We Can Get Smarter as We Get Older

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And yet you may have believed the myth out there that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

I don’t know about old dogs but I am believing the thoughts of Rawan Tarawneh, MD, an assistant professor of neurology in the division of cognitive neurology at the Ohio State University.

“Some of our brain functions – such as short-term memory, processing speed, and visuospatial functions – show some decline with healthy aging,” she says. “On the other hand, language functions tend to remain well preserved as we get older.”

Her opinion isn’t the only voice. Research from Harvard University and Massachusetts Institue of Technology indicate that arithmetic skills don’t peak until age 50, and vocabulary and cumulative intelligence peak even later, like into the 70’s.

I totally believe the science because I am living it.

I do have a little bit of an edge in choices I have made.

I chose to quit counting my age increases at 21. It was sort of a whimsical decision but I mostly ignored the cumulative effect on my age each birthday.

Then I began to refuse to join AARP and the La Junta Senior Citizens.

I can’t prove this but I believe those two choices helped me avoid the mindset of aging.

But then an equally important edge was in the all natural supplements I began taking at the same time I took on the biggest challenge of my life.

Here is what I know.

Before I made those changes I was noticing memory issues.

I realized I was unable to find words I wanted to use.

There were times that our staff told me I had said something and I had no memory of it.

I was getting ready to “retire” and I figured it was confirmation that it was time for me to leave.

My daughter introduced me to network marketing and all natural “anti-aging” products.

That opportunity and those products were meant to provide an additional stream of income. But they have transformed my life.

Building the business has enriched my life and grown me quite unexpectedly.

And as far as the anti-aging products. After taking one of them for several months I noticed that words were easier to think of. And I felt like my memory was working better.

Then after several more months, it truly was back. I was remembering. One event was memorable.

I wanted to make a recipe I had filed away in the past. I pulled it out of the file box and stuck it between two books on a shelf in the kitchen.

A couple of days later I was ready to make the recipe so I reached for it, but it wasn’t there!

But my memory was clear. I was sure that it should be there so I lifted the book it was supposed to be next to.

And there it was!

My memory was so sure that it was there that I knew where to look.

I recommend taking on new challenges as you age. And taking my anti-aging products wouldn’t hurt.

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