I Was Stuck With No Options; There Was No Place to Go But Up

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I had finally mastered network marketing with my warm market and tweaking that to share with my cold market.

Then everything changed.

I was stuck with no options!

Except the one that would change my business and me.

But it took me a little while to figure it out.

I had finally figured out network marketing and learned to love it.

Five years before, my daughter had invited me to watch a video. I had been approached by network marketers before. If I didn’t know what she was up to, I figured it out soon after.

I watched the video and was introduced to a real “category changing” product with impressive science to back it up. The science was peer reviewed. As a grant writer, I knew that if you had unbiased research, you had a winner.

So I said to my daughter, “That sounds interesting. How much does it cost?”

She told me; then I asked, “How much if you are a distributor?”

She said that customers paid the same price as distributors. It was a bit pricey for my non-profit director paycheck; but I was already sold.

She sent me a link to more science info and asked if I would get on a call with her mentor.

I agreed.

I don’t really remember the call.

I don’t remember the next few days or my decision making process; but shortly after the call I signed up as a distributor.

I said two things to myself.

First, since product came with my enrollment, I said, “No matter what happens, you have a year’s supply.” That demonstrates that I really believed in the product and wanted to keep taking it.

Second, I said to myself, “You’re all in now.” That demonstrates that I really intended to be a network marketer.

I didn’t exactly love network marketing, so it should have been a surprise that I joined.

Why did I join?

First, someone I loved and cared about invited me.

Second, there was a quality product that I believed in.

Third, the timing was right for me. My daughter didn’t know it but I was getting ready to leave my job to care for my mom. I needed another source of income.

That clearly shows three key aspects of being successful in network marketing.Three keys for success

Relationship is key. Even when we are building our business on line, having a relationship is important.

Quality product and compensation plan are perhaps the least important of the three, but they are still important. Perhaps, their importance is creating your passion that will have an impact in your conversations with people you are sharing with.

Timing – as in the timing for your contact – is most important. Everything else may be in place but if your friend is not ready to make a big change, it is not the time.

And don’t kid yourself or your friend, they will need to make some kind of change.

There will need to be commitment and sacrifice, if success is desired.There will need to be a commitment and sacrifice, if success is desired.

Five years into my network marketing journey, I was sold on network marketing profession, the company I was with and the products.

I was actually feeling comfortable reaching out to my “cold market” and I was prepared to call my “warm market” one more  time.

But then my life got complicated. Mom needed hip surgery; and my role as caregiver grew.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. I am glad I can care for Mom.

As a matter of fact, if things hadn’t changed, I wouldn’t have started looking for something else.

I would be building my business with “old school” network marketing. My business would be growing; but I might never have found “new school” recruiting.

I might have missed out on what I consider to be the most important leg of a healthy network marketing business.

Today, a network marketing business needs three legs to be successful

Today, a network marketing business, to be stable and strong, needs three legs.

Leg number one is your warm market. Your family and friends will frustrate you if you expect them to join you in your business. Of course, some of them will; and you’ll have a blast building your businesses together. But most of them won’t. That’s okay; you’ll get to practice your skills on the rest of them.

Leg number two is your cold market. The servers where you eat out; the receptionist in the dentist office; your massage therapist. Let your sponsor/upline give you their tips. Or message me for my tips.

Leg number three is the world wide web! Your database will grow exponentially with this one. But you will need new skills. Get this freebie to check it out.

Truly, you need a different skill set for each leg of your network marketing business.

Some of the hardest people to introduce to network marketing are sales people, especially successful sales people. Because even though network marketing is sales, you need to come to the arena with a tabula rasa. You need to be coachable. Selling to people you know can get trickier that a Hollywood psychological thriller. And twice as scary.

If you started with your warm market, you need to tweak what you learned, to move into your cold market. The hard part of both of these markets is that no matter how good you are, more will say no than will say yes. To get a large organization you have to do a whole lot of inviting before you get the number of yeses you need.

The benefit of prospecting on the internetThe benefit of prospecting on the internet is that you can target those who are more likely to say yes. And there are more on that list than your whole warm market list.

When you engage with your internet market, you improve your numbers dramatically. Of course, you will need new skills to learn how to target and how to engage.  But, this is what I experienced; even before I had learned how to target and engage on the internet, I was already reaping an unexpected benefit.

Once I had made the internet my primary leg for prospecting, I didn’t quit sharing with warm and cold market opportunities.

What I experienced was a new freedom with those legs. The knowledge that if someone said no, I still had thousands on the internet, freed me from being desperate to get someone to say yes. Instead, I was only sharing if I sensed they would be interested. I was giving them information that had the potential to better their lives.

That made all the difference for me.

When I started building on the internet I was able to bring much of the relationship building skills I had learned building with Legs One and Two.

My advice for the rookie network marketer is to learn with the people you know. Let them know that you believe in the products and company that you represent and they want them to have a chance join you.

Be sure that you realize that you don't need them.png

Be sure that you realize that you don’t need them. Remember that the majority of people don’t want to build a business. You are wired differently – just better – for you.

Use your sponsor’s help. They are committed to your success. Learn from them. If you don’t feel that your sponsor will help go to company events and find someone in your up line who will help.

Watch how different people in your company talk to people. One of them will have an approach that makes sense to you. Copy them. You’ll be more effective if you are using an approach that fits your personality.

You'll be more effective if

Begin to master warm and cold markets and begin to learn about the internet market.

Internet network marketing is work. Anyone who promises that it isn’t, doesn’t know what they are talking about. Or they are lying to you. Either way you don’t want their help.

You might want to check out the program I ended up with. The neat thing about this one is that it has turned out a lot of 6 & 7 figures earners and they all end up doing things their individual way – the way that fits their abilities and personalities best.

When I found it I wondered if I should switch focus and quit my network marketing business. In the end, I decided for two streams of income instead of one. I like both companies; I am working both.

Now it’s time for me to offer you more information.

A common question is what network marketing company are you with? Or what is the program that I learned how to prospect the internet with and how is it a second source of income?

I would love to answer your questions.

Are you open to getting on a fifteen minute video chat with me? We can answer your questions and decide whether you want more information. Set it up with me by clicking on this link.

You may just want more info about internet prospecting. Click on this link for the info. You’ll  be directed to a page with more information from one of my mentors; you’ll be asked for your email and you’ll receive enough info to decide if this is for you. And feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez
Phone: 720-507-8231



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