an awful clever trick on their part, but here’s the good news…

Your business can benefit immensely from such sales funnels too!

They can become a major driver of your marketing efforts on the internet.

And on that note, below I’m going to reveal…

How YOU can turn absolute strangers into passionate business-builders using online funnels

In essence, a sales funnel is THE cornerstone of any attraction marketing system.

It’s a step-by-step process that guides a cold market prospect from perfect stranger, to customer, and…eventually…to advocate.

Here’s an example…

As you walk down the street, you see a guitar in a music shop window.

You happen to be a guitar enthusiast.

You say to yourself, “Oh, interesting.”

And then you walk through the door.

As you enter the store, someone greets you by saying, “Hi, welcome to our store. Can I help you?”

You answer, “Yes, I’m looking to get a guitar. That one in the window caught my eye; can you help me?”

The person asks you a few questions…

  • “What do you like to play?”
  • “What kind of music do you like?”
  • “How much experience do you have?”

After you answer those questions, the conversation shifts.

The person says, “Well, you know, that guitar is awesome, but for where you’re at right now, I’d recommend this guitar over here.”

Eventually, you walk out of that store with a guitar.

And lo and behold…

You had such a great experience you tell your friends about your experience!

marketing on the internet with sales funnels the funnel is THE cornerstoneNow you’re an advocate.

And that, right there, is a funnel.

You went through a series of steps that transformed you from someone who wasn’t even thinking about buying a guitar into someone who spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a guitar – all in a matter of minutes!

And if you really got value out of the education, recommendations, and experience provided by said store, you’ll likely refer all of your guitar-loving friends to that shop, right?

So, to recap what just happened in this particular funnel…

Step one: you were walking down the street.

Step two: something caught your eye – the guitar in the window.

(Online, an ad or post on social media that catches your eye works just the same.)

Step three: You’re interested and walk into the store.

(Online, when you click on an ad or post – it’s just like walking into the store.)

Step four: The minute you walk into the store (or click on an ad), somebody greets you and starts asking questions.

With an online funnel, we make an assumption about what interests you, we give you information, and we provide value—just like the person in the music store.

Here’s what I don’t want you to miss from this example…

Adding value during the sales process is a critical part of an effective funnel

marketing on the internet with sales funnels requires adding values during the sales processWhen that salesperson in the store asks questions, they’re doing so make you feel understood, to educate you, and to make sure they serve you in the best way possible.

An online funnel does exactly that.

You start by making a few assumptions about what interests the person visiting your site or clicking on your ad.

Then you share value and educate them.

And if the prospect feels good about the interaction, you’ll make a sale.

Ultimately, if they got REAL value out of doing business with you, they’ll recommend you, and go on to spread your good word increasing your internet marketing.

Pretty straightforward, right?

A sales funnel is a process that transforms people from strangers to customers to advocates

marketing on the internet with sales funnels can benefit you immenselyAn online funnel starts by offering your visitor something of value in exchange for their contact information.

At this point, you know they’re interested in what you have because they’ve given you their information.

That makes them a lead.

Providing value to that lead warms them up.

And once they’re warmed up, they become a prospect.

You’ll share value until you propose an offer.

And once they accept your offer, they become a customer.

This process can take as little as a few minutes or as long as hours, days, weeks, or even months.

The power of funnels are they allow your prospects to move at their own pace

Your job is to keep providing value and keep following up until they become a customer.

But that’s not where the funnel ends.

If you want to be really effective – especially in building a team – your goal is to turn that customer into a recurring customer.

There are several ways to do that.

  • Offer discounts for continuing to buy from you (like a loyalty program)
  • Continue to educate and provide value to them
  • Provide such quality service and appreciation they wouldn’t even think of buying  from anyone else

Once they become a recurring customer, they become an advocate—referring business to you because they believe so strongly in what you’re doing.

That’s what an effective sales funnel does.

It works from the front end all the way through the back end – even after they become a customer.

