Three sure fire ways to keep your agenda from sabotaging your business.

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When are you the most successful in taking a coffee meeting with your best friend to an opening to share your plan? your product?

If your up line is like mine you have been taught that only sharing your plan or product is a business building activity.

You need to watch the training videos and read the personal development books, but those will never build a network marketing empire, will they?

Even if there is no contest going – the person who shares the most times wins. You have been encouraged to do so many presentations a month.

Sharing is your most sought after agenda, right after signing up new people.  Isn’t it?

As you have hopefully been learning in my Five Listening Skills series, having an agenda is deadly to building a relationship that is conducive to recruiting.

(Here is the link to the first post in the Five Listening Skills.)

If your friend suspects that you have an agenda you shouldn’t expect to get very far. Even your closest friends don’t like to be used.

They will bend over backward to help you but they want you to be up front about it.

So if you don’t want to be a charter member of the NFL – No Friends Left Club, you need to learn to market your product/opportunity without an agenda.

Here are three ways to prospect without an agenda.

First, seek to benefit others.

Reflective listening allows your friends (6)When you are focused on helping others, you experience an attitude shift.

You know that. But how do you achieve it?

  • By rebooting your intentions. Keep your goals to share with three people a day. Keep your dream board filled with the things and purposes you are seeking to fulfill. Revisit them. Your goals are vital to your success. But marry them to your intentions in such a way that you will be free of an agenda.
  • Reboot your intentions daily with affirmations.
    • Today I am seeking to listen to ten people.
    • I am committed listening to hear what they are struggling with and what resources they have available.
    • Today I want what is best for each person I listen to.
    • I am listening to understand not reply.
    • I am prepared to give Supportive Feedback for the best solution for the people I listen to.
    • I am prepared to make a Confident Close helping them move forward in the plan they have chosen.

My blogs sharing to give Supportive Feedback and make a Confident Close are coming soon. Here is the link to the first blog of Five Listening Skills.

Next, imagine you already have a huge organization built and you don’t need to sign one more customer or distributor.

Reflective listening allows your friends (7).pngThis tip comes from one of the leaders in my company.

When I heard him teach this strategy, he was already there. He had achieved the organization that allowed him to believe that he didn’t need to sign up anyone else.

Or had he? He certainly wasn’t at the highest level. He hadn’t quit working so it can be reasonably assumed that he still wanted – needed – more people.

Perhaps, the pressure to sign another team builder was even greater for him.

The strategy is simple, convince yourself that you already have an enormous team built.

Accomplishing that will take a little work.

Affirmations are again in order. While you are saying your daily intentions, repeat these affirmations.

  • I am the network marketer who has built a team of 12 focused and motivated winners.
  • Our team has found over 10,000 like minded entrepreneurs who are thrilled with the products they offer.
  • I don’t need to sign one more person. I am still working because I am giving back as I find those who still need what I offer.

Say those three statements for thirty days and you will be the person you are talking about.

Want to talk about how to make those affirmations fit for you, drop me an email and we’ll set up a video chat.

Finally, tap into the world’s largest prospect list – the internet.

Reflective listening allows your friends (8)You don’t have to wait until you have reprogrammed your brain with daily intentions and affirmations. You can literally and virtually tap into the world today. You can even target those who like what you are doing.

You don’t have to talk to ten people to hopefully share with three. You can share with hundreds or thousands – a day.

It takes time and money (but it doesn’t have to be a lot of time and money) to tap into the internet. It also takes learning a few new skills. But many network marketers are doing it.

I stumbled upon this because someone else was using the tools that I have now adopted.

I had developed my person to person network marketing skills. Then my mom’s health changed my ability to get out.

Suddenly, my business jolted to a halt. Until I discovered Attraction Marketing Formula, written by MIT graduate, NASA space engineer turned frustrated network marketer, Ferny Ceballos. Ferny knows your pain because he has lived it and overcome it.

Attraction Marketing Formula is offered by Elite Marketing Pro which provides training to network marketers to equip them to build their business using the internet.

Elite Marketing Pro teaches different approaches so you can make it fit your situation and personality.

In addition to Attraction Marketing Formula, you can try Social Media Recruiter,  written by Julie Burke who built a six-figure organization using the skills she teaches.

You can try her Social Media Recruiting Frenzy Guide to see if it is a fit for you.

Attraction Marketing Formula has a different approach than Social Media Recruiter, but they both let you tap into the huge market on the internet.

And that will remove your agenda almost automatically.

Once I had learned how to find network marketers on the internet, I increased my list of prospects a hundred fold.

I now reach out to all the English speaking countries where my company is offered.

What do you suppose that did to my approach to the cashier at Walmart?

Yes, I still engage with new people I meet, but I am qualifying them.

Do I want to do business with the cashier who is grumpy?

Do I want to even share with the server who gave sloppy service?

The internet has my back so to speak, so I don’t need just anyone.

I am looking for the individual who will truly be the next go getter on my team of twelve. And so can you.

Wonder whether Attraction Marketing Formula or Social Media Recruiter is best for you?

Feel free to email me and we’ll set up a video chat.

I value your input.

Feel free to call or email me.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

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