Fear Is Not a Problem

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Oh but you say, it is.

If fear is one of the obstacles that you face in building your business, I have good news for you.

I watched a video by Mel Robbins with the same title that I used for this post.

From one presentation by Mel about procrastination my life was transformed. She taught me how to use the Five Second Rule to help me take action when it mattered.

I learned then that my brain was working against me with procrastination.

With the Five Second Rule, I learned to take action within five seconds of having an idea. That could be anything from doing what I have thought of immediately to writing it on my calendar.

But how can the Five Second Rule help us when fear threatens to paralyze our business?

You can read my brief summary below or watch Mel Robbin’s youtube video Fear Is Not a Problem.

Mel Robbins acknowledges that Fear is Real.

What a relief that has to be to the person who doesn’t travel because of fear of flying. That can be freeing to the person who is afraid of public speaking.

But you have to learn what to do about fear.

Fear is a real physical reaction that your body is experiencing.

What is interesting is that reaction is just like how your body reacts when you are excited.

Fear = Excitement

So, you do a little mind game with yourself.

When you feel fear and an anchor thought you can convince your brain that you are excited not afraid.

Let’s say you are afraid of flying. As you stand in that endless security line the fear ties you up inside.

Remind yourself of why you are flying. You will be landing in a tropical paradise and be spending a week relaxing on a white sand beach.

Now as you wait fearfully to board the plane, tell yourself, “I am excited to be taking this vacation. I am excited to sunbathe and take the deep sea fishing excursion. I am so excited.”

In her video, Mel demonstrates exactly how she uses this trick when she is preparing to speak at an event.

Make sure you take the twelve or thirteen minutes to watch it.

I value your input.

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God bless you,
Connie Suarez

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