How to Find Your Perfect Team Without Calling Aunt Betty or BFF Sue – Connie Suarez

How to Find Your Perfect Team Without Calling Aunt Betty or BFF Sue

After working the best I could with an unworkable strategy. You know…

I made my list of all the people I loved and cared about. People I wanted to still respect me.

I made the list and called those people…

And I did my best to get them to watch a video without answering their reasonable questions.

Then if they watched the video… 

I asked them to talk to a stranger to get their questions answered.

Everything in me resisted that.

But I believed the leaders who said that this was the best, indeed, the only way I could succeed.

How about you? Can you relate?

Well, I had moderate success. Just enough success that I kept going. 

Until I got stuck.

And getting stuck was the best thing that could have happened. 

Because I still wanted the results so I looked for something different.

I wanted something that was duplicatable. That others would be able to do. 

That others would want to do.

And I found it.

It’s a much better fit with my personality and maybe yours.

Let me introduce you to what I found – Attraction Marketing.

Keep reading this blog for the overview.

But if you’re ready to get started here is the link to a free Attraction Marketing Boot Camp.

Intro to Attraction Marketing – 5 Things You Must Do To Attract Your Perfect Team

It’s as simple as picking one thing to sell and one audience to sell to.

So simple. Yet, so hard. 

It is hard because we are passionate about both the product we sell and the business opportunity we offer. 

That passion makes it hard to choose one or the other.

But think about this. When I was doing old-school networking I chose to talk about business first.

It’s easier to switch to talking about your product after talking about your business.

Can you see this conversation going anywhere?

Your sister-in-law says no she doesn’t want to buy your weight loss product.

And then you ask her if she would like to sell it?

Probably not.

But if she says no to selling your product.

It may be that she doesn’t want to sell. But would love to drink your delicious shake and get ready for the summer swimsuit.

I struggled with the idea of picking one until I read the book The One Thing by Gary Keller.

Until then, I was sure that I could offer both. Gary Keller shares compelling reasons why it can’t be done. Here is one example.

“Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus … when you spread yourself out, you end up spread thin.” Gary Keller in The One Thing

Trust me. Our focus needs to be razor-sharp when learning attraction marketing.

Once we master Attraction Marketing we can run more than one sales campaign.  

But in the beginning, we need to pick one thing to sell. And stick with it.

You can sell your company’s product or your business offer. Or you can do what I am doing and sell the attraction marketing course that I offer.  As you do that you will learn how to find your team and customers. My mentor Ferny Ceballos tells how you can do that in Attraction Marketing 101 – the free 10-day Boot Camp.

We also need to pick the one audience we want to reach.

Because as Meredith Hill said, “If you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.”

When we speak about our one product we need to have a specific group of people identified to speak to.

It should be defined by age, interests, dreams and desires, and fears and worries.

Suppose you are selling cosmetics that are designed for younger women who like to make a dramatic statement with their looks.

What will the age of your audience be? Will you sell to men or women? What are their dreams and desires? Fears and worries?

Now when you write a post talking about current makeup trends you will imagine that you are talking to that audience. 

I am perhaps an exact opposite of that audience but if I remind myself who I am speaking to I could write a compelling post. And that is what the experts do. 

I believe that the beginner might be advised to choose an audience that is close to who they are personally.

I have often heard a fellow attraction marketer say that they mirror their ideal audience.

Defining an audience requires serious thought. And you need an understanding of how to research your audience. That research will enable you to speak to them and reach out and draw them to you.

Your goal is to write to them so that when they read it they say Connie (insert your name here) gets me. It’s like she wrote that to me.

In the next training, my mentor Ferny Ceballos, goes into the tips and tricks of researching your audience. He firmly says that how well we research our audience is key to attraction marketing success.

When you have picked your product and audience, you are ready to create your unique platform.

Now you are ready to shine the spotlight on what you are selling.

You need to create a business page on your favorite social media site.

There are many great choices. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram . . .

Facebook is the obvious choice for me. It has over 2 billion monthly active users. I was already familiar with it. Most of my audience uses Facebook.

But you have many to choose from.

YouTube is a great choice. It has nearly 2 billion monthly active users. 

