How often do you make someone feel important?

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And why should you make them feel important?

If you are Dale Carnegie, it is to help you influence them.
Or you may want your motive to be a little less self-serving. I can relate.
But if you are like me you want to influence others with great products and great income producing opportunity.Vip Keys Show Influential Of Very Important Person
We believe that what we are sharing has the potential to improve lives, don’t we?
And yet, if you are like me, you are tempted to hold back because you will also benefit.
Can you relate? I thought so.
I have one piece of advice for you.
Get over it.

You have something you are supposed to share. Get on with it. And while you are at it, learn to do it effectively.

Dale Carnegie has this book you may have heard of, How to Win Friends and Influence People.
One of his points was that when we make people feel important that we influence them.
Cool or manipulative? I vote for cool.
Because when was the last time someone made you feel important. Was that not awesome?
So, as we begin a national holiday let me challenge you to make one person a day feel important.
Start making that a habit without looking for ways to benefit. Just become that person that makes others feel important.
I suspect that we could change the world that way.
So, here are some ways that you can make someone feel important:
  1. Pay attention to people.listen-to-me-sign-shows-notice-or-message_GkY4xNwO.jpg
    1. Turn off the electrical device that has your attention, look them in the eye, and listen to them talk.
    2. Notice the name of your cashier and ask them how their day is going, ask them if they must work this weekend, thank them if they do.
    3. When your family member speaks listen, express interest in what they say.
  2. Be respectful.
    1. Open doors.
    2. Thank other when they open a door for you.
    3. Say you’re welcome.
    4. Wait patiently in a long line.
  3. Express admiration for people.Great Job Note Shows Praise Or Approval
    1. Point out when someone does a good job, perhaps even letting their boss know.
    2. Congratulate someone who has just achieved a business or education goal.
    3. Tell someone that you have noticed their ability to do something.
  4. Ask questions about them.
    1. Give them a chance to talk about themselves.
    2. Focus on what they say.
    3. Keep eye contact and body language focused on them.
  5. Tie your questions with action.
    1. If they are important, you will act when you learn of a need.
    2. Your action may be providing something yourself.
    3. Or it may be referring them to someone who is equipped to help.
  6. Include them.
    1. Invite them to events
    2. Ask them to join you for coffee
    3. Ask their advice
  7. Treat them like your dog treats you.Cute dog
    1. Light up with a smile when you see them instead of wagging your tail.
My challenge is for this holiday weekend. But I hope that you and I will keep it going long after we get back to work.
Oh, that reminds me, do you get the weekend off? Or do you need to work?
Whichever, please be safe.
Feel free to call or email me.
God bless you,
Connie Suarez

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