In building a business, using the principles of attraction marketing, the funnel process works like this…

It starts with a visitor.

The visitor becomes a lead when they submit their information – on a website, a web form of some kind, or some type of capture mechanism – because they’re interested in learning about something, but they’re not necessarily ready to buy.

At this point, hold your horses; don’t get excited.

They’re not ready to join you…yet.

You give them some value, they get warmed up.

They become a prospect only when they raise their hand and say…

“Hey, I’m actually pretty serious about doing this, I want to learn some more.”

Visitor, lead, prospect.

You share some information – you direct them to a video or they hop on a webinar, or they are added to your Facebook group to get more specific information.

Now they’re ready to become a team member.

But that’s not where it ends.

If you want to build a massive organization of people who are raging fans of you, your product, and your business…

…then that’s certainly not where it ends!

You’re just getting started.

A lot of people building a business mess up because they stop there.

Many people looking to build a team think just recruiting is enough.

That’s inaccurate. Recruiting is never enough when marketing on the internet.

What should happen is a process to enroll that team member, so that they are educated enough, and given so much value, they think…

“Wow, this is really cool. These people really care about me. Not only that, they’re giving me a process and a system so I can become effective at building my business.”

Your funnel now turns that new team member into a fellow business-builder.

Now they’re actively doing something to build their business.

Now they’re generating prospects and customers on their own.

But that’s still not where the funnel ends, either.

Your funnel now turns that builder into a LEADER, as you continue to provide value and teach them how to build.

So now, you educate them about how they can be effective at helping others accomplish what they’ve just accomplished.

Now they’re also helping OTHERS lead people from the visitor phase to the builder phase.

And that’s key, because only when you’re capable of leading other people and walking them through the process from visitor to builders and all the steps in between, do YOU become a leader.

Investing in people on a leadership level is a higher-level skillset you want to learn

marketing on the internet with sales funnels turns new team members into business-builders…if you want your funnel to be effective, that is.

Building a funnel using the technologies we recommend at Elite Marketing Pro allows you to not only recruit a lot of people into your business, but it also leads people past the point where they’ve taken out their wallet and bought.

In network marketing terms, our system helps you turn team members into builders, and eventually into leaders themselves – so that you create true leverage and duplication in your organization.

With the attraction marketing techniques we teach, you can create a perpetual internet marketing machine bringing in recruits and making sales automatically.

This is what my friends Masa Cemazar and Miguel Montero, the Pyjama Bosses, do exceptionally well.

They lead new people through a funnel that business builders don’t often talk about because it happens AFTER someone joins your team.

Using an automated, systematic path through their back-end funnel, they build not only a large international team, but they also build leaders.

That’s true duplication.

You want to create leaders in your organization so you can step away and enjoy true passive income

You know, when you’re making money while you sleep.

When you build leaders, the next step in your funnel is, basically, “See you later!”

And that’s the ultimate goal of network marketing – creating true passive income!

Masa and Miguel have created a large team of successful leaders.

They spend only a couple hours a month overseeing their team because they’ve created that complete funnel that turns team members into builders and then into leaders so that they can step away and do other stuff they’re passionate about.

Their system is sophisticated.

But your funnel doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Social media, if you’re using it properly, also behaves like a funnel

marketing on the internet with social media behaves like a funnelThink about this…

You publish valuable content.

Someone likes or starts following you.

Thus, they’ve qualified themselves as leads.

As you publish more valuable information, your followers will engage with your content.

They feel they know you.

They begin to trust you.

They probably even genuinely like you at this point.

And at some point, you will make an offer by providing a link to something to purchase.

Your followers will take action because you’ve built so much trust

You have a relationship, a rapport now.

And you’ll obviously deliver on what you offered.

In traditional website-based funnels, people transform from visitor to lead where they share their contact information with you.

On social media, they transform into leads simply by following you.

And even though you don’t own the social media channel, treat it like a funnel.

