Affirmations of Action


Are you feeling stuck in your business? Mel Robbins says that taking action is what you need to do.

Guess what, there are Proverbs that agree with her.

First of all, consider a Proverb that divides us into two groups. We can be lazy or diligent.

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Proverbs 10:4 Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.

Another way of saying lazy hands is slack hands. I have to confess that sometimes I feel paralyzed by uncertainty and I don’t do anything for fear of doing the wrong thing. According to this Proverb that is the opposite of diligence.

The answer is to take action. Do whatever you can do. That can include prayer, asking your mentor for advice, looking for answers in the Bible, looking for answers on the internet. Do the next thing; even if it turns out to be wrong. It may just lead your to the next thing; which may be right. Keep moving. You will get where you are going.

Don’t be like the lazy who don’t finish the job.

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Proverbs 12:27 The lazy do not roast any game, but the diligent feed on the riches of the hunt.
Can you imagine shooting wild game and then leaving it to rot? Whether you like the idea of hunting or not, you will agree that not preparing and eating what you have killed would be irresponsible.
I am not a hunter but I can think of ways to apply this truth in other aspects of life.
What do you think about someone who buys a tree for their yard and then doesn’t dig a hole and plant it? What a waste! How lazy!
What about buying an expensive piece of meat and leaving it in the refrigerator and not cooking it? It will spoil and not be edible! What a waste! How lazy!
What if you sign up with a network marketing company and have spent money on product and sales materials; but then you are afraid to make calls because you are afraid of what people will think of you? What a waste! How lazy!
And there is a proverb that fits that lack of action; basically, the lazy avoid it all.
Lazy (1).png
Proverbs 26:13-15
A sluggard says, “There’s a lion in the road, a fierce lion roaming the streets!”
As a door turns on its hinges, so a sluggard turns on his bed. A sluggard buries his hand in
the dish; he is too lazy to bring it back to his mouth.
This Proverb portrays almost comical action.
Can you imagine someone not leaving their house because there might be a lion roaming the streets?
Can you imagine someone not calling their best friend, favorite aunt or sibling and sharing the products and company you believe to be the best thing to happen to you because you are afraid they will say no?
It might be like a door turning on it hinges. It might be like a lazy person rolling over in her bed.
And incredibly it might be like a person who had put his hand in the dish and then was too lazy to take it up to his mouth to eat.
One could starve to death with those kinds of practices, couldn’t they? What do you think? Can you relate? I can.
And so we apply prayer and affirmation.


Father God, I see that when I respond in fear or inaction You see it as laziness.
I ask that You will remind me when I am responding with slack hands that I am created in Your image for greatness.
Remind me that Your purpose for me will require me to step into scary situations as if there were a lion roaming in the street.
Thank you for the extreme examples you have given and nudge me when I am in even the little circumstances that cause me to hesitate instead of act.
Grant me the will and ability to act for your glory and honor. In Jesus name, Amen.


I am not afraid of _________________________________________________ (making phone calls, doing Facebook Live, etc.).

I know I am working toward perfection.

I am fearless when I make presentations.

I am a leader who inspires my team.

I am confident that the right people are being drawn to me through my actions.

Remember, that affirmations are to be worded in present tense, as if what we are working toward is already reality. The prayer is directed toward God. The affirmation is directed toward our brain and aligns our thinking with what is God’s will. That makes it important to base our prayers and affirmations on the Word of God.

Your feedback is important to me. Your positive comments are an encouragement; but your critique is vital to helping me improve. Thank you for both.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez
Phone: 720-507-8231

When you reach my age you have heard a time or two, I want to be like her when I grow up. That is strange because first, I don't want to grow up and second, I am just figuring out who I am. I am an entrepreneur. I am having fun growing businesses from home while caring for my 90+ year old mom. Life is great!

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