What I Learned About Attraction Marketing in Los Cabos – Make People Feel Special

The Gran Faro Resort had the obligatory gift shop.


In spite of being unfamiliar with “selfies,” Nimpha posed with me.

Nimpha did not see her job working there as obligatory.

I guess I don’t really know how she saw it; but I do know that she made visits to that gift shop a treat.


My first visit included the truly obligatory bottled water.

Nimpha spoke fairly good English. I spoke fair Spanish and wanted to use it. She graciously allowed me, encouraged me, to pull out my rusty language skills and use them.

Nimpha had a disarming smile and I returned often, partly because I needed more water. But I liked visiting with Nimpha. And she never made me feel like I was wasting her time.

I believe that Nimpha represents the best in selling.

The best of the best understand that people do business with people they like. People do business with people they trust, and people do business with those who make them feel special. Robin S. Sharma

Nimpha demonstrated this quote from Robin S. Sharma.

When my trip was coming to an end, I considered where I wanted to buy souvenirs.

Souvenir comes from the French and literally means the act of remembering. I wanted to have the items I took back home with me to have significance.

That meant that who I purchased from was as important as what I purchased. The resort gift shop where Nimpha worked was, of course, my choice.

Nimpha represented the best of my Attraction Marketing lesson from Los Cabos.

Nimpha acted the way you and I need to if we want to attract people to us and our business.

How do you do that?

Here are my thoughts from observing Nimpha.

Focus on the need of the other person.

I cannot guess whether Nimpha was paid based upon how much she sold or not. If she was, her need to earn money did not control her manner with customers.

She was helpful; but she did not pressure me to buy.

She was committed to serving me with what I wanted, which included letting me converse with her in my faltering Spanish. She didn’t make me feel that I was wasting her time.

When I was looking at items to purchase she didn’t try to influence my decisions. She was ready to answer all my questions and didn’t show frustration when I decided to wait.

Nimpha went so far as to agree to have her picture taken with me.

I explained to her that I planned to write a blog about her and wanted a picture. She agreed although I am not sure she really understood what a blog is.

But even her willingness to be photographed is impressive to me.

How willing are you to help the other person even if it doesn't help you- How willing are you to help the other person even if it doesn’t help you? That is the level that you need to reach.

That means listening first to learn of a need.

How do you do that?


You can take a cue from a friend of mine who shared with me that she could always get someone engaged in conversation. Her secret was to ask questions until she found out what interested them. In other words, she was focused on them and their interests. Once she had done that a conversation was ensured.

I find that it makes all the difference when I don’t start a conversation with a goal in mind.

You can make it a game. You win if you connect enough to learn what their need is.

For instance, a cashier at the grocery store is an easy opportunity to practice.

You have a few minutes to visit while they process your purchases. They are trained to greet you and be personable. So you ask questions. You can start with something as simple as, “How long have you worked here?” Maybe you can try, “How do like working here?” Or “How long before you can go home today?”  Their reply to one of those questions usually provides you with something else to ask.

There is no script because that would mean that you have a goal. Just pick a question you like. Where the conversation goes is up to the cashier. If you can have a conversation until it is time to pay for your groceries you win the game. Then if you feel like you would like to keep in touch, ask if you can friend them on Facebook.

Practically everyone is on Facebook, except Nimpha. Almost no one objects to having another person friend them.

Once you are friends, just keep in touch and then suppose they indicate that they could use extra money, message them. Say something like, “I saw that you are thinking about a part time job. Are you open to looking at what I do to earn extra money?”

Julie Burke used Facebook to build a large team and then trained her team to do the same. I love her approach. You can check it out by getting her Social Media Frenzy Guide. It’s free and introduces you to her Social Media Recruiter.

To be successful in marketing you need to be motivated and action oriented without pressure.

Nimpha was motivated and action oriented.

She showed up for work. She was dressed to impress. She was friendly and helpful.

You need to be sharing with numbers of people every day. And it is totally possible to share with numbers of people and still remain focused on their needs. I have been learning from a group of like minded people at Elite Marketing Pro. Here is a link to one of their blog posts on the #1 Network Marketing Skill for 2017. 

By all means, the list of people you need to contact needs to be large and growing. Your list has to include at least 50 people when you initially start; but it needs to be growing.

How many people you invite everyday will depend upon how much money you want to make and how fast you want to see your results. But it makes sense that you have to be adding more names than you are contacting, doesn’t it? That is where using the internet is vital in growing your business while allowing you not to pressure the people on your list.

Calling your list, continuing to grow it, that's showing up for work.Calling your list, continuing to grow it, that’s showing up for work.

You have lots of help in increasing your numbers. I have used the technique taught in the Attraction Marketing Formula by Ferny Ceballos.

I find an unexpected benefit from using the internet.

Because I have that resource, I don’t feel like I need to sign up anyone.

I feel free to talk to people about what they are interested in. As I do that, I can truly focus on what they need without being influenced by my need.

The fact is the bigger your list is, the more you are free to focus on the needs of the people you talk to. The more you focus on their needs, the more likely you are to find the people who need to join you.

Are you open to talking to me about what you need? Feel free to message me.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez

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