Because that social media funnel might be what leads people into your attraction marketing funnel.

You can also use your Facebook groups as a funnel.

Move people from stranger to prospect, and then add them into your group to share more information with them.

That might turn those prospects into customers…team members…or even builders and leaders.

Regardless of the technology you’re using…

We have created a particular system here at Elite Marketing Pro called “attraction marketing” to supercharge your internet marketing

We help you leverage both your own social media funnels and the attraction marketing funnels we’ve created to build your business.

And you can build your funnel conventionally, by posting on social media, directing visitors to your website, and following the visitor, lead, prospect, customer funnel…ultimately ending when they become a recurring customer and advocate.


You can use your funnel to create team members, builders, and leaders.

So whether you’re building up your retail base or building your team, we’ve got you covered.

The power of the funnels we teach you here at Elite Marketing Pro is vast.

Fortunately, we have the tools to shorten the learning process and speed up your learning curve a heck of a lot faster.

So if you'd like to discover exactly how we can help you take your business onto social media, then I highly recommend you sign up for my FREE Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

It's a video course where I'll walk you through how to build your business using the latest technology—where prospects come to you on a daily basis—already interested in what you've got!

You can take advantage of these methods starting today—no matter how much online prospecting and recruiting experience you have currently.

This is, by far, the most efficient (and fun!) way to build your business today.

In fact, I'll share exactly how my funnels currently generate 300–500 leads per day, 30–50 customers per day, and onboard 70–100 new serious business builders each month.

These online attraction marketing methods continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in team building.

So if you’re ready to get started…

Simply click here and you'll get access to my 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

And if you found this content from Ferny helpful, I would love to read your comments below!

Connie Suarez


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The 4-Step Strategic Formula for Writing KILLER Posts that Close More Sales

Family and friends can be hurtful when they say no.

What a relief it was to learn that there is a way to build a business without ever calling them.

My good friends Whit and Cari Higham are so good at explaining Attraction Marketing.

You’ll want to read the whole article they wrote below.

Want to sell more stuff, recruit more reps, and make a whole lot more “moola” in your business?

Sounds like a plan, right?

Well, first you need to learn how to market your business and start advertising on social media, because that’s the most effective means of recruiting online, without having to chase people down or deal with rejection after rejection (…and believe me, we’ve been there!)

So, in the article below, we’d like to share exactly what strategy we’ve used to grow our business, and the specific formula we use to write our ads.

This is what we focused on in the beginning, and is still what we work on to this day.

And we’ve come a long way in just the past couple of months.

Literally, less than one year ago, when we first got started…

We were dead broke, living in our family’s basement, with less than $9 in the bank

We were over $30,000 in debt that we accumulated trying to build our business, while driving from town to town, prospecting on the streets and in malls.

Today, in contrast, we’re top affiliates at Elite Marketing Pro, and now we exclusively build our business online, recruiting from the comfort of our home.

We’re immensely grateful for our journey because we’ve lived the pains of the people we’re looking to help—our target market.

And one of the biggest tips we can share is this:

Get really good at telling your story to your target market!

It’s your story that makes you who you are; it makes you unique.

It’s a loud, crazy world out there, with lots of people advertising, so when you are willing to reveal certain things about yourself and your story that most other people keep to themselves, you stand out.

With all of the ‘slimy’ gurus out there saying…

“Oh, we make this much money, here’s our yacht, here’s our mansion, here’s our luxury car…”

…people are jaded; cynical.

They can’t imagine those things for themselves.

So when you’re willing to be vulnerable and tell your story, whether it has deep, heart-wrenching pain where you’ve lost everything…

…or you’re a millennial, a college student, and don’t have money for gas, and your car is just sitting there in your mom’s driveway…

Everyone has their own pains, and everyone is touched by, and can relate to, your pains.

Once you get good at putting your story into an ad, you can sell anything you want!

Now let’s get into our successful ad formula.

I don’t care what platform you’re using.

