Don’t wait to find a rattlesnake in the oven!

Did your house or apartment have a blueprint before it was built?

It probably did.

Some of the structures built by homesteaders here in Colorado didn’t.

Some started as one room, roughly built houses. As time passed a room was added. I don’t think that there was a blueprint, but if there was a woman involved then I can assure you that she had a plan.

There was a very clear idea in her head.

And she had a plan for getting it finished.

Of course, things didn’t always come off as planned.

My great-grandmother had a clear plan for her house that included a screen door. My great-grandfather didn’t share her urgency until . . .

Well, she cooked with a wood stove. At bedtime, she would open the oven door and kitchen door to help cool off the house. Then in the morning, she would close the oven door and start a fire in the stove, so she could bake the biscuits.

One morning she opened the oven door to put the biscuits in and there coiled in the middle of the oven was a well-baked rattlesnake that had apparently slithered into Grandma’s kitchen and oven overnight.animal-1298872_1280


Grandma marched out to the corral and shoved the pan of unbaked biscuits under Grandpa’s nose and said, “That is how you will be getting your biscuits until I get a screen door.”

Grandma got her screen door not because a rattlesnake had an untimely end but because she had a plan and she used every circumstance in her life to further her plan.

So, do you have a plan for your business? A plan that is so strong it will not be derailed by life’s circumstances.

You need a tool to create your business plan. An architect has a tool to create his blueprint. An architect uses software. You need a goal setting worksheet.

Here is a FREE download to get what I consider the best SMART Goals Worksheet:

And architect has a contractor to make sure that the blueprint is carried out. You need someone to keep you on track, to help you believe in yourself, to help you not set yourself up for failure. You need a coach.

Your sponsor or some other upline mentor could be your coach.

Just ask yourself. How has that worked in the past? If it works, great!

If it hasn’t worked you need a paid coach. And I believe that you need to pay more than you are comfortable paying.

What that amount is will vary from person to person.

Would you like to access the coaching program that has made the difference for me? Message me and I’ll tell you more.

It will cost you a bit. But it will be worth it.

It certainly isn’t the high end of coaching cost wise.

The key is to find the coaching that costs just a bit more than you feel comfortable paying. Because then you will work to get what you paid for.

You may need to find an expensive coach.

But maybe you can pay less and still feel the motivation to get what you paid for.

I want to be that coach for you. I could offer to coach you at no cost, but you need to pay something.

So, I am an option for you. Yes, you can pay to get me to coach your 2018 goal setting.

SMART Goals Accountability with Connie Suarez

Your success keeping your goals is tied to having an Accountability Partner. Download your free SMART Goals Worksheet and then get five accountability sessions with Connie Suarez. Session One will be scheduled after SMART Goals Worksheet is completed and payment is made. Session Two will be scheduled one week after the first session. Sessions Three, Four and Five will be monthly sessions after the second session. 30 day no questions asked guarantee.


This is what I know I would do for you. I would be encouraging yet firm. I’d believe in your dream and I’d remind you to stick with it. I am glad to coach you unless you are comfortable with what I charge. In that case, you need to find someone else.

But whatever you do, download the worksheet, and get a paid coach.

Don’t wait to find a rattlesnake in the oven!


When you reach my age you have heard a time or two, I want to be like her when I grow up. That is strange because first, I don't want to grow up and second, I am just figuring out who I am. I am an entrepreneur. I am having fun growing businesses from home while caring for my 90+ year old mom. Life is great!

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