I Will Not Wear My Company’s Branded Clothing! And Why You Shouldn’t Either.

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I have been with my company for 7 years and love it’s comp plan and product lines.

I have purchased and worn their clothing in the past.

But I always wondered if it was effective advertising for me and my business.

At our last event, there was plenty of “swag” to choose from. But I wasn’t tempted.

Here are three compelling reasons why I don’t and you shouldn’t wear advertising for our companies:

I am just one of many.#1 I am only one of many distributors sharing the company business opportunity and products.

When I advertise for the company – on my person or on line – I may be helping someone beside me.

I may become the endorser for another distributor’s sale; that is fine if it is their prospect. But not if it is mine.

And even though there is a great spirit of cooperation in our company, I want my prospects to sign up with me not the other distributors.

In fact, I need for my prospects to sign up with me or I will not be in business for very long.

You and I must embrace the fact that we are the advertising campaign for our companies. We are compensated based upon our effectiveness not our activity.

Your time and financial resources are limited..png#2 You have limited time and financial resources.

If you are like me, your time and financial resources are limited. So we need to be wise in how we use those resources.

Use your time to reach people. For me that means blogging, emails, Facebook posts.

For you that may mean more traditional network marketing tools like inviting to home and hotel meetings, engaging with people at networking events.

I suppose wearing a company polo shirt doesn’t take away from your time. But it does take away from some other more productive financial activity.

How many brochures could you purchase with the money you spend on your company swag? And did you brand your brochures with your name and contact information?

I was given a gift of bath salts by a distributor for one of the essential oil companies. It had the company name on it not hers. I think it was mainly a gift not a sales tool. But why not make it both?

Perhaps, the best use of your financial resources is to buy and use your product. It should be considered a business expense but check with your tax adviser about that.

That brings me to the last reason.

Be your best advertisement. (1).png#3 You should be your best advertisement for your business.

You should be using your products and talking about how you are benefiting from them.

Weight management is perfect for this. Just let your friends on Facebook know that you are starting a weight management regimen. Then report your results.

(This has a side benefit as it gives you greater incentive to stick to your weight loss plan. You have to have results to report!)

Avoid mentioning trade names of your product. As you talk about your results you will get inquiries.

Then you take the conversation to a private level. Personally contact them using Messenger or a good old fashioned phone call.

Begin the dialogue as you would any other prospect.

If you are in a travel company, post pictures of your last trip and talk about the experience.

When you get questions, take it offline with a personal conversation.

Remember that when you are posting to all your friends you keep the information brand neutral. Google is not the way you want them to learn about your company and product.

I love my company and its products.

And when I went to my last event I did wear branded clothing – that I had purchased in the past.

My point is that wearing your company clothing may work for them; but it won’t do much for your business.

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God bless you,

Connie Suarez




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