Max-imize Your Business – 3 Reasons You Need a Coach

Max came to Mom and me as an adorable blend of energy and attitude. But he had some rough edges.

Maxtrashes- 0I had no good experience with dog training. Not that I wanted Max to perform dog tricks. I just wanted him to behave.

He wasn’t used to a leash. He stole my favorite pen and chewed it. He chewed the end of a phone charging cord. He went through the trash and trashed the room.

We fixed the leash problem by using a leash. He still isn’t perfect in that he pulls me along at a good healthy pace. But since that is what I need, I haven’t tried to fix that. Until Max becomes the big dog he thinks he is, we’re good.

The favorite pen stealing was cute. I laughed and chased him. It was a great game. Then I realized that I was actually rewarding bad behavior. So I gained a new command – “Drop it.”

When Max grabbed a pen, I sternly said “Drop it.” Nothing happened. So I gained a new strategy – The spray bottle.

When Max grabbed a pen, I sternly said “Drop it,” and gave him a shot from the spray bottle. Max dropped the pen. I had gained a new skill – dog training.

I realized three things from that:

  1. Max lost interest in pens once the game was removed.
  2. All I had to do was pick up a spray bottle and Max would quit doing other egregious acts.
  3. Months later, years later, all I have to do is sternly say “Drop it,” and whatever Max has in his mouth will be dropped. Anything.

Max is not perfectly trained. But he mostly behaves. Which is what Mom and I want.

I play with Max to make up for the lost pen game. He is happy and content. How could he not? He has two women’s laps to cuddle in. One of them gives him cookie bites even though I have sternly forbidden it. (My mother does not obey me like Max does. But then I have never tried the spray bottle with her.)

And there are so many fringe benefits with Max. One of them is that I see ways that he is teaching me life lessons.

One, and the most important, is how he responds to his relationship with Mom and me.

He is always so excited to see us.

His tale wags his body, literally, he is so excited.

I am challenged when I see that because I think that I need to be more excited about my relationship with God. But then I think I will be beyond excitement when I finally am at home with my Father.

I also see in Max lessons for you and me as we build our businesses. That is what Max-imize Your Business is all about.

So I am realizing that Max demonstrates why you need a coach. I know that I have grown from having coaches involved in my business growth.

fitness-center-senior-woman-exercise-sit-ups-with-personal-trainer_rtbIxDa4o.jpgThanks to Max, you can understand that you need a coach for a least three reasons. Here they are:

You need a coach to believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself!

Max demonstrates this need often. He is short and jumping up into our laps is a big jump for him. But Max can and does jump that high.

The recliner that is sitting next to the window Max perches on is a big jump for him. I have seen Max not only make the jump but hit the jump so fast that he has rocked the chair back.

So it is well established that Max can jump up.

Yet, mysteriously, sometimes he does not know that he can jump up. The chair or our lap looks to high and he tries and tries without success.

20170502_142911That is when Max needs a coach. We tell him he can do it and encourage him to jump. Eventually, he does and is successful.

People aren’t much different. We need someone to come along side us and remind us that we can do this.

If you are building a network marketing business for the first time, you really need a coach/cheerleader.

One day you believe that you can rank advance and then the next day you believe that you will never do it.

But you are venturing where you have never gone before. At least, you should be. If you aren’t stepping out of your comfort zone then you aren’t going far enough.

That can and should be scary. And although Eleanor Roosevelt advised that you try something scary everyday, she didn’t insist that you do it alone.

You need a coach. Someone who believes in you and is committed to your success. Someone who will even get in your face if you need it.

A coach has tasted of the success you are seeking. She helps you determine what it is that you want. He helps you formulate a plan to get what you want.

You need a coach to keep you focused as you work towards your goals.

Max loves to go for a walk.

He knows when it is time with for a walk and he follows me, jumping and running back and forth. He is excited.

When I get the leash and am ready to connect Max to his leash, he goes crazy. He grabs a toy and shakes it, he grabs a mouth of dry dog food and chews furiously.

I call him to come to me and he gets more crazy.

I have to say his name, tell him to come to me and point to the stop where he needs to come. I often have to repeat that.

Max wants to go for a walk but he needs me to help him focus on doing what he has to do, so that he can go for a walk.

You sometimes get so excited about a new comp plan or product or contact, that you forget to focus on the plan you set for yourself. You lose valuable time and sometimes even that new person you were sure would sign up with you.

You need a coach. A coach stays focused. A coach keeps you focused.

swimming-pool-swimmer-training-competition-in-class-with-coach_HtewhpNs.jpgOf course, you need a coach who is connected, someone who will be available when you aren’t focused. No one person can do that.

So you need a coach connection. You need a coach who will keep you connected with a community, a team that will keep you focused.

You need a connection that contains successful individuals you can pattern yourself and your business after.

You need to increase your connection with folks who are doing what you want to do, successfully.

You need a coach to encourage you to grow.

0o1a2655-728.jpgMax was nearly perfect when he came to us. You are great as you are.

When Max came to us he was undisciplined and in need of a home. Max needed to be surrounded by a family that loved him. Mom and I needed someone to love.

We helped him be just disciplined enough to get along with us and other people.

You need a coach if you are going to grow.

A coach is one aspect of personal development.

Books and seminars are great. You definitely need to be doing that for personal development.

But all the truly successful people got where they are with a coach. Most of them are still letting a coach challenge them to grow.

Fortunately, there are lots of coaches available. Some call themselves coaches. Some don’t.

It is your job to find the right one for you.

Here are places to consider a coach:

  • Your network marketing company. In my company, there is an atmosphere of helping each other. You may be able to find someone in your up line; or if your company encourages cross line cooperation you may find someone who is a better fit for your level of experience and personality in a cross line connection.
  • There are many people who have books or do training for network marketers that also have various forms of coaching. Read books and go to trainings to learn whose style is a good fit for you.
  • Maybe you would benefit from the personal growth you would gain from a personal trainer. I have grown from being involved with competitive sports even when I didn’t have a coach or trainer. Adding that leadership could be the confidence builder you are looking for.
  • Toastmasters International is not only an organization that builds speaking skills; it also has a leadership track which many corporation value for its leadership training. Experienced Toastmasters often welcome an opportunity to mentor new members.
  • Look for Facebook communities for network marketers, read blogs like mine, look for someone you connect with and reach out to them.

You are an entrepreneur. That is a high calling. You have the potential to touch other lives with your greatness.

It will not come easily. It will be hard.

Be prepared to be different.

Be prepared to sacrifice.

Be prepared to lead.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez
P.S. I am committed to your success. Message me with your questions or comments.

When you reach my age you have heard a time or two, I want to be like her when I grow up. That is strange because first, I don't want to grow up and second, I am just figuring out who I am. I am an entrepreneur. I am having fun growing businesses from home while caring for my 90+ year old mom. Life is great!

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