Do you take work home or do you work from home?

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I had an aha moment as I walked Max this morning.

We were passing through the parking lot of a bank. I saw an acquaintance leaving the back entrance with a file folder in her hand.

I got this tight feeling as I remembered running back to the office for something I needed to complete the project I had taken home.

I asked her in a sympathetic tone if she was taking work home. She said no she just had to make some copies. I said I was glad for her, but I was feeling glad those days were behind me.

Then I wondered at the fact that I work from home and yet was sympathizing with someone who had to take work home. Wasn’t that sort of the same thing?

My response was immediate. NO!

It is different. I work from home that is true. But I enjoy what I do. I get to make it fit my schedule. And I am building my dream not someone else’s dream.

If you are still working towards working from home.

If you are struggling to build your business in your very spare time, be encouraged. It is worth all the hard work!

Work as hard as you can consistently. A little bit every day is more effective than working in spurts. The day is coming when you will be working from home.

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I welcome your comments below.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

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