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Life can overwhelm.

Working to change your life, even more so.

It really doesn’t matter what area of life we are talking about. Life overwhelms us when we are attempting change. That’s probably why many don’t like change.

Even if life as we know it stinks, it seems better than wading into the overwhelming changes.

Learning new business skills can be overwhelming and when those skills include learning new technology it can be so daunting that avoiding the change seems a better choice.

Over the last year I have been with an affiliate marketing company that teaches network marketers to use the internet. Much of what I have learned has overwhelmed me. Yet, I moved forward and have succeeded.

As I considered this, I was reminded of a Bible event.

You can read it in the book of Joshua, Chapter 3.

Moses had died and now Joshua led Israel. They were ready to enter the promised land. But to do that they had to cross the Jordan. There was no bridge.

To make things worse the river was at flood stage.

I googled Jordan river at flood stage. I found this image that includes statistics.

When they left Egypt, God took them in a direction that required that they cross the Red Sea. God parted the waters and they walked through on dry land.

So, parting the Jordan wasn’t a problem for God. But Israel still needed to grow in their walk with Him.

God instructed Joshua to have the priests carry the Ark of the Covenant into the water. Then, and only then, did a way across the Jordan appear. The Bible says that the waters were cut off and stood in a heap.

All of Israel was able to cross the Jordan in this extraordinary way.

I learned that with internet marketing I needed to just wade in.

The technology seemed to flood in and overwhelm me.technology_zyQIwkw__L.jpg

But I chose to just wade in to learn the next skill, and I moved forward.

As I look back I am amazed at all I have learned.

Want more info on what I am learning? Here is a link to a free Ten Day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp.

Just wade in and see if it is a fit.

Although internet marketing can seem overwhelming, building a business using just old school techniques isn’t much better.

One of the first things that we teach is to make a list.

business-19148_1920Do most of your prospects like doing that?

I remember a friend who signed up with me – twice.

She loved the products and knew that she needed the business.

But every time we talked about making a list she literally froze. I tried to help her through it; but she never got past it.

I am pretty sure that if she had just waded in she would have succeeded. I know for me making calls became easier as I got more experience.

In my opinion, using internet marketing to build your network marketing business is the best method for today.

But I don’t think that building an internet list lets us off the hook for making the list.

The new people will still have to just wade in.

However, knowing that you have the internet as your back up list is a little bit like having the priests standing in the river with the Ark.

It certainly has given me a posture with friends and strangers that I didn’t have before.

Marketing to friends and family is problematic.

Marketing to strangers you can find that are already interested in what you are doing not so much so.

If you haven’t already checked out Attraction Marketing, just wade in and see what you think. Is it a fit for you?

I love hearing from you. Call or email me.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez


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