So Grateful I Can Build My Team AND Care for Mom!

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Today as I waited with Mom in the doctor’s waiting room I was filled with gratitude.

Yes, I am grateful that she is still with us. We came close to losing her a couple months ago.

And I am grateful that I don’t feel a tug from responsibilities elsewhere. Grateful that there is no job that I am missing to be with her.

And so glad I found a way to build my business at home. Or even when I was with her in a hospital room.

Sure there are distractions. I am guessing you can relate to that. Life is full of distractions so I should tell you about . . .

How my business & my life was turned around by one ad.

It promised that I could use the internet to find my perfect team. No more asking people to join me. They would come to me!

It promised that I could stop bugging my family and friends.

Honestly, my family was kind to me. No one was rude. They just didn’t want to join me in my business.

It sounded almost perfect and then I heard the magic words: to be effective I needed to focus on others’ wants and needs not my own.



What I really hated about looking for my team was the feeling of using people to benefit me.

This ad introduced me to people who showed me how to help others who were interested in what I do. People who would want to join me and my team.

That was a win-win solution. And . . .

You bet I clicked on the ad . . .

And found the team that includes Brandy Shaver. I want to share with you some of the ways I have learned from her how we can build our teams without bugging our family and friends.

The best part of that is I get to enjoy family get togethers again. I love my family. They are nearly as crazy and I am and we have a blast together.

And I don’t need to be looking for a reason to call them the following week and work how my opportunity would fix all their problems! As if !!

Brandy wrote a blog recently that had one particular point that resonates with me.

She said,

“Becoming an effective recruiter means putting your prospect’s interests first”

Brandy certainly demonstrates that she lives this truth. As she is building her own team – rather impressively – she reaches out to me and many others.

And we grow together.

Read on to learn seven steps Brandy has taught me to become a recruiting machine.

And I know that you may want to just get started with the same strategies that Brandy and I  are using. If so click here for a free 10-Day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp.

But you won’t regret reading to the end to learn all

Seven Steps to Becoming a World-Class Recruiting Machine in Network Marketing

What would your life look like if you were drawing people to you without making phone calls, trolling family reunions, stalking folks at the mall?

How would it feel if you had strategies that enabled you to focus on your life and the people you care about?

How would you feel when you rank advance or win the incentive trip?

What would it be like to have money leftover after paying the bills?

What would that be worth to you?

I decided two years ago that it was worth my learning a new skill set, learning from people who had made it work for them, focusing on building my team in a way that left time for caring or my mom.

For me it’s priceless!!

Here’s the deal. Looking for people to join our team messes with our minds. It leads to us thinking about rank advancing, having money left over for exotic trips, winning an exotic trip.

We start focusing on US.

And in this business just like in life we fair much better when we focus on others.

We need to keep out focus on others.

Zig Ziglar knew that:

You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.

So, to be a recruiting machine we must put our prospect’s interest first!

Shifting the mindset might be hard until we start doing it.

Once we get that warm feeling of fulfillment from helping someone else get what they want it is far better than walking across stage.

The beauty of finding our prospects online is that we will never run out of prospects.

That is if we are equipped with these seven steps from Brandy.

Strive for mastery. Be the best you.

My mom quoted an old saying yesterday from St. Jerome.

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.”

Strive for the best and never let it rest.

But here is a quote that encourages me.

“Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above them.” Washington Irving

I found this quote while sitting with Mom in the ER recently. I could have used that distraction as an excuse for not working that day.

But I have chosen to strive for mastery. I chose that day to rise above the distraction and work from my cell phone. I was rewarded with that quote.

I realized that “mastery” or “having a great mind” is a mindset. It is a choice.

Once I choose “a great mind” I rise above like a helium balloon rises above our heads.

So, choose to be a world-class recruiter. Choose to be good, better, best. NEVER let it rest.

As Brandy says,

“The only way to become a master, a world-class recruiter is to BE one.

Just be.

Cultivate and nurture the unshakable belief that you’re doing the right thing.

Believe in what you’re doing and the value you’re providing.

Believe so totally in what you’re doing its part of who you are.

There’s no substitute for rock-solid belief.”

Have you ever felt grateful to someone for letting you share about joining your team? Have you felt like they are doing you a favor?

