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Hi, Welcome to my site, I’m Connie Suarez. I was born in Colorado but I grew up all over the West and even spent time in Madrid! My Dad was an Air Force Supply Sargent and my Mom was a stay at home Mom. I am the oldest of eight kids so needless to say money was always a bit tight. Sometimes, I would even babysit to earn grocery money. 

We moved around quite a bit but ended up back in Colorado when my dad retired from the military.  Because it seemed we were always in a new place when I was growing up, most of our family activities were surrounding our church at the time.  I spent most of my time after school caring for my siblings and helping my mom out with the house.  She was usually busy caring for my dad.  He had been a POW during the war and was not in the best of health once he returned.  

After High School, I went straight into college for a degree in Education but my heart was not really in it and I didn’t finish.  I did however get married and started a family.  We had 3 children together and like my mom, I stayed at home to raise them.  As a wife and mother, I raised money for charities and helped organize a crossing guard program for the school.

Once the kids were a little older, I decided to go back to school and got a degree in Accounting.  I decided I did not want a traditional job so I grew an accounting business doing books at home.  After 17 years of marriage, I ended up in a divorce with 3 teenage kids still at home.  Again, I was in a position that I was struggling financially.  Somehow we managed but after the kids left home, I decide to go live with my elderly mother who had just became widowed.  At the time, I told myself it was just for a little while until she got back on her feet.  

I was so fortunate that I found a wonderful job in my new town as the Director of a Nonprofit Ministry that helped women and their families.  I loved my job but I was still struggling to make ends meat! My mom was at the point that she started to need full time care so I started looking for something I could do from home.  I knew it was time to retire from working a regular job! I also wanted something that I could grow like I did my accounting business and help people like I did with the Ministry job, so I started searching! 

One day my daughter approached me and asked me to watch a video! I knew this was it! I could do this! I had never heard of Network Marketing but it sounded like everything I had wanted! 

I quickly joined and started doing everything they told me to do…I reached out to friends and family, I did cold prospecting phone calls, and I did home and hotel meetings.  I quickly found that I was spending way to much time on the road and this was not what I signed up for.  I wanted to work from home! 

I started looking for a new strategy and that is when I found Attraction Marketing.  I no longer had to make those phone calls, no more hotel and home meetings and best yet…I don’t bug my friends and family! 

Now, I have qualified prospects reaching out to me because they want to hear about what I am doing and I do all my work from home! I now have the time freedom and the business, I have always wanted! 

If you are ready to change the way you do business and you want to bring people to you instead of chasing them down, connect with me today for a FREE 30 Minute Consult and let’s get you started! 

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