If all your friends jumped off a cliff . . .

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Your mother may well have thought that when you joined a network marketing business.

Today, I may sound a little bit like your mother.
If all your friends in your network marketing business have home meetings, does that mean you must have home meetings?
If all your business leaders called everyone they knew and asked them to watch a video, does that mean that you must call everyone you know?If all your business leaders
If all your upline have adopted Eric Worre’s strategy, does that mean you should?
I hope you answered with a confident no. But it’s okay if you didn’t. I didn’t come to this understanding quickly.
I had home meetings, called everyone I knew and met along the way, I embraced Eric Worre’s strategy but never really adopted it.
I suppose that is when I was beginning to doubt that the gospel of “old school network marketing was the only way”.
I was gaining confidence that it was not heresy to look for another way. And look I did.
I bought Eric Worre products. I recommend Eric Worre’s Network Marketing Pro. But I could never get into it.
I got Savvy Network Marketing training from Sonia Stringer. Sonia’s approach is much more me but it was lacking something.
I found what I was looking for in Attraction Marketing by Elite Marketing Pro.
And I gained a new set of voices to follow. Hopefully not off the cliff.

But your mother and mine are right. We shouldn’t follow our friends and mentors off the cliff.

You sense I have a point and hope I get to it soon and hopefully clearly.
Well, here it is.

You must find what works for you in building your business and then work it. You must understand that what works for you may not work for your new recruit.

You should give yourself permission to do what works for you and not feel pressured to do what may work for others but is not true to who you are.You should give yourself
You are free to evaluate all of the ways to build your business and implement what you want to do.
It is obvious that old school network marketing has been very successful in the past. So successful that you would be foolish not to consider using it to build your business.
Eric Worre is a genius Network Marketing Pro. He has strategies that still work.
Sonia Stringer has an approach that may help you.
We have more strategies and mentors and coaches available to help us grow as pros in this profession than ever before.
That is good news and bad news for you.
The good newsThe good news is that you do have lots of choices and that there is something out there that will work for you.
The bad news is that you may need to go through some trial and error before finding what works for you. That isn’t real bad. It does mean that what works for your sponsor may not work for you.
A lot of people in my company worked and did a lot of their calls in the car during their commute. I didn’t have a commute and making phone calls while driving doesn’t work well for me.
What were you taught that didn’t work for you?
What comments have you heard that implied there is something wrong with you because a specific strategy worked for your upline but it didn’t work for you.
Since I have partnered with Attraction Marketing by Elite Marketing Pro, I have shed those ignorant comments.
I am realizing that no matter how successful someone is, their way of achieving success may not be yours.
I have become so independent in my thinking that I am questioning Ferny Ceballos who wrote Attraction Marketing Formula.
In fact I am questioning something said in a blog about Multi-Dimensional Advertising on Facebook I posted on my site a day or two ago. It is this blog that triggered the line of thinking I am sharing with you today.
Ferny made a strong case for doing Facebook Live. I am not convinced. I believe that we need to have a multi-dimensional presence. I believe that we need to make use of all the tools that are available.
If, that is, they work for us. If they are consistent with who we are.
So, you are a work in progress.You are work in progress You need to find who is doing what you find consistent with who you are. Then learn from them.
That may include writing a blog every day or doing a Facebook Live every day.
It could mean that you go to where people are and meet strangers and invite them to look at what you do or calling your family and friends again.
Back to the good news. You have many choices. Your challenge may still be to figure out what it is.
I have although I am still in tweaking mode.
I value your thoughts on this topic. Feel free to call or email me.
God bless you,
Connie Suarez

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