The Four Crucial Mindsets Vital for Success

I have noticed how some people move up in a network marketing company faster than others.

It’s the same in the affiliate company that I partner with for the training and coaching and mentorship that I get to grow my network marketing business.

There are people who have been involved for less time than I have and yet they are doing way better than I am.

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It has taken me a little longer. But after the mindset was in place look what happened.

And I am okay with that. I know that people are different and especially in this area of endeavor there are so many different ways of approaching what we do.

Thankfully I didn’t give up in spite of this disparity in success. Because now I think I know at least part of the reason.

Of course, I had to get through the tech stuff that baffled me.

But I had something else I simply had to do before I could do anything else.

I had to get a new mindset.

My mindset was not going to get me anywhere, let alone where I wanted to be.

Fortunately, God brought a group of people into my life who are caring – they believed in me before I did – and demanding – they insisted that I go for all that I am capable of. They would not settle for less and they would not let me settle for less.

Today I know that there are four crucial mindsets vital for success.

But before I give them to you I am going to get really transparent.

I want to demonstrate how far my mindset has come with the story in the following video.


I do this knowing that some who watch this will roll their eyes and even quit watching. I am not doing this video for them. I am doing it for the one who knows exactly what I am talking about.

And in case you want to skip the video here is a quick version (minus the bird mess in my hair, if you want to hear that you have to watch the video).

Several years ago I was having lunch with a friend. It was a beautiful spring day. The birds were singing and my friend and I were enjoying a great conversation when out of the blue she asked me, “Connie, do you like yourself?”

The question was unusual for sure but it crushed me. I had no answer. It ruined what had been a beautiful day.

And it revealed something incredible. I didn’t like myself.

There was no reason for that.

I had experienced success in many ways over my lifetime.

I was currently the executive director of a nonprofit ministry. I was highly regarded in the community.

I should have been able to say, “yes, I like myself.” But I couldn’t.

You still here with me? Thank you!

You are either a great team leader with compassion and understanding.

Or someone who is ready to hear how to transform their life and business.

Maybe you are both!

Back to the question, Connie do you like yourself.

Over the following years, I would wonder at how that question crushed me.

I continued directing the nonprofit ministry.

Then the day came that I realized that my mom needed more time from me and I decided that it was time for me to leave the ministry.

The very same week my daughter called and said, “Mom, there is a video you should watch.”

I watched it and you guessed it. All of a sudden, I was a network marketer.

Can you imagine?

I couldn’t answer a simple question, Connie, do you like yourself, and now I was a network marketer where poise and confidence are critical.

Amazingly, I was a network marketer . . . And it was the best place for me to build poise and confidence.

I started networking with no useful mindset.

Today, I can answer my friend’s question, Connie do you like yourself?

Yes, I like myself. I love what I am doing and I love who I have become.

It is a great thing to be Connie Suarez. And so . . .

Here is my list of the Four Crucial Mindsets Vital for Success.

I Am Awesome! (1)

Mind Set #1 – I Am Awesome!

I am the only person with the unique experiences, knowledge, and understanding that I possess in the World!

There is no one else like me!

I am exactly what my team need.

I am exactly what my family and friends need although my business may not be.

My mistakes and weaknesses are part of the package. My team needs to see me exactly as I am – warts and all.

There is such freedom in those statements don’t you think. It gives us permission to publicly fail. That is vital since we will fail. It is even more vital for our team to see us fail because they will also experience failure.

What is important is that they see us keep going; as they see us learn from our mistakes.

You need to believe that you are unique and awesome so you can help them believe they are awesome and unique.

It is by far the most important mindset.

How do you achieve this mindset?

Simple. Live your life. Grow your business. And . . .

Find a mentor or coach who you trust and who understands the importance of mindset.

My first mentors were in the network marketing company I joined. One was my sponsor – my wise daughter. She taught (is teaching) me much. The other was her sponsor. She is on a similar journey.

They prepared me for the next phase of my journey. They were perhaps too close to me to take me further. But without the foundation that they laid I would never have been able to embrace the challenge of learning to “like” me.

The mindset of believing in me was tested when I was encouraged to brand Connie Suarez.

To set up a “fan” page.

To ask people to “like” me.

I am chuckling as I write this because it was a HUGE obstacle to growing my mindset.

Imagine, just a few years before I couldn’t say that liked myself and now I needed to ask people to like me or at least a page called Connie Suarez!

And now . . . well, I know how to attract the people who want to “like” me and want to have what I offer. And I am having fun doing it.

My mindset makes all the difference.

The next crucial mindset is . . .

I Will Never Quit No Matter What Happens No Matter How Long It Takes.png

Mindset #2 – I Will Never Quit No Matter What Happens No Matter How Long It Takes

Don’t you dare quit, says one MLM leader.

I love her spirit but she doesn’t go far enough. Here is why I say that.

I didn’t quit for 5 years but I didn’t have the mindset of doing whatever it took.

Part of that was because the strategy I was given was not what I wanted to do or be seen doing.

I did not quit for 5 years and was pulling up my resolve to call my database one more time.

