How to Max-imize Your Business – Max Takes Me for a Walk

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Today Max and I walked past a neighbor who asked, “Who’s walking who?”

“Oh definitely, Max is taking me for a walk!”



It is true. Max pulls me along. It is a good thing he is not a big dog breed or I’d be in trouble.

I’m not complaining though. He keeps me moving at a healthy pace. Max even keeps me walking every day – even on the days that I don’t want to walk.

After our brief conversation with the neighbor, Max and I kept walking. I got to thinking how true it was that Max was responsible for my walking every day. In fact, it was one of the reasons I justified getting a dog. I knew that I would need to walk a dog; and even more, I knew I needed to walk.

Max has been a better motivator to get me active than any of the various fitness machines and devices I have purchased. Some were as good as new when I sold them. I still have the last two that I bought. One is buried under boxes. The other sits in the living room practically unnoticed, certainly unused.

The difference with Max as an exercise device is that Max demands attention. On days when weather or my schedule cancel his walk, Max gets scrappy. I have learned to make time for a walk.

In other words, Max has become my “why” for walking.

Every successful network marketer has a “why.”

A “why” – a reason for doing what you find scary,  hard,  impossible.

She who has a strong enough why, can bear almost any how.

What is your “why?”

Is it to take dream vacations? Or buy a dream house?

Is it to send your children to college? Or to bring your husband home from the corporate job?

Is it to just be able to pay the bills?

It had better be something compelling.

It needs to be something that will haunt you like Max haunts me if he doesn’t get his walk.

Your -why-It should be something that makes you lie awake because you didn’t make your calls.

On the cold winter mornings, I take Max for a walk because I know that he will not leave me alone if he doesn’t get his walk.

I want to let you in on a little secret.

I heard that dogs don’t really care how long their walk is. It is true of Max. On the days that I am short of time, our walk may only be half a block. Max is good.

I really need more of a walk for maintaining my physical well being; but I have, at least, maintained my habit of daily walks. Most of our walks are longer; maybe I have gone a block and think we could start back; but I push forward.

My habit is to get even a short walk in while striving for a longer walk.

To Max-imize your business you need to have a similar mind set.

You need to have a daily minimum while maintaining a higher standard on a typical day.

Years ago I attended a Bible conference. The speaker challenged us to commit to reading the Bible for at least five minutes a day.

Was the speaker saying that five minutes a day is enough time in the Bible? I didn’t think that at all when I made the commitment. I realized that five minutes a day established a routine and a daily minimum. Most days I spend more than five minutes, but the minimum five minutes keeps me from getting out of the habit of reading the Bible daily.

So here is my challenge for you:

  • First, if you don’t have a compelling reason, your “why,” you need to spend time finding it. Talk with your spouse, your sponsor, a trusted up line, or message me. Talk to them. Let them ask you questions that will lead you to find the motivation that will drive you to daily action that will Max-imize your business.
  • Second, decide what your daily minimum should be. Make it the equivalent of a half block walk or five minutes of reading the Bible.
  • Third, decide what your daily higher standard will be. Make it something that will stretch you and be enough to achieve the results you want to see. Again, talk with someone as you decide what your daily minimum and daily higher standard need to be.
  • Fourth, have an accountability partner. Let someone monitor how you are doing.

It is all pretty simple. Yet so vital. I did not walk regularly until I got Max. Max has become both my “why” and my accountability partner. He is a faithful motivator. I hope and pray that you find one as effective. You won’t find one more adorable.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez


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