What Do Croc Brain and Pixar Have in Common?

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Your success in connecting with family and friends. That’s all.

I was pretty sure I would get value from The Hollywood Blockbuster Formula webinar with Pamela Herrmann. But who knew that she would make croc brain and Pixar relevant for marketers?

pamela-herrmannPamela Herrmann is a best-selling author and national keynote speaker on the subject of brand story and customer experience.

Her book, The Customer Manifesto, was ranked #3 by Business.com in their list of Excellent Customer Service Books Every Business Owner Should Read, outranking Gary Vaynerchuk and Tim Ferriss.She is host of the Customers For Life podcast and the video program, The Morning Would Show.

Her extensive client list includes jetBlue, Community College of Denver, FullContact, and Mortgage Cadence.

And, I didn’t expect to be given a clear game plan for talking with people and writing blog posts, either.
It boils down to two concepts:

First, keeping it simple enough for the croc brain.

 You may have heard about the croc brain.
Pamela introduced us to it with a story. She was already demonstrating the second concept. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
Pamela’s brother has an awesome job. Here is how he describes it:
“I oversee the creative and technical processing for all voice files associated with Blizzard’s games, and ensure that the processing templates used for localization (the foreign language versions) are clear, and adhere to established convention.”
Did your eyes just glaze over?
That is the typical reaction. Because Pamela’s brother is not talking to your croc brain.
croc brain
If he would say, “I get to design the sound responses in World of WarCraft, the world’s most popular video game.” Even if you are like me and have never played World of WarCraft you would be impressed, right?
Because of the above response talks to your primitive “croc brain.”
If your story is going to be effective you need to understand this concept.
The croc brain is sort of a gatekeeper. If you satisfy it you will then be talking to the mid-brain.
But the mid-brain wants a story, not the technical information that Pamela’s brother used.
When would it be appropriate for the explanation Pamela’s brother gave? When he is talking to computer game design professionals. They would understand and appreciate what he said.
But not you and me. We need a story. Which leads us to the next concept:

Why stories matter for your business and how to craft the story that will stand out from the crowd.

First, stories matter because:
  • they create an emotional connection
  • they’re more memorable
  • so few are doing it right, it’s easy to stand out

How do you craft the right story?

Keep in mind that you get entrance into the other persons thinking with a primitive – croc brain – thought.

You may have the most amazing science behind your product. Your comp plan may be the best-designed plan in the industry.

But if you start with the facts that prove those statements you will be speaking to the neocortex. Or rather, you will be trying to.

But their croc brain will slam the door in your face.

Are there any recent conversations that went nowhere for you that all of a sudden make sense now?


You need to think like Hollywood.

Here is what I strongly suggest you do:

  • Go to pamelaherrmann.com
  • Navigate to the Brand Story tab
  • Request the CRAFT YOUR BRAND STORY [TEMPLATE] in the opt-in box at the lower right-hand corner

You will receive an email with the best help in telling stories I have yet seen.

Storytelling is vital for promoting your business. You have been trained to use your story and the stories of others.

Now learn to be effective telling your story.

After you read Pamela’s info you will have a clearer grasp of how important and how easy storytelling can be.AMF_Banner2_400x100Finally

If you are in business your story is unfolding. It will grow as you do.

That certainly has been true for me.

Seven years ago I started my story as a novice network marketer.

Every time I went to an event I heard:

  • Don’t quit
  • Go to every event
  • Share with everyone you know

And I grew my team but never felt comfortable with the method I used.

And then my mom needed me to be at home with her. I couldn’t get out as much as I needed to. I had exhausted my calling list.

My business was stalled.

So, I started looking for . . .

I really didn’t know what I was looking for.

Then I saw an ad that caught my eye. And I was introduced to the world of Internet marketing. And the many people who are willing to take your money for little or no value.

But, I kept looking and then I found value in the Attraction Marketing Formula.

20170608_210210After a year of coaching and training with awesome people like Ferny Ceballos, my business is not stalled. It has been transformed.

I get to grow my network marketing business and help others grow theirs.

I recently found myself saying in an email, It is fun to be me.

Want to join us at Attraction Marketing Formula but want more info first? Feel free to call me – 720-507-8231 or email me – conniesuarez@prezzurepointz.com.

I value your input.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez


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