What I Learned About Attraction Marketing in Los Cabos – Rodney Delivered Value

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Why would you walk out of a resort with crashing waves and warm sun? Why would you leave all-inclusive restaurants, buffets, and snack bar to pay for food and drinks?

The Bar and Rodney are why.

Value is why.

Relationship is why.


Across the street from the Gran Faro Resort was a smallish sidewalk establishment called The Bar.

Rodney owned or managed The Bar. Rodney felt like our friend.

The first time our group went over to The Bar, I had stayed back at the resort. I was still “in resting after the flight” mode. Again, why walk across the street . . .

On the other hand, why would you not walk across the street for the feeling of spending time with a friend who serves “the steak taco.”

As I was relaxing in the shade on the beach, I was joined by my daughter who began praising the steak taco Rodney had served for only $1.50. There was so much tender, juicy steak in the taco. And the condiments! The condiments served with “the taco” only added to “the value.”

Did I regret staying behind and not going to The Bar or as our group called it, Rodney’s? Not for long. We went back several times.

I tried the steak taco, of course; it was every bit as good as reported. I also tried a fish taco – yum!

Our last trip over to Rodney’s found my appetite lacking. I didn’t want much to eat. The menu offered nachos for $1.50.

If I had thought about what else had been offered for $1.50 I would have reconsidered. However, I wasn’t reasoning well and ordered the nachos.

What was I thinking? I didn’t even try to finish the nachos. I couldn’t, even with help from the others at the table.

And that is when the obvious truth of why Rodney’s kept drawing us away from the all-inclusive resort restaurants.

Enormous value was offered in the context of a friendly atmosphere.

As attraction marketers, if you are a network marketer you need to be an attraction marketer, we can learn a lot from Rodney and the nachos.

Offer your best and lavish it on the world.

Give value and let people know that you care about them.

Offer what people want and need and let them know that you are a friend.

If you successfully do that, you will draw people from the crowds of others trying to offer the same, and you will deliver.

Value served with friendship.

You can’t top that. It is like a mountain of nachos smothered in cheese and jalapenos with  a huge scoop of guacamole.

The world will not be able to resist.

Better yet, you will feel very good about what you do.

How many times has a network marketing strategy left you feeling good about what you do?

So how do you offer value in the context of friendship?


Offline, you spend time with folks. You listen to them. Listen to them because you care about them. Listen to them without an agenda.

What will that look like for you?

You will not look for an opportunity to segue into sharing about your business. It will be like you have taken the day off.

How will it feel for your friend or the stranger you have just met?

It will feel like an amazing moment when they get to talk about whatever is on their mind.

Think about it. When was the last time someone really listened to you . . . without giving you advice.

I remember once I was preparing to take a weekend trip that I had planned for weeks. As the weekend approached I felt a cold coming on.

Not wanting to miss the trip, I called our church prayer chain and asked that folks would pray for me.

I received a ridiculous number of calls from friends, who I know believe in prayer. They were offering me remedies.

I know they they were concerned. But you know what? I didn’t feel their concern. I felt like my request for prayer had been ignored.

They may have prayed in addition to offering advice. But it didn’t feel that way.

How many times do we as network marketers make that mistake?

Your company offers products that are amazing. It is hard not to switch to the sales pitch mode as soon as someone mentions a need that your products can help.

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt.

The key is to care, not just act like you care.

Empathize with who you are listening to. That means imagine how they are feeling as they talk to you.

As you empathize with your friend, check out whether you “get it.”

Respond with a remark like, “It sounds like you are very frustrated.”

Now wait for her to say yes, that is what she is feeling; or no, actually, she is feeling angry or hurt.

Active listening like this will make you more tuned in with the person you are talking to. It is almost magic.

As you use active, empathetic  listening, the real magic happens. You quit needing to share your business or product with them.

When you care about someone, you focus on their needs not your own. I love when this happens. It makes me feel good about being a network marketer.

Now that you truly care about your friend or family member, you’ll know what you need to do next.

That will depend on what you learned while listening.

What concerns them most?

What is their pain source?

What keeps them awake at night?

What can you offer to help?

I believe that if you have truly connected in a caring way, it may be appropriate to respond immediately.

For instance, if you sense that you need to pray for them. You wouldn’t wait to tell them you will be praying. You would tell them then. But you probably would follow up in a few days to see how you can continue to pray.

Similarly, if you sense that your friend needs to hear about your product. Suppose your product is designed to solve a specific problem your friend mentioned. You should tell them you have some information that they need to see or read. Then arrange how and when you will share that information.

It is likely that it would be best to arrange a phone call. You can say something like this,

“Right now isn’t a time to go into details, but I have some information that you would find helpful. Are you open to (watching a video, reading a brochure, etc.)?”

When they say yes, set up a time to get the info to them. They probably will say yes; but if they don’t you will find it much easier to graciously accept that, since you have connected with their needs.

Online (1)

Although the tools will be different, the approach to online recruiting should be based upon the same philosophy.

Listening to your target market with empathy.

How will that look?

You engage with folks on your preferred social media.

Julie Burke chose Facebook. She had been a network market for some time. Then she started a new network marketing business. She chose not to share with her friends in the traditional way.

Perhaps, she was a little embarrassed to admit that she was actually doing it one more time. Or maybe she sensed her friends were tired of hearing of net work marketing.

She used Facebook in a non spamy way that was very appealing to her Facebook friends.

Julie built a successful team and trained her team to use the same technique. She built a large organization using her technique.

Then she shared her secret with the folks at Elite Marketing Pro.

I love her training.

Maybe you will too. you can check it out without it costing you a dime. Click here to receive her free Social Media Frenzy. If it makes sense to you, buy the whole training.

My friends at Elite Marketing Pro are the ones who have given me help in growing as an Attraction Marketer. They focus on online marketing; but believe it or not they have grown me in my offline skills as well.

There are other ways to build your business online.

Tyson Zahner introduced me to Attraction Marketing Formula, another training program from Elite Marketing Pro.

Tyson uses the approach of Facebook advertising to reach a targeted audience and send them sales info by email.

It worked for him because he signed me up for a class of his.

Cari and Whit Higham use Facebook ads to attract people to their Facebook Fan Page and then they engage with them similarly to how you might engage with the server at your favorite restaurant.

The difference for Cari and Whit is that they are drawing people who are more inclined to be interested in joining them in the business using targeted Facebook ads.

Tyson and Cari and Whit all got started with their marketing approach with another training from Elite Marketing Pro – Attraction Marketing Formula. By clicking on this link you’ll receive a Free 10 Day Boot Camp to check out Attraction Marketing Formula.

Julie, Tyson, Cari and Whit are like Rodney.

They have set up shop in a place that will attract attention and then they deliver value.

What I like about this story is that each of us have a unique personality.

What I have just described gives you and your personality lots of options.

Are you interested?

Here are the links again:

Social Media Recruiter

Attraction Marketing Formula – 10 Day Boot Camp

Just want to visit with me for more info, click here.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez
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