There are also Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more that I don’t even know about.

When choosing think about which one your audience uses and if you will have training and support to get going with it.

I chose Facebook because I will find my audience there. And I get great training and support for Facebook. 

Someday that will change. Change is inevitable.

Fortunately, attraction marketing is a strategy that works on any platform.

Attraction marketing was around long before the internet.

So, pick a platform.

Then create a page to brand you. 

If you wonder why brand yourself I think I know what you are feeling.

It seemed strange when I was told to create a fan page and brand myself. I was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone.

Here are some things that helped me and will help you.

Understand that you are unique.

There is no one else like you! And that is the power of attraction marketing.

You will attract people to you even if you aren’t like the big leader in your company.

There is no room in your company (or the world) for two of that big leader.

Once you become an authentic and vulnerable leader, that is.

You do that as you offer lots of valuable content to your one audience.

Offer lots of content to your one audience. Content that relates to the one thing you sell.

Content attracts an audience if you keep in mind this surprising fact.

People aren’t impressed with what it (what you are selling) is. People are only interested in what it can do for them.

My sponsor shared a video with me about the product that I represent. It listed the ingredients. But since I wasn’t knowledgable about the herbs in it I wasn’t impressed. 

What hooked me was that it worked for 100% of the people in reducing oxidative stress.

Over the years I had tried various herbal supplements that “worked” for others but I saw no results. But this product would work for me. I was sold.

So whatever you are offering, tell them what it does.

Offer content about the problem they want it to solve.

Perry Marshall said it this way, “Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – NOT information about drills!”

If I am promoting my product that lowers oxidative stress, I post information about oxidative stress

If I am promoting a weight loss product I post information that relates to diet and exercise.

But not all the time. Part of the time I will . . . promote my product.

There is a specific ratio that we need to follow when promoting our product.

80% of our posts should be about “holes” and 20% should promote our “drills.”

Before you promote, be sure you read the policies of your chosen platform. 

Ignoring this step you may get your account closed. Because you posted unacceptable content. If that happens you will be out of business. The hard work you have put in will be undone.

I read and follow Facebook policies. And I stay connected with my community to learn of the inevitable changes.

Here’s one example. It is against Facebook policy to use before and after pictures. That would be offensive to their users. For Facebook, their user experience is all-important. 

So, if you offer a weight loss product don’t post before and after pictures.

And finally for the secret sauce . . .

This is my favorite. 

Why Because the team that has been training and mentoring me practices this in abundance.

I can’t even count how many extras I have received.

I am still going strong because the Chief Marketing Officer reached out and gave me a free coaching call. He practiced some tough love that motivated me as no one else has.

Last year they added new training and I got it for free.

Currently, I am going through a bulk enrollment training that I got a steep discount on.

And this is my favorite because giving to others feels good. Remember what Jesus said, it is more blessed to give than to receive. 

And it is my favorite because it is the most attractive aspects of attraction marketing.

Sure it feels good to give. But it feels very good to receive. Doesn’t it?

So if you are ready to commit to learning a new skill set. And apply a completely different mindset. Then you are ready to move on to Attraction Marketing 101.

Attraction Marketing 101 is a free 10-day boot camp from my mentor Ferny Ceballos click here and sign up.

I have written this with you in mind. Let me know if I am right on or if I have missed the mark.

I do value your input in the comments below. Thank you.

Be well and prosper,

Connie Suarez


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When you reach my age you have heard a time or two, I want to be like her when I grow up. That is strange because first, I don't want to grow up and second, I am just figuring out who I am. I am an entrepreneur. I am having fun growing businesses from home while caring for my 90+ year old mom. Life is great!

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Tonia - March 21, 2021

Thank You Connie! For your very timely,entertaining and encouraging post.You really hit the nail on the head. The part that spoke to me the most was the formula of 8 out of 10 posts tell what “it” does. The other 2 out of 10 should be what “it” is. People want to solve problems and if there search can end with you for some of those solved then it is a win/win for everyone.
Thank you again
Tonia J

    conniesuarez - March 22, 2021

    Thank you Tonia. For sure we need to be in the mindset of awareness that people have problems and are looking for solutions.


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