Our biggest fear in branding ourselves is the question: If people KNOW me, will they LIKE and TRUST me?

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If you are like I was a couple of years ago the idea of branding YOU is scary and ludicrous.

Never mind that the marketing gurus can make a solid case that personal branding is the best way to build your business. You have twice as many reasons why it won’t work for you.

I want to say this kindly but I’m not sure there is a kind way.

Stop being a spambot for your company!

Stop being a spambotPlease understand, I love my company. I will use the products until I die.

But I am doing a better job of representing my company and products by branding myself.

My goal and my company’s goal are in agreement. They want me to sell more products and enroll more distributors. And I want that too.

And the best way for me to reach our mutual goal is for me to brand ME.

That is because people buy from those they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

If I am a spambot filling my Facebook page with ads for my company product I give people no reason to KNOW, LIKE or TRUST me.

When I brand ME with who I genuinely am, people will get to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST me.

And then they will buy from ME.

It should be that simple, however . . .

I believe that our biggest fear of branding ourselves is the question: If people KNOW me, will they LIKE and TRUST me?

Of course, if I am a dishonest liar then I shouldn’t expect people to LIKE and TRUST me once they KNOW me.

Maybe our problem is that we do KNOW ourselves and we know that sometimes we aren’t very likable.

Welcome to the human race!

This is one of the best reasons for branding yourself. You get to work on who you are.

You will get to KNOW yourself! And I promise. You will get to LIKE yourself. And as you do this before the whole world (oh so scary, I know) they will be able to TRUST you.

And when they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you, you will be far more productive for your company than any SpamBot.

So, you’re still not convinced. Maybe if you heard my story you would start believing.

I was not comfortable with me – who I was. struggling

I am sure that was my big hang up in branding myself. But I was desperate. I knew that I had to grow. And I had a great coach who talked me through my fear.

When I started the personal branding process, I was not “comfortable in my own skin.”

I had no reason to be so full of self-doubt. But it controlled me.

So, when my coach gave me the assignment to set up a “fan” page on Facebook and label myself as a “public figure” and use my name, it was a triple whammy of fear and self-doubt.

First, how could I have a “fan” page? I had no “fans.”

It would have been easier if my coach had called it a “business” page.

But she didn’t and I am glad. I needed to push through that fear.

Believe me, finding fans is easy. It is the easiest part of the process.

And I had coaches throughout the process.

Are you ready to begin the process?

Second, I was no more a “public” figure than my dog was.

I didn’t feel like a public figure. I didn’t feel like a successful network marketer. I didn’t feel like I had a right to call myself a “public figure.”

The truth is we don’t have any business trusting our feelings.

In my case, here in my community, I was a public figure. I had directed a non-profit organization for fifteen years. I had been successful in doing that. People I didn’t know knew me and respected me.

I had built a small network marketing team before I needed to stay home with my mom. I wasn’t earning six figures. But I received a monthly residual check from my successful efforts.

And more to the point, I had sixty- plus years of life experience. I was an entrepreneur committed to helping others.

And I was a leader who dared to step out from the crowd.

And stepping out from the crowd made me a public figure.

Are you ready to step out from the crowd? Then you are ready to brand YOU and be a public figure committed to helping others.

And third, my name? Why? No one knew who I was!

No one knew who I was!I was also instructed to use my personal profile picture for continuity sake. I had used several profile pictures over the time I had been on
Facebook. At the time, I was using a picture with my dog and so I used it.

A hard and fast rule is that your profile picture should be a picture of you. Not your dog. Not your grandchildren. Not anything else. YOU.

So, I sort of fudged with my dog in the picture. But now it has almost become my logo and for now, I will keep it. Max gets lots of comments.

I fudged in a greater sense by using a qualifier in my name.

Today my page is Connie Suarez but in the beginning, I was Connie Suarez, Difference Maker.

I couldn’t stand alone as Connie Suarez.

But Facebook fixed that in an unexpected way.

When you set up a Facebook business page you can customize your URL. So I tried www.facebook.com/conniesuarez and learned that it was already in use.

Facebook suggested www.facebook.com/theconniesuarez.

I shrunk away from the impertinence of theconniesuarez but accepted it as practical.

That helped me to get to where today I embrace theconniesuarez.

I am glad that I didn’t have the option of plain old conniesuarez.

I get to be theconniesuarez.

Today I feel like The Connie Suarez.Connie head shot (2)

It was a process. It was a painful process. But I learned that I have something that you don’t have to offer. It is me – with all the failures, faults and wrinkles. But it is a genuine me who cares about you with all your failures, faults and wrinkles.

I offer you my experience and the wisdom I have gained and will continue to gain from the process.

You can offer others the same things – today.

Tomorrow and the next day you will have appreciated in value if you are faithful to the process.

If this is what has been missing in your business, I would love to visit with you. I would love to be the coach that believes in you the way my coach did back in August of 2016.

This is your invitation. Message me and we will set up a free consultation. m.me/theconniesuarez

May you soon experience the power that comes when folks KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you.

Here is to YOU becoming a powerful BRAND.

I love reading your comments. Feel free to share this with your team.

I’ll be in touch,
The Connie Suarez


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