What Attracted You to MLM?

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What is your story?

Did you look in the classified ads or Craig’s list for a business opportunity?

I didn’t either.

My daughter asked me to watch a video.2017-02-25 22.23.53

I said, that’s interesting. [I really did find the product interesting.]

How much does it cost, I asked.

She told me a number that was still a little high for my budget, so I asked what does it cost for distributors. [I knew the drill.]

She told me that customers paid the same as distributors if they signed up for an auto ship.

I was not looking for anything. But I watched a video. I checked out the links she sent me. I agreed to a three way call. I checked out her website.

And before you knew it I was a distributor.

I am not sure why.

Network marketing left a bad taste in my mouth.

Even after I signed up I wasn’t proud of what I had become.

But I was impressed with the product and I loved my sponsor. I connected with her up line and got to know more about the company and the industry.

Fast forward to today – I love network marketing.

I believe that it is the best business model for many.

I have come to realize it is a people business. It is a people helping business.

I love that.

And I love that I have discovered new skills that expand my reach.

It is still all about people; but now I get to reach out to people I have never met.

So, what is your story?

Did it take an MLM company or product to sell you on network marketing?

Are you still waiting for that to happen?

My point is that MLM or network marketing is about people with a story.

We all have our own story.

Learn how to tell your story and you will have found the way to build your business.

I had to find a company and product and the right skills. The first two came first and then the third.

That took longer. But it doesn’t have to.

Comment below or message me at this link and I share how I am using my story to reach people who are interested in joining me in a people helping business.

God bless you,
Connie Suarez
Phone: 720-507-8231


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