Change Your Habits to Boost Your Happiness

Horse head on womans shoulderWhen happiness seems to be a fleeting flash of emotion for you, there may be some things you need to do in order to make it longer lasting. After all, happiness isn’t supposed to be fleeting.

Bad or negative habits are the stumbling blocks to true happiness in life. Switching these out for positive, productive habits can transform your life overnight. Here are a few of the tactics you can use to develop the best habits for creating the happiness you seek.


Veggan bruschettasDoing something that can help improve your overall health is one way to increase happiness. Making it a daily habit to seek out better nutrition is showing self-love that will benefit you for your entire life. Stay away from highly processed foods and ones that are packed with preservatives. You can even make healthier eating choices at restaurants by staying away from the greasy foods and eating more plates with vegetables in them.

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Two female friends doing excercise in natureExercise is a great way to boost your mood and keep your body in shape. Believe it or not, it can also make you feel more energized. Developing the habit of daily workout routines, whether those are swimming, golfing, or even brisk walks, will make you happier since you are focusing on special time for your enjoyment. You do not have to feel guilty about setting aside time to improve your body and health.

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Nothing makes you feel happier than doing something well. That feeling of pride in accomplishment can do wonders for the soul. Whether you are good at writing poetry or knitting sweaters—do it! Set aside a little time each day to be successful and do uplifting activities.


Keeping a few close friends near and dear is a sure way to paving happiness that lasts. It is necessary to have trusted people you can talk with to help get you through the daily struggles of life without feeling awkward or judged. Getting through life is a team effort!

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Teenager female reading in parkTaking your brain out of a thought pattern that leads to unhappiness does not have to be such a big chore. Any time you find your wheels grinding and you cannot get a grip on happiness, try challenging your brain by doing things like:

  • Starting a new hobby
  • Taking a class
  • Enjoying a tough board game
  • Playing mental puzzles and quizzes
  • Reading a good book

The important thing is to keep your mind active and you will find unhappy thoughts turning to happy thoughts in no time.


Offering time, money, and expertise in volunteer activities is one way to boost positive feelings. When you can make others feel happy, it reciprocates almost immediately. Find a local charity you can get behind and make it a habit to pour your free time and energy into the cause. It beats moping around the house or feeling bored!


family at homeSqueezing all of the good out of every moment in life is a way to extend happiness into all areas of your life. If you have had an amazing day at work and there are difficulties at home, stick with the happy feelings you experienced at work. It will energize you to power through other difficult moments with your happiness intact. Happiness is infectious. Share it with your significant other, kids, or neighbors.


Too often people develop habits of going with the emotional flow of things. Simply changing perspective can combat negative thinking. Negative perceptions can set the tone for how you feel, react, and operate on any particular day. Try viewing things positively and see how quickly things can turn around.


Have you ever run into someone who is simply happy? It can really pay off to make it a habit to watch and observe truly happy people. Are they viewing things differently? Are they reacting to the stresses of life in a different way? Try and mimic whatever they are doing that seems to work.

No one can be happy all the time, but there are opportunities to increase these joyful feelings by switching bad habits for good. Give the tactics mentioned above a try and you will be surprised at how much happier you feel each and every day!


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ACoutinho - March 8, 2018

Yes, true.. Simple things and solutions like that are often neglected and forgotten by us …we live in such busy world. Thank you for the reminders. I’ve written about happiness recently. Please have a look and let me know what do you think if you have a moment: https://mindset4progress.com/2018/03/07/how-to-be-happier-and-why-we-should-think-of-others-more/


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