Now pretend for a minute you are a recruiter for your favorite sports team? When you visit a high school or college athletic field who gets excited? Is it you or the star athlete you have come to check out? Do you feel like they are doing you a favor?

Of course not! You are doing them a favor.

Who is deflated if that athlete isn’t a good fit?

Not you.

That is a recruiter mindset.

When you talk to your next recruit, put on the recruiter mindset.

We have a great opportunity. For us. And select people.

Your business isn’t a good fit for everyone.

I have a friend who has been very supportive of me. She came to every home meeting back when I was doing that sort of thing.

I was grateful that I seldom ended up with noone because of her. But she kindly told me that she was not interested.

She represented one of the oldest companies. It required taking and submitting orders. Then delivering those orders. She was a good rep of that company but I couldn’t understand why she would stay with them when she could join my team and work less or so I thought.

Then one day out of the blue she explained that she liked to represent her company because it was so established she didn’t need to explain anything. People knew and liked her product line and ordered from her when they wanted more.

That was an ah ha moment for me. My product line was new and unknown. It didn’t required submitting orders and delivering products. But it needed explanation.

And then I knew.

Our business may be great for us. But it isn’t for everyone. And that’s okay!

There are people who want what my company, my product line, my team and I offer. I just have to find them.

Once we understand that we can approach people with what Tyson Zahner has called “divine indifference.” It’s a you can take it or leave it mindset.

In my company one leader said from stage that we needed to approach people as if we already had a huge team.

I agreed with the concept but thought it would be easier if I had the huge team he had.

Or as I have learned having a huge source of interested prospects works as well. That is what using Attraction Marketing did for me shortly after I started and long before I had people reaching out to me.

And as they reach out to me they become friends. Not all of them will join my team but because I am building with the mindset that Zig Ziglar had that okay.

I have always believed that successful recruiters build relationships.

Great teams are a network of real relationships.

And it starts with collecting friends.

We can find those friends at live networking events or in restaurants or malls or . . .

The Internet.

Using the strategies I have learned I connect with people on social media and build relationships.

I add people to my friends’ list on Facebook and contacts on LinkedIn. I invite them to Facebook groups.

When people respond to you and you build relationships you have opportunities to make them an offer to join your team.

And you can be professional about it.

It still takes time. Some people catch on quickly. Others need extra coaching.

And the sceptic in me would think, Oh that’s the catch. Except the extra coaching is part of the package.

I know. I am one of the ones who needed extra coaching.

That willingness to help us is a perfect role modeling for how we build our team using Attraction Marketing. These coaches by their actions are saying,

Listen, this business isn’t only about making money

It’s about building relationships.

That’s what master recruiters do.

It makes me glad I clicked on the link to Elite Marketing Pro’s Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

As I have been busy building authentic relationships with people, I know I am not an opportunist. I don’t feel like I am using people. I am serving them where they are and according to what they need.

That not only is the way to feel fulfilled but curiously it’s how the money shows up!!

Building a team isn’t a sprint. It is a marathon.

That requires preparation.

I need to make sure I am healthy which means enough sleep, eating healthy, getting excercise.

I also need to be filling myself up with great ideas and thoughts.

Consider yourself like a teapot. To make good tea the teapot needs to clean and filled with quality tea and hot water.

A master recruiter should be reading every day. Set a goal of 10 pages a day. It’s not a lot but it is doable every day. We have to be consistent with our reading.

Listening to podcasts and watching videos from master recruiters that you want to be like are also great.

You also need to have a plan of activity. Some call it a DMO – Daily Method of Operation.

Learn about others DMO and adjust it to your goals and time available.

I made the mistake of listing to several couples talk about their DMO and actually tried to do what they were doing.

Big mistake. I was overwhelmed and felt like I had failed, until I heard a husband talk about how he gets up with their children and gets them off to school while she is in bed because she was up until 4 a.m. putting together a presentation.

Oh, I thought, there are two of them.

I feel silly telling you that but it did take that to help me realize I can’t do what two people can do.

And to be honest I may not be able to do what other single individuals do for multiple reasons.

I have to plan what I can do . . . as long as I am stretching myself a bit.

Here is what I do right now.

I post motivational quotes designed to engage people. I post them on my personal Facebook page and business page.

