Our biggest fear in branding ourselves is the question: If people KNOW me, will they LIKE and TRUST me?

Maybe our problem is that we do KNOW ourselves and we know that sometimes we aren't very likable. Welcome to the human race! This is one of the best reasons for branding yourself. You get to work on who you are. You will get to KNOW yourself! And I promise. You will get to LIKE yourself. And as you do this before the whole world (oh so scary, I know) they will be able to TRUST you. And when they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you, you will be far more productive for your company than any SpamBot.

Do We Have What It Takes? Three Things to Build and Keep Confidence

Always be reading/listening to a good personal development book/audio. Jeff Olson has this rule. Read ten pages a day. That is part of The Slight Edge that he writes about in the book of that name. Ten pages will be easy to do. And it will be just as easy not to do. But if you stick with it you will be filled up with new ideas, new confidence, new mastery of what you are doing.

Do We Need More “Yes Men?

Our decision to join a network marketing business was a daring decision. We were aware of what many people think about our profession. In fact, many of us still harbored some of that mindset when we joined. And even though we knew what others thought, we joined. That takes courage and strength. But most likely we have exhausted our reserve of courageous strength after calling a few of our family and friends who turn out to be no-men. So, we need to hang out with more yes-men.

Where are you headed?

our health - are you making choices with diet, exercise, sleep that are improving your health? Your happiness - are you choosing to be happy or dissatisfied? Your friendships and relationships - are you taking action to nurture relationships with others in your life? Your personal development - are you reading books, watching videos that are growing you? Your finances - are you living within your means, is your net worth growing? Your career - are you growing in the skills of your work, are you making a bigger contribution in your personal effort? Your positive impact on the world? Is the world a better place because of you and is your impact growing?

Managing Your Distractions

I was chatting with someone who, like me, is caring for her elderly mother. Of course, I can relate to the distractions she works with. But I can also relate to the distractions you work with as well. That’s because a distraction is by definition distracting. Whatever circumstances create the distraction. And . . . Our lives are full of distractions.

Freedom Lies in Being Bold!

Instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure, and go ever upward. Drew Houston No one is perfect. Those who succeed understand that and forgive themselves for their imperfections and "go ever upward." How do we do that? Making calls to your best friend and the person on the top of your "chicken list." Doing a Facebook Live. Going to the front of the room and doing a presentation. Creating a business/fan page on Facebook. How do we do those things? By doing them! We won't be perfect - ever. And it's okay. Plenty of imperfect people have become huge successes. So can you. Get in your balloon and release the tether that holds you to the ground.