But then my circumstances changed and I needed to find another way to prospect and recruit. To my delight, the internet introduced me to a team of coaches and mentors who worked on my mindset and gave me my strategy.

They also taught me to celebrate my victories. To honor my victories. To recognize my victories.

One of those victories is that I didn’t quit for five years even though I hated what I was doing and got few results. I did not quit. And I will celebrate that.

Today, I will not quit, ever. And, just as importantly, I will do whatever it takes for however long it takes.

But what enables me to keep going is mindset #3, which is . . .

I Have a Strategy for SuccessAdd heading.png

Mindset #3 – I Have a Strategy for Success

“If you could have clarity about how to succeed or if you could have certainty that you would succeed, which would you choose?”

That question was posed to me and fifty other fortunate attendees at an elite training back in January.

I knew the right answer must be clarity. But why wouldn’t it be certainty?

Because certainty is a mirage.

I want certainty. I am drawn to offers of certainty.

But deep down I know that the claim of certainty is promising more than is humanly possible.

Yesterday, a Facebook sponsored post caught my eye. It claimed to offer a way to make money that was “fast and passive.”

Of course, it caught my eye. That is what the ad copy intended. But is fast and passive possible?

It turns out he was offering a book and probably training to provide a service for businesses that would give monthly income.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. But my thought always is why are you earning income doing something different from what you are selling me?

The truth is there is no such thing as a sure thing. And if that is true those who promise certainty are offering a lie. That is pretty blunt but it’s true, wouldn’t you agree?

So I much prefer, however reluctantly, to have clarity on how to succeed rather than certainty that I will succeed.

And that is what I have now.

There are no guarantees.

There are no magic secrets.

But I have clarity and with clarity, I have a moderation of certainty.

And that’s enough for me. I know this strategy has worked for others with great success. I know this strategy is working for me.

The clarity of knowing what my strategy will do for me has made it possible to engage with folks online and offline with no pressure for them to be my next “business partner rock star.”

I am free to help them decide if my strategy is right for them. Because . . .

My Strategy May Work for You or It May Not and I'm Okay With That

Mindset #4 – My Strategy May Work for You or It May Not and I’m Okay With That

That is true. It sounds so mean when I read the words.

But it isn’t mean. It is freeing to me and my prospects.

I am free to not be discouraged if they say no.

They are free to say no without guilt.

And it is realistic. Not everyone wants to be a network marketer.

And if they did network marketing companies wouldn’t need to pay for our services.

It’s true. When someone says no to me I often say, “that’s okay, it just makes me more valuable to my company.”

This mindset makes me a better recruiter.

When I really believe that my business isn’t right for everyone, I engage with prospects in a totally different way. I don’t feel any pressure to figure out how to convince them that they really do want to be an entrepreneur. They don’t feel any pressure to say yes.

I am ready to consider what is best for my prospect. In my experience that sometimes means a not now.

My soon to be best team member had watched the video and sat through a three-way call and one morning she called me and said she was ready to sign up.

When I got to her house, she greeted me and regretfully said her husband wasn’t ready for her to join. I was bitterly disappointed but I assured her I supported her decision to not go ahead unless her husband was on board.

Several months went by and I invited them to a home meeting (I was still doing that sort of thing then). She and her husband came. During the meeting, she texted me that she wanted to sign up and would I come to her house after the meeting.

I texted back wondering what her husband thought. I never heard back from her so with much uncertainty I went to her house.

She welcomed me in and said it was time and her husband was on board. And he was on board in a big way. He helped her sign up many people she didn’t even know.

What if I had pressured her to sign back in the beginning?

Whenever I am tempted to pressure someone I remember my number one distributor.

Today, I know that for everyone who says no or not now there are hundreds more waiting for me to find them on the internet.

There is no pressure to pressure others.

So, let me close with the same invitation I gave in the video.

I invite you to join me in my network marketing business and I will share with you how to attract 5-15 new prospects online every day. You could attract more but that is what I can comfortably handle with follow up.

Bear in mind that it is still a numbers game. Many of those who I attract still say no or not yet. But they are people who like network marketing. They aren’t uncomfortable with what I am offering.

I am no longer bugging family and friends.

I tell them how my business is going much like they tell me how their job is going.

And every once in a while one of them asks about my products or business. How cool is that?

Or, you can join me in my affiliate company that provides the same training that has grown my mindset and provides me with side income. You will rub virtual shoulders with network and affiliate marketers who use the internet to find the perfect prospects for their business. You will learn a skill set that will enable you to choose exactly how you want to find your prospects. With the internet, there are soooo many ways to choose from!

You can message me – just go to my Facebook page and click on the Message Me button.

Or you can start by getting a free 10 Day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp featuring one of my coaches and mentors, Ferny Ceballos. He teaches the approach I am using so it’s a great place to start.

Click on the link NOW. No pressure of course.

If you find value in this share with your friends.

Best wishes for your business,
Connie Suarez


When you reach my age you have heard a time or two, I want to be like her when I grow up. That is strange because first, I don't want to grow up and second, I am just figuring out who I am. I am an entrepreneur. I am having fun growing businesses from home while caring for my 90+ year old mom. Life is great!

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