10 Actions More Effective Than Wearing Company Branded Clothing

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I don’t know about you but it irks me when someone slams an idea without offering constructive alternatives.

So today, after yesterday’s blog –  I Will Not Wear My Company’s Branded Clothing! And Why You Shouldn’t Either.,  I challenged myself to make a list of ten actions that are more effective than wearing your company’s branded clothing.

My list comes with this disclaimer: You can still wear your company clothing. Just don’t think that it is working to build your business. And be aware that you might be advertising for someone cross line of you.

I believe that any action other than wearing company branded clothing is likely to work better as advertising for your business.

And you need to be advertising even if you don’t have an advertising budget.

  1. Be a Product of Your Product

approval-15914_1920Your advertising budget should include purchasing of your product.

Enjoy the benefits of your unique product (I hope your product is unique. And can you explain to someone simply why your product is unique?)

Talk about the benefits you are receiving.

If you represent a health and wellness product, share how you are feeling.

If you represent a beauty product, share selfies of you feeling more beautiful and confident.

If you represent a technology product, share how your life is more productive.

  1. Be a Positive Person – Even When Negative Things Are Happening

woman-in-home-office-using-computer-smiling_StveHcpAHj.jpgThink about your Facebook Friends and their posts. Which ones are you drawn to? Is it the people who are constantly complaining? Are you drawn to people who see themselves as losers and victims?

You are drawn to the people who can post positively even when events in their lives are negative.

They may be sharing a prayer request when life throws them a difficulty. But they most likely will also share gratitude to those who offer encouragement.

Are you especially impressed by those who are grateful?

Be positive. Be grateful.

Give yourself a gratitude challenge. For thirty days post about something/someone you are grateful for.

  1. Take Responsibility – Make Those Calls

woman-indoors-using-cellular-phone_SKOX3RHo.jpgThis one falls under the category Anything Is More Effective than Wearing Branded Clothing.

For some network marketers, making calls is highly effective. For some, maybe you, it just isn’t. But it is still better than wearing branded clothing.

And there are certainly ways of making calls that are more effective than others. It takes practice to find which works best for you. It takes practice at being effective doing it.

  1. Invite to Company Event

I can say ditto to my comments from #3. Still many people have grown their business using the invite. It will work for some very well. Try it and see how it works for you.

Today, most of us can even invite people in other parts of the country, even the world, to internet events.

Don’t dismiss this action too quickly.

  1. Brand Yourself

mobile-phone-1917737_1920Create a Facebook Fan Page.

(Or similarly use Twitter or LinkedIn or Instagram or YouTube. I decided to only focus on one and chose Facebook.)

There are good ways to use Facebook and there are better ways.

And there are ways that are business busters.

Don’t be spamy!

If you want to use Facebook, do it well.

Julie Burke built her network marketing business using Facebook. She didn’t make a list or invite to home meetings. She built a 6-figure business and trained her team to use her methods.

Here is a link to a blog by Julie about building your personal brand.

  1. Love Others More Than Yourself

join-770560People won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

And you won’t care about others unless you love them.

Decide to love those around you and you will find that you care more about them.

Once that happens, they will open up to listening to you.

Even so, your opportunity isn’t for everyone. When you love someone and they have a plan they are passionate about, do you encourage them in it?

There are several people in my life that I strive to be all the encouragement I can be as they pursue something other than joining me and my opportunity. I do it because I love them.

  1. Be Passionate About Your Company and Products

This is an affirmation of what you hear from your company and up line ad nauseam.

Attend events.

130413_lifevantage-366 (2)Events are designed to build and sustain your passion.

Passion is a key ingredient for overcoming your fear of sharing.

Skip events at the risk of slowing down your business growth.

  1. Interact with New Contacts Every Day

0o1a5090-1644 (1).jpgThree a day.

That is a pretty constant number when I hear folks from different companies talk about what it takes to be successful.

It is true whether your contacts are to a cold market or warm market.

If you don’t want to continue to hound your family and friends, you need to build your list from the rest of the world’s population.

Here is the good news.

There are more people you don’t know than people you do know.

Go find them!

  1. Listen to Your Warm Market with a Servant Heart

beautiful hipster young women sisters friends

After you have begun to practice #6 you can put this action to use. Listen to folks to hear what they want. Be ready to support them in what they believe is best.

You can only do that when you love them.

And even then it will be hard.

I have a product that I believe will change everyone’s health.

It is hard to accept when people I love aren’t using it.

Here are a couple questions that I ask myself. Maybe they will help you.

“Do you like someone telling you what personal choices you should make?”

“Do you want someone else to make decisions for you?”

For me the answer is a huge NO!

Remember that when sharing, allow others to make their own choices.

Keep in mind that you are an educator about your company and products. You are not in control of others’ lives.

  1. Attraction Marketing


You have another internet option besides Facebook.

It enables you to target an audience which is likely to be interested in your products and/or business opportunity.

It involves a bit of a learning curve depending on how involved you choose to make it.

It makes the internet your market.

You can choose to never trouble family or friends again.

If that is something that you want to investigate, I recommend a free Ten Day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp.

Attraction Marketing isn’t for everyone.

I have been challenged by the learning curve and exhilarated by rising to the challenge.

It has enabled me to continue sharing while staying home with my mom.

But you will have to commit to learning new skills.

And those are my ten.

Do you have any additional actions to suggest? I know you have.

Email me  your ideas.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

If you find value in this blog please share with others. Thank you!

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