This strategy works on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, or any other social media platform.

Where you specifically use it is tactical, but the formula itself is strategic, meaning that it applies anywhere and everywhere.

We even use this same formula in our Facebook Lives—it’s universal.

So here are the four basic steps you need to know to start, starting with…

killer ad formula for recruiting online step 1 identifying pain points

Maybe you’ve heard it said: if you try to advertise to everybody, you will attract nobody.

Always remember that when you’re advertising, you are not advertising to the masses, you are speaking to ONE person.

Now, what is the pain that your ideal prospect – that one person – is going through?

Any time we sit down to write copy for anything, we start by remembering that pain we went through.

Remember, it’s been just a few months since we’ve been out of the basement.

Our memory of that pain is still fresh.

As we read it and write about it, it’s gut-wrenching.

We still feel pain in our hearts when we write about it

You need to write from that pain, where the experience is coming from.

Sometimes that can be hard for those who haven’t been through that kind of experience.

The cool thing about writing is that you can watch other people go through a struggle, and write that copy from an outsider’s perspective, based on their experience.

This is where 95% of people struggle with advertising because learning to write from the pain is a skillset that takes time to build.

Some people take longer to learn it. Others take less time. But following this formula is going to make the process a lot easier.

You might be thinking…

“Everybody’s telling the same story.”

And that’s great!

It just means there’s a huge opportunity for you to do something different to make yourself stand out.

Let me give you an example.

People LOVE watching underdog movies

That’s why they keep making them, right?

Every underdog movie is exactly the same story  just with different characters and a different plot.

It’s the same thing when it comes to writing your ad copy.

You might be telling the same story, but you’re a different person and it’s a different plot.

So don’t worry about…

“I’m just writing the same thing as everybody else.”

You might be writing about the same pain points, but the plot and the characters are going to be different.

What you’re doing is taking people on a journey with you, and visiting pain points along the way.

But, and this is important…

You’re not being a “Debbie Downer!”

You’ll just hit two, three, maybe four pain points, and then you’re going to move into step two of the formula, which is the solution to the pain.

The solution or benefit is what you’ve found to get out of that pain you were feeling.

For example, let’s say that you are in a health and wellness company, and you offer a weight loss shake.

There’s a big difference between posting a picture of you drinking your shake, saying…

“I lost five pounds in a week. Message me and ask how I did it.”

…and talking about whatever pain it was that made you want to lose the weight.

What was the pain you felt before you lost that five or ten pounds?

  • Did you just feel unhealthy?
  • Did your heart hurt?
  • Were you exhausted all the time?

Maybe you were a mom who still hadn’t lost the baby weight after three years and you were terrified to wear a bikini in public.

A guy I know mastered his pain story—when he writes about his weight loss journey, he actually shares about how he was so uncomfortable with the way he looked that he’d turn out the lights when he was intimate with his wife.

That is the pain!

When you read that, suddenly, your heart is like, “Oh, my gosh!”

If you can get into the heart of the person who is reading your ad, then they’re going to be willing to listen to whatever else it is that you have to say.

So pain is first.

killer ad formula for recruiting online step 2 offering a solution

The solution isn’t immediately saying…

“Ask me how I did it – using this awesome, delicious shake!”

Instead, your solution is to provide education – how you changed your lifestyle, how you changed your mindset, how you changed your diet, etc.

Help them get clear on their wants and desires from where they’re currently at.

Once you’ve established the pain point, you have their attention, and they’re listening to you.

Now you need to ask…

  • What are their wants and desires moving on from that pain point?
  • Where do they want to go from here?

That’s where the solution comes into play.

So, online recruiting takes restraint and patience.

You don’t just jump right into the solution…

“Hey, drink my shake, that’s the solution!”

Once you’ve gotten their attention, you must educate them first.

killer ad formula for recruiting online step 3 providing a benefit

Now ask: what is the benefit for them, if they take action?

