Good Intentions, Good Character and How Newbies Can Lead Even as They Struggle!

Are you struggling seeing yourself as a leader in your MLM business? If you aren’t someone you know is. This story is for you and them!

Last night, I listened to a Monday Night Mojo hosted by Chef Katrina, Director Client Experience, at Elite Marketing Pro.

Chef Katrina got transparent and shared that she signed up for a half marathon and did no training for it.

She had already completed a half marathon. She knew what was involved.

Her commitment seemed genuine. She had registered for the marathon which was in Dublin. She had booked the travel details. She made the trip. But last night she confessed that she did not do one day of training.

Needless to say, when the day of the race came she was not prepared.

After half an hour, she was “sucking wind”. She wasn’t even sure that she could finish by walking.

I am not sure what she would have done if a fellow runner hadn’t approached her for help.



This is not Chef Katrina helping the runner. It is one of many photos of runners helping runners. It is a  highly praised activity.

The woman asked Chef Katrina if she was going to finish by walking and if she could join her.


The woman told Chef Katrina that she wanted to finish but in her last half marathon, she had been swept. Apparently, a runner has only a certain amount of time to complete the run. If they are still on the course at the end of that time they are picked up or “swept.”

Apparently, a runner has only a certain amount of time to complete the run. If they are still on the course at the end of that time they are picked up or “swept.”

Chef Katrina was unprepared physically to help herself complete the course. She had no way of knowing what kind of pace she needed to finish without being swept.

But Chef Katrina was prepared with good character.

She agreed to help her fellow runner, even though she was clueless how she was going to finish herself.

But she took on the task of helping someone else finish and when the other runner successfully crossed the finish line so did Chef Katrina.

Chef Katrina went to Dublin with good intentions. She packed her good character. She came prepared to run a half marathon and ended up helping someone else do the same.People with good intentions make promises. People with good character keep them.

You probably didn’t take MLM Best Practices in college. They didn’t even offer Network Marketing 101.

So when you signed up with your MLM sponsor you knew more about your friend than the industry you were joining.

Then you learned exciting info about your company, its products, and comp plan.

It was your excitement that drew your team to you.

You obeyed the cardinal rules of MLM.

  • Attend all the events
  • Don’t quit
  • Set goals
  • Invite everyone you know

And yet . . .

You don’t seem to be any closer to those goals and you feel inadequate as a leader of your team.

You are “sucking wind” and you are only at the beginning of the race.

You aren’t sure how you will reach your goals let alone get your team to theirs.

You are afraid you will be “swept” when momentum comes.

Countless MLM leaders will tell you that you don’t need to be at the finish line to help others get there.

You just need to be headed in that direction.

Untitled design (1)Fortunately, you are in a profession where there is a culture of helping. The comp plan of most companies rewards up line (and in some like my company) even cross line to help others.

So as you see someone who is struggling, come along beside them and help them with what you have learned.

Help them achieve what they want to accomplish and your goals will also become reality. Focus on their success.

Chef Katrina’s run must have been hard even after she started helping someone else. But maybe she only finished because she saw herself as responsible for someone else’s success. She was focused on getting the other runner across the finish line.

How will you use Chef Katrina’s story to motivate yourself to keep “running your race?”


Feel free to call or email with your comments or questions. I value your input.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

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