Fifteen Years with Glen Campbell – How You Create a Life-Changing Opportunity

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How do you create a life-changing opportunity in your life?

It usually isn’t in one big event but in small events that come together.

Jeff Dayton is an active Nashville music producer, songwriter, session guitarist, recording artist and educator and tours as a dynamic bandleader and solo artist.

He is a great musician in his own right.

But his main claim to fame came from a chance encounter.

He and Glen Campbell made Phoenix their home base when it began.

Jeff was the lesser known musician. He was a fan of Glen Campbell.

But they were not acquainted.

Then a chance backstage visit gave Jeff a chance to meet Glen.

Instead of Jeff telling Glen how big a fan he was, Glen was telling Jeff that he liked his music.

Jeff had no idea that Glen even knew he existed.jeffdaytontruth

Now if Jeff could only make that interest into something more permanent.

And then Glen was gone and the opportunity had evaporated. Jeff was frustrated because he hadn’t even gotten a phone number.

But Jeff wasn’t just wishing for the big opportunity. He was working toward it!

Jeff had been working at it for years.

Sometime later, Glen showed up where Jeff and his band were performing. Jeff invited Glen to join them in an informal jam session.

And Glen did.

Surely, this time Jeff would get a phone number.

But no. Before he could ask Glen was gone.

Jeff was very frustrated.

Then a couple days later a call came. Glen was on the phone and said, “Jeff, you are a hard person to get a hold of!”

Out of that call came a fifteen-year career as bandleader for Glen Campbell.

How did that happen?

And more importantly, what lessons can we learn from Jeff’s story?

Several things come to my mind. I suspect you will have something to add and I hope you do.

Competently Build Your Brand

Jeff promoWhile Glen Campbell was the better-known musician, Jeff Dayton was also a great musician.

He had worked to perfect his craft.

He was busy performing and getting better known. He was creating and producing music.

So, it was no accident that Glen Campbell and Jeff Dayton met.

I believe Jeff hoped for the big break to come. But he didn’t wait idly. He worked for the big break.

He was working to get better.

The Intentional Recruiter doesn’t hope for a “rock star” to come along and join their team.

They are busy becoming that person. As they work to become a “rock star” they will attract “rock stars” to them.

Here are a few activities you must do to be the “rock star.”

  • Find the network marketing approach that best fits your personality. There are several to choose from. What works for your upline may not work for you.
  • Practice your chosen skill set. Practice makes good. More practice makes better. Practice. Practice. Practice.
  • Steep yourself in personal development. Ask others what they are reading and why. Always be reading something yourself. And share what you are gleaning from your reading.
  • Get a coach to push to strive for more.

Attract Success

It is clear that Jeff Dayton’s skill as a musician attracted Glen Campbell to him.

“Chance” meetings may have been Glen Campbell on scouting missions.

It makes sense that Glen was wanting a bandleader. So, he was checking Jeff out.

Doesn’t that sound likely.

The “chance” meetings were “job interviews!”

With that in mind every time your “prospects” see you – in person or online, you are interviewing for a “job” with them. That is a fact even if you aren’t looking for a job or running a business.

You are constantly building a reputation. Better make it good.

On Facebook, you have an opportunity to stand out.

  • Be positive
  • Give valuable content
  • Avoid being a spambot for your company
  • Be consistent

Facebook is so valuable because your day to day friends see you there. And it gives you an opportunity to meet people you wouldn’t know in the real world.

As you build your brand and attract success, be aware it takes time. So, you must . . .

Patiently Expect Success


I don’t know how Jeff Dayton defined success, but I don’t believe it was meeting Glen Campbell.

Don’t you think that Jeff Dayton believed in his success enough to patiently work for it?

Between the time that Jeff got his first guitar and the day he met Glen Campbell a lot of work was required.

Jeff didn’t quit because success hadn’t caught up with him. He kept pursuing success.

And that is what we as Intentional Recruiters do.

It is said of many network marketers that they overestimate how fast they can be successful and vastly underestimate how successful they can be if they persevere until they find success.

You must expect and believe in success.

How does that happen?

You attend company events.

You read personal development books.

You put up a Dream Board.

You find a coach who will push you out of your comfort zone.

Boldly Act When Opportunity ArrivesJeffandglen

As Jeff Dayton told his story of how he became Glen Campbell’s bandleader, I was amazed at his boldness in asking Glen Campbell to join him in an impromptu jam session.

Would you have done that?

Well, yes you would, if you had prepared like Jeff Dayton had.

You are preparing for success.

If you don’t yet possess the boldness that Jeff Dayton had, get it.

Is there someone on your “chicken list” you haven’t called yet?

Act now with boldness. Make the call. Go to an event where you will meet that person.

Act to put yourself in the position to ask for the figurative “jam session.”

Look at the picture at the top of this blog post.

Do you believe Glen Campbell regretted how Jeff Dayton came into his life?

Consider one of the network marketing superstars you know who was invited by someone who had them on their “chicken list.”

Do you believe they regret how that foresighted person came into their life?

I don’t either!

By the way, I am glad you and I have been brought together!

You have something great to add to what I have written here.

Will you post a comment below, or call me, or email me?

God bless you,
Connie Suarez
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