You’ve established the pain point, you’ve educated them, and now what is the benefit for them for taking action?

How is this going to help?

“I’m fatigued all the time. Is this going to help me change my lifestyle, so I’m not as fatigued anymore?”

Now again, your benefit’s not, “Drink my shake!”

Online or offline, that pitch will not recruit anyone.

Instead, the benefit is this:

How is this going to help them move from where they’re currently at, to where they want to be?

If you’re that mom who was terrified to put on the bikini and now you’ve lost weight, you can now talk about…

“I just bought my first bikini since the birth of my baby and I’m going on a cruise in February!”

For the guy that was talking about turning off the lights, the benefit that he shared was…

“Guess what, I’m not afraid anymore. The lights are on, clothes are coming off, and I’m feeling good about myself!”

Powerful, right?

To recap…

  1. You’re digging into the pain
  2. You’re educating them on what the solution is that you’ve found
  3. Then you’re giving them a benefit

And finally…

killer ad formula for recruiting online step 4 providing the call to action

The “Call to Action” is the single most important part of the ad.

You might do everything right in the first three steps, but if you don’t put the icing on the cake with the right call to action, your ad won’t work.

So don’t drop the ball!

Because if you don’t give them a direct call to action, you’re not helping them move forward and change their lives.

Don’t forget, when recruiting online, you want to give them the option to connect with you, right now!

And tell them exactly how to do it.

Now, that’s our 4-step formula for writing a winning ad.

But you’re not finished yet!

Here are a few essential questions to ask before you post it…

1. Is it engaging?

This question is critical to the success of your ad…

  • Does it keep the reader interested, or is it kinda dry and boring?

Hint: boring doesn’t sell.

But, it also needs to be relatable, so you’ve got to ask…

  • Does it focus on the benefit to that reader?

Again, are you speaking to ONE person and telling them a story they can relate to?

2. Is it clear?

Clarity is HUGE, so you need to ask…

  • Is it easy to understand; easy to read?
  • Does the reader know exactly what I want them to do when they are finished reading my post or ad?

Remember, the call to action is the most important part of your ad.

So make sure that you stay clear, on point, moving forward throughout your message.

3. Is it Concise?

Sometimes, especially when you venture into the land of long story ads, you end up being repetitive.

So as you’re going through your ad or post, at every single line, you need to ask:

  • Does this need to be here?
  • Is this important for my story?
  • Does it make the reader want to read the next line?

The point of every line is to get them to read the next one.

If they’re not willing to read the next line, you’ve lost them.

So make sure that you’re taking them on this journey with you fairly quickly.

4. Is it persuasive?

When I’m consulting with people, looking at their ads, I always ask…

“Would you click on this? Would you want to learn more?”

70-80% of people tell me, “No.”

This question gets the wheels turning.

They start thinking…

“I need to be more persuasive in my writing.”

It all comes from being unique, and telling your own story.

Stop with the “cookie-cutter” ads, okay!

If you run generic, cookie-cutter ads, without sharing anything personal about yourself whatsoever, you’ll never have success with recruiting online or offline.

Remember what training is: training is just training; it’s a guideline.

YOU have to fill in the gaps.

Whether it’s training about writing a post or running an ad, it’s all about making everything unique to you.

When we started, we understood that right away. It’s what helped us build a lot of momentum.

We wanted to make everything unique; different from everyone else’s.

Your story can stand out from our story

I guarantee that your story will relate to people that our story won’t.

That’s the beauty of being a human being; we each have our own story to tell.

Follow this four-step formula, understand the essentials, and you will rock it at recruiting online when you write your own killer ad copy!

All without spamming or pestering your audience!

And your homework is to sit down and write some killer ad copy, right now.

I don’t care what platform you’re using.

If you start right now, by the end of this week, you will have written a killer ad or post—virtually guaranteed.

