Find Your Team Without Being “That Person.”

You can find your team without being “that person.”

You know “that person”.

The person who ambushes friends to get them to a home meeting. The one who calls family and friends over and over with each new “exciting” announcement.

I did not want to be “that person” and yet the training I got from my up line made me feel like I was “that person.”

I remembered way back when I got an invitation to see a “project” an acquaintance said would interest me.

I found myself in a living room with other people I didn’t know. We were all asked to share our hopes and dreams.

It seems like it took an hour. Finally – we learned that we were being introduced to a network marketing opportunity. It seems like it took an hour. Finally – we learned that we were being introduced to a network marketing opportunity.

I was fuming.

I felt used, deceived, angry.

I never wanted to see that man again. I lost respect for him. He was not honest about what he invited me to.

And I never, never wanted to be “that person.”

And yet there I was!

My up line taught me to give as little info as possible.

My up line knew most people would say no if they had more information.

And I chose to trust my up line. And I chose to trust my up line.

I feared my friends and family would say no.

And I needed people to buy my product and join my team.

So I followed the instructions. I rationalized that my family and friends really did need what I was selling.

But I felt deceitful. Misleading. Underhanded. Untrustworthy.

I felt like a failure too.

I went to all the events and got pumped up.

I bought promotional items with a new excitement and hope.

But all the sales samples and gadgets couldn’t overcome the inevitable truth.

I felt like “that person.”

And I never felt good about it.

And it kept me from succeeding.

It is hard to embrace something that makes you feel self serving.It is hard to embrace something that makes you feel self serving.

No wonder my results were unimpressive.

But there is another way. We don’t have to be “that person.”

Today my friend and mentor shared with me that when she opened her email, she had 17 new requests about joining her team!!!

These are people who have been attracted to her. Not people she has been tricking into hearing her spell.

My results aren’t quite as impressive – YET.

But I am using her same strategy and getting requests from strangers.

That’s because I started working online instead of offline.

And I didn’t take offline skills and use them online.

We’ve seen that strategy and it looks spammy – sort of the thing “that person” would post.

With the strategy my friend/mentor and I are using, you get to be YOU – genuine YOU – enhanced YOU.

YOU kick “that person” to the curb and YOU thrive and grow.


Here is where my friend and mentor and I got started:

So, how does it work you may be asking. Here it is in three steps.

First, you need to create a presence on the internet.

We call it branding ourselves.

When I started with my company I learned to brand the product and the company.

That works great for the company. Not so much for you and me.

Here’s why.

I can convince someone that Product ABC is awesome and the person I convince can buy it from Distributor XYZ – not me!

Why would that happen?

They know, like and trust, Distributor XYZ more than they do me.

That is why we create an online presence. So people get to know, like and trust us.

It takes a bit of time. But when you create an online presence, you create a group who will follow you where ever you go.

And they will want to do what you are doing, buy what you are selling.

For more information about building your online presence read this blog.
Attraction Marketing: The Roadmap to Building a Online Brand in Network Marketing.

Second, find a strategy that is working for a lot of people and then connect with those people.

One of the things that my up line taught was this: You are the average of the five people you spent the most time with.

They were quoting Jim Rohn. He understood our environment influences us more than we realize.

Whatever your “inner circle” believes and does will have an impact on you.

So, find people who are building a team with methods you are comfortable with. Hang out with them as much as you can.

I am using a strategy that has worked for many.

It is working for me.

And I am comfortable with it and enjoy using it.

I no longer feel like “that person.”

Feel free to hang out with me on my Facebook business page –

I share what is working for me.

Comment on posts I make. You can share my posts with your page.

And you will also see comments of others.

Go to their pages and groups and learn from them too.

Like their posts and comment on their pages.

You’ll find the right fit for you as you do that.

Finally, build relationships. Online or offline – building relationships is key.

There are a few nuances to building relationships online. Keep your online interaction with folks like your contact with people in person.

Here are a few examples:

  • When someone likes your page or a post on your page, go to their page and like a post that you genuinely like.
  • When someone compliments me. I say thank you. That is what I would do in person after all. If they have said thank you, I say you’re welcome. Adding stickers or gifs is even better.
  • If someone asks for more information I message them with a clarifying question. Then I take the conversation offline – in person with a call.

The important thing is to listen to them. Focus on what they are looking for. We can guess what they need, but we need to let them tell us.

Check out this article by Brandy Shaver, my mentor/friend. – Seven Steps to Becoming a World-Class Recruiting Machine in Network Marketing
Brandy talks about the importance of building relationships in the third point of her article.

What I am talking about is Attraction Marketing. It is the best strategy I have found to keep from being “that person”.

I love being me and attracting people who like what I do. They are the ones who will be interested in either joining my team ore learning to create their own online presence.

You don’t have to be “that person”.

You can learn how to create an online presence, to use online strategy that is working for me and many others, and build relationships that will grow your team. Click on this link to learn more about Attraction Marketing.

I’ll be in touch,

Connie Suarez


When you reach my age you have heard a time or two, I want to be like her when I grow up. That is strange because first, I don't want to grow up and second, I am just figuring out who I am. I am an entrepreneur. I am having fun growing businesses from home while caring for my 90+ year old mom. Life is great!

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