I post two a day. I also post these quotes on LinkedIn. I don’t do anything else on LinkedIn but I get several connection requests a week. When I started posting I did not get many connection requests.

I believe that I get that activity because I am consistently posting.

I do two Facebook Lives a week. I get my material from my reading and the videos I watch.

Currently I do the Lives on Tuesday and Thursday and I tell people when I will be doing them. I am certain that doing them at the same time would be best but nothing about my life is scheduled right now so I am consistent with days.

I share videos from Elite Marketing Pro once a week. I post one of their blogs and one of mine every week.

That is my DMO.

Every day I check my phone and respond to those who have engaged with me in some way.

Each one is different which is part of the fun. Getting to know people all over the country.

A master recruiter is alway ready to enroll someone.

Know the links that you need to send someone to. If necessary have the forms that you need.

More importantly expect people to enroll.

If you have this mindset then when you are chatting with someone you will recognize when they are ready to join you.

When you hear the excitement in their voice be ready to ask, “Are you ready to sign up now?”

If you company has an ap to use on line be sure you have it on your phone so you can go right to it.

Then training begins as you enroll!

Most importantly make sure that you do anticipate that they will say yes so you can move the conversation right to enrollment.

Your genuine enthusiasm will draw people.

I am not endorsing hype or rah rah language. That is not me.

In fact, I am a low key understated kind of gal.

But I am passionate about helping folks. I am excited about the ability to work around the priorities of my life. I love that by helping others get to do the same I build my future goals.

I can give you a list of great things about what we do.

For one, I live in an area where wages are lower than the national average. Yet, I get paid just like someone in Denver, New York or Los Angeles.

Another, I have no degree in marketing but I have a skill set that allows me to be part of a big company’s marketing budget.

Get excited about what today holds for you.

Your excitement will come through everything you say and post.

And it will draw people to you.

Don’t allow negative thoughts to sneak in when you aren’t seeing results.

When time has passed without results, if you are faithfully working your DMO it is true that your next enrollee might be the next person to like your page or send you a friend request.

When you respond remember that they may have been praying for what you have to offer them.

Now, the last tip, this one is probably the most important…

If you are like me there are two things that keep you from thinking bigger.

One is fear.

If fear is holding you back take a lesson from Eleanor Roosevelt. She advised that one should do something that scared them every day.

What happens when we do something that scares us?

It isn’t so scary tomorrow. So, tomorrow we must do something a little bigger perhaps to scare us.

I think when we face fear with this advice we will end up thinking bigger, don’t you.

The other is our lack of belief in the power of consistently do the little things that build a business.

It is hard to believe that posting on social media, engaging with new people on Facebook day after day can amount to anything.

And that is where we are wrong. It took a personal development book called The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson to convince me.

He makes a compelling case for you and me to simply do the little things that build toward a bigger team.

It will take time and we won’t notice any change at first so we are inclined to get discouraged. But, if we don’t let lack of results discourage us, if we are patient and wait, we will be rewarded with astounding results.

The key as Jeff Olson says is The Slight Edge those activities give us.

I recommend that you order the book now and start reading it as soon as you get it.

It will lead you to thinking BIG. And unless you think BIG you won’t help as many people as you should

Go ahead.

Think BIG

Here is one way that Brandy Shaver encourages us to think BIG.

Talk to three new people every day. That is a lot of people but if you think BIG for a month and talk to 10 people a day that is 300 people.

What kind of impact might that have for your business?

What kind of impact might that have for the people you talk to?

If you are listening to people to find out what their dreams and pains are you might make a BIG impact!

If you’d like to learn more about developing the skills of a master recruiter…

Then I strongly recommend getting access to Elite Marketing Pro’s FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp and learn all about the specific tools and techniques we use to connect with prospects online.

These methods allow you to attract a steady, endless stream of highly qualified leads who are looking for exactly what you have to offer so you’ll never have to chase, annoy, pester, or beg anybody to take a look at your business – they’ll come to you!

So if you’re ready to get started…

Click here to access our 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp today!

Thanks to Brandy Shaver for the inspiration behind this blog.

If you got value from this, share it with your team.

As always, feel free to message me with questions and comments,

Connie Suarez


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