And if you’re trying to grow your team and you’d like to learn more about building your business online (instead of pitching friends and family, or stalking strangers at the mall like we used to)…

Then I strongly encourage you to sign up for Elite Marketing Pro's FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

This is the exact same information we used to get started on our journey of learning how to market ourselves online.

You'll see firsthand the process Ferny Ceballos, CMO of Elite Marketing Pro, used to build his online empire!

And you'll learn how to use online methods to rank advance, sell more stuff, recruit more people, and make a whole lot more “moola” in your business.

So if you’re ready to get started…

Click here to access our 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

I hope you've gotten value from Whit and Cari.

If so I'd love to hear your comments.


Connie Suarez


Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business – Rejection FREE – Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads...

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Stop Repelling, Start Attracting Quality Leads With The Reverse Invite Method

What is better than trying to convince family and friends to look at your business? AGAIN!?

Attracting folks who want to look at your business. Right?

Stop repelling people. Start attracting them to your business with the Reverse Invite method!

Whit and Cari Higham had a discouraging start to building their business. Then they discovered a way to attract somewhere between 15 and 20 people a week.

You heard right. Folks were asking them for “more info” about what they were doing.

People were inviting themselves to take a look at Whit and Cari’s business.

And we can do the same.

It all starts with creating curiosity.

Instead of being an infomercial for our company we must showcase ourselves. Yes. Showcase ourselves.

Because we are unique.

And it is our uniqueness that will attract people.

So, embrace andshowcase your unique qualities, traits, personality.

As you do that, you make people want to reach out to YOU.

The neat thing is that Whit and Care are unique and attract lots of folks to them. But they won’t attract the people that you will attract because you are unique – you are different from Whit and Cari.

Now a days, Facebook is the best platform for showcasing our uniqueness.

Facebook advertising will make the process go faster but you can also use a lot of organic, non-paid stuff.

Andthis method works for your personal profile, your business or fan page and ingroups.

Wherever you use it, TheReverse Invite principles are always the same!

Startwith a post to create curiosity.

There are two types ofcuriosity posts that work best:

  1. Basic,text-based with picture
  2. FacebookLive

You can start doing unpaid, organic, free exposure in the NewsFeed if money is tight.

But when you invest your money to boost a post you get it accessto a global audience. That is when you can begin to scale and create leverage.

Sohow do you create a post that generates enough curiosity for people to reachout to you?

For many who have mastered the Reverse Invite, Facebook Lives are a “go to” strategy.

But I have also seen effective posts with written copy and an intriguing picture.

Whether you’re using a basic post or a Facebook Live, Whit and Cari say just ask yourself:

“What do people need to know about what I’m promoting to get them to enroll, or to move forward?”

“The answer to that question will be different for everybody. It might be one, two, even three things that people need to know. What’s holding them back or keeping them stuck?What critical information are they missing to solve their issue?What revelation or realization do they need to move forward? Find those things. Dig deep into whatever PAIN or PROBLEM they’re going through right now.”


You need to tell them what actionthey should take to learn more.

  • You could ask them to comment “more info” or
  • You could ask them to follow a link to get more information or
  • You might tell them to message you.

And thatis how you reverse the invite.

You havegiven them information.

You havelead them to the point where they think, “This is what I need to solve my problemand end my pain.”

And theywill invite themselves.

So, let’stalk about a frequent question.

Should you share your product on yourFacebook Lives?

And the answer is: absolutely, positively, NO!

Of course, that is not what our company tells us, but think about this.

It’s NOT your product or service that makes you unique.

You are, and should be, excited about your product or service.

But people who see your posts aren’t. They don’t care about your products because they don’t know enough about your products – yet.

First, they must know you and what makes you unique.

You need foryour posts to introduce yourself to them.

Explain how your product or service helps reduce or eliminate the pain they’re experiencing.

For instance, let’s talk about weightloss.

People are NOT interested in learninghow to lose weight.

They already KNOW how to lose weight.

They want to know how your product is DIFFERENT from any other product they have seen.

