The odds are stