How Many Streams of Income Do You Need?

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What does your investment portfolio look like?Business man and growing Investment

Google “What should your investment portfolio look like?”
You will see ads for Ameritrade, MerrilEdge, and Ellevest maybe.
Then you can start through the over 4 million results.

The advice of what you should invest in to be as secure as this world allows will vary but the continuing advice is to diversify. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

I have heard that for decades.
For many people who run out of money before they run out of the month, serious investing is out of reach.
That reality is one of the reasons I like network marketing.
You can build the kind of income that either makes investing unnecessary or possible depending upon your point of view or situation.
And you can build it with a small initial investment.
I am of the opinion that as your MLM income grows you should invest.

To successfully represent an MLM company you must have rock solid belief that your company and the income potential it offers will never go away.

And yet we know that realistically lots of bad things do happen to MLM companies and income.
And we need to believe that our company acts with integrity and wisdom and those bad things won’t touch us.
But wouldn’t it be wise to have a few eggs in another basket just in case.

Multiple streams of income were a foreign idea to me as I grew up and went through my early adult years.

Then I worked for a CPA firm.
I only worked for them for a few months, one tax season; but I was kept busy processing tax returns.
The partners and accountants interviewed tax clients and filled out tax forms. I input every one of those returns into a computer.
The returns went to a company for processing and then were returned for me to print out and send back to the partners.
But I saw every single client’s information. (I had signed a confidentiality agreement and I have never revealed any person’s info.)
You don’t care about that info anyway.

What is important for you is what I learned about multiple streams of income.

I was surprised to see the income of the leading citizens of our community.money_M1CRh4qu.jpg
They had great jobs that were well paying. But they had other significant sources of income.
That fact has stuck with me.

For some time, multiple streams of income were out of reach.

When I went to work for the non-profit I directed, big bucks were not part of the deal.
It didn’t make me rich in this lifetime. I do believe I set up treasure for eternity.
So, I didn’t even give multiple streams of income much thought.
Can you relate?
I know that not everyone shares my situation; at least not the details.

But many don’t have the luxury of planning for the future because they are too busy providing for the present.

Then we find network marketing.
Belief is a key factor in success in network marketing. You need to believe in you and in your company.
Don’t lose that belief. Just temper it with a commitment to building multiple streams of income.
Use your own experience and knowledge to decide what those streams of income should be.
Don’t mistake me for a financial adviser.
But let me share with you what I consider my streams of income.

Network Marketing

11350471_994168093940115_5948788460213392952_n (2)My company is solid. It is publicly traded which it makes it transparent. That gives me greater confidence.
The product I represent is patent protected and backed by real science. That means that it will continue to be a leader in the network marketing community.
It is top of my list because it provides residual income. You know what I mean. We can eventually sit back and get paid for work we did in the past.
I don’t share my company except person to person. If you want more info give me a call at 720-507-8231.

Affiliate Marketing

Most affiliate marketing companies don’t provide residual income so I am less excited income-plan-vector-illustration_MyYeCAPu_Labout it as a stream of income.
I use affiliate marketing to provide income as I build the MLM piece to where I want it.
But I affiliated with a company that not only gives me income earning potential it provides network and affiliate marketing training.
I will give you a link to learn more about the company I am affiliated with.

Writing/Coaching – Or Whatever Is Your Area of Expertise

I have years of experience with writing and coaching that I am tapping into to generate another stream of income.
Writing and coaching may not be your thing.
The key is to find what you are passionate about and learn to turn it into an income producer.
Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what that might be.
Give me a call and we’ll chat and soon you’ll have a good idea what it is.

Traditional Sources of Income

woman-having-percentage-sign_GJvCCCPu_LKeep your day job for now. Be the best employee you can be.
Put a percentage of your income into savings. Think in percentages. If all you can save is 1% of your net income then do it. When you have established that habit consider increasing to 2% or saving 1% of your gross income.
Don’t cash out your current investments. If possible. I would say cash it out if that is what it takes to make a business investment. But look for every other possible way first.

Open Your Mind to Multiple Streams of Income.

Today the important thing is to be open to other streams of income. They will come in time.
And always focus on the main one – for me that is network marketing. It is my main stream of income. Pretty much all my other activity is on a pathway towards the MLM opportunity. It is what I am most passionate about.


The other streams of income have shown up as I worked my MLM. When I recognize a new stream of income I welcome it.
I know that you have something to add and I welcome hearing from you.
Feel free to call or email me.
God bless you,
Connie Suarez

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