They are interested in your UNIQUEposition about your products.

When that happens, you can walk themthrough YOUR process and they will say, “Yes, I need to talk to YOU about this.”

This is a pivotal moment. Once they say that first “Yes” then you can have the conversation about why they need what you have. Make sense?

Gettingpeople to the first “Yes” is the most important part.

In your conversation with them, you will talk about the problems they’re having. You’ll show you understand and can relate to those problem. And then you’ll tell them there’s a solution—WITHOUT giving it away.

You’ll ask them to DO SOMETHING to get the information theywant.

In otherwords, you’ll set it up so that they have to take action and reach out to youto get the info they want.

It’s all about creating the curiosity.

And people are fascinated by stories.

You may have heard that “facts tell, stories sell.”

People in network marketing hear that all the time. Yet few people understand how this really works.

But your compelling story will make people want to get on board.

Don’t make the mistake many networkers make. They think that a compelling story needs to include a lavish lifestyle. They think they need to prove their amazing success in network marketing.

Even if it is the gospel truth, don’t use it. It annoys your family and friends. It annoys strangers.

You can end up repelling with that kind of compelling story.

For example, one couple to make it to the top rank in my company showed picture after picture of their affluence.

I was not only annoyed but offended by the seeming decadence.

I knew they had worked long hours for years. They made personal sacrifices to get where they were and it was their money to spend. Still their “compelling story” troubled me. It didn’t inspire to duplicate it.

So how do you keep from annoying people?

How can you attract people instead of repelling them?

Well, here’s another simple truth…

Your company, whatever system you’re using, did not get you where you are.

Your company or product may be the vehicle, but YOU did it

Instead of focusing on your product, service or company, focus on yourself. Focus on you as a unique individual with a unique story.

Focus on making YOU that unique selling point so that people reach out to you.

It doesn’t matter what company you’re with.

It doesn’t matter what product you promote.

Part of my compelling story includes my mom. As her caregiver, there are tons of people who can relate to my story and me.

As Cari and Whit tell us:

YOU create a bond and develop rapport with people through your story, through your posts, through your Facebook Lives, so your prospects will say…

“I like Whit and Cari. I want to work with these people.” The bond YOU create with people is going to take you much further with them than your product ever will. Think about it this way… When we first started, people used to come up to us and say… “Hey, you’ve been with this company for a little while – how’s everything going?”

I remember answering with a lie. I’d lie right to their face and say… “Oh, you know, our whole lives have changed. It’s going great!” The truth was that I was thinking…

“Oh my God – this freaking sucks! I not only haven’t made any money, I’m LOSING money since I started!”

Like the true professionals they are Whit and Cari turned things around.

They started telling the TRUE story about what they were going through!

When they started telling the truth people were disarmed.

People began to connect with them.

Their presence started to shift. They had posture that had eluded them before.

People found what they were experiencing valuable.

Ultimately, the “big secret” is to come from a place of SERVICE.

When they told people their life was “amazing,” they knew they were BS’ing.

They saw right through it.

“Yeah, that’s funny because you still live in your mother-in-law’s basement and your car looks like it hit a million animals, so obviously your life isn’t that amazing.”

People saw right through them.

It came through in their energy… body language… “presence.”

When they changed their focus to service, to asking…

“How can we serve the people we’re trying to attract? How can we bring value to their lives?”

Suddenly their circumstances shifted—quickly!

The more authentic you are, the more you focus on bringing service and providing value, you become that servant-leader, and that’s when people come and want to join you.

All you need is to share the truth about your story.

Don’t say…

“Yeah we’re making a ton of money. We’re doing this and buying that. Here are all our credentials about what we’ve done.”

Just tell the truth.

“Hey, here’s where we are. This is what we’re doing now, and this is what’s happening now. These are the results we’ve had. This is what’s working for us. You can make it work, too. Let us show you how to do that.”

It’s that simple.

This is what’s called “Attraction Marketing”

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