The Best (Free) Workouts for People Who Don’t Have Time to Work Out

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Is your routine giving you the workout you need? Are you like me and wondering if you should do more but not sure how to fit it into your schedule?

Check out this blog and let me know which one of the suggestions appeals to you.

2017-05-16_1527Look, we get it: just doing the bare essentials of living is enough to make you exhausted. Of course you want to be healthy, but there isn’t enough time to commit to a gym routine. So what’s the answer? Ditch the gym.

After your commute, work day, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, walking the dog, and maybe squeezing in a few loads of laundry, working out is the last thing you want to do. Getting to the gym just eats up more of your day: you’ve got to change, drive to the gym, do your workout, drive back, and then shower. We get how impossible and frustrating it may seem to squeeze in a workout routine, but luckily there are options. And they don’t involve the gym.


There’s a pretty big chance you make time for a few episodes every night. Guess what? That’s workout time. Pinterest has a giant collection of workouts to do during commercial breaks or during your favorite show. Take the Walking Dead workout, for example: every time a walker is killed, you do 5 crunches. Every time someone cries, you do 3 squats. It’ll add up quickly. From Harry Potter to Gossip Girl, if you have a favorite show, chances are there’s a workout to accompany it. No gym required.



There are loads of YouTube channels with high-quality, no-cost fitness videos. We happen to love POPSUGAR because there are dozens of fantastic, fun workouts updated regularly and totally free. Most of them are about a half hour long and they don’t require any special equipment, so you can click “play” when you get home from work, get your heart pumping for a half hour, and then get on with the rest of your night. Only have 15 minutes? No problem. They’ve got videos for that too.



You’re legally required to have a lunch break, so that’s a half hour to an hour available to work out away from the distractions at home. There are hundreds of suggestions for a lunch break workout online, but we really like this simple one from The Love Fit Life. Follow the infographic below for your first workout, then branch into some of the other suggestions online. Oh, think you can’t work out because you didn’t bring a change of clothes? Let me introduce you to the wonders of dress pant yoga pants. They exist and you need them. Problem solved.



You’re on your phone all day anyway, so you may as well use it to get moving. If you hate running aimlessly around your neighborhood, Zombies, Run! is the answer, and it will both terrify and delight you. Set the workout to however long you have (15 minutes is fine), and a zombie story will start playing. When you hear the zombies start to come, you’ll need to start running even faster. The app relies on GPS to narrate a story based on what you’re seeing in real life. It’s way less terrifying than the gym changing room and a lot more fun.


Even ten minutes is better than not getting any exercise at all. With that in mind, Daily Burn has fantastic high intensity interval training routines that can be tailored to fit in your day, even if you only have ten minutes. Using nothing more than your own body strength and a chair, you’ll feel an intense burn that’s just as satisfying as a longer workout. Check out their free workouts here.


There you go, five fun and free workouts that can absolutely fit into your day, no matter how busy you may be. Even if you only have 15 minutes, you can spend that time getting fit and feeling more prepared to handle the other 1,425 minutes in your day.


Manage your weight the smart way.


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