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What do you think, can we learn from a Chihuahua with attitude?

Meet Max.

Max spends a good deal of his time scanning the neighborhood in search of friends.

Max came to live with my mom and I about a month after my son died.

I didn’t plan on him being a comfort to us. It just happened that way.

I remember the overwhelming desire to find a dog after Rich died. It didn’t seem like a good time but I kept looking up dog rescue sites in our area. I could not help myself!

Max was rescued from the Walmart Garden Center. Unbelievably, someone let him go.

He is mostly a chihuahua. The vet said he probably has a little pug in him. When he wants outside he jumps up and down at the door like he is a jack russell terrier. Outside he runs circles as if he thinks he is a greyhound. And when there is a big dog around he acts like he is the biggest, baddest dog there ever was.

Max is a bit bossy and high maintenance. He gets away with that because he is all attitude and totally adorable.

He provides comic relief. One evening I was holding him just before I put him to bed. He was making me laugh. Suddenly, I remembered my son and started crying.

Max immediately quit his funny antics and sat still, listening to me. He was more compassionate than some humans.

We had chosen Max for his name after seeing him just once. In fact, we made the decision to adopt him based upon one time of seeing him.


We hadn’t even held him. But after we got home, my mom asked me, “Now why didn’t we get that little dog?”

After the third time, I asked her if she wanted to get that little dog. She said she did if I did. I told her I did indeed want that little dog who after just a few minutes viewing had already found his way to my heart.

There was no other name for a dog with that kind of impact than Max.

So Max came home to help my mom and I grieve the loss of her grandson and my son.

But Max is teaching me so much about relationships and incredibly how to succeed in life and business.

This is the first of several blogs on how to Max-imize your business.

In the meantime, look around you. Do you have a furry friend? I’ll bet if you consider how they approach you and life, there are lessons that they are teaching.

Will you comment below on what they are teaching you?

God bless you,
Connie Suarez
Phone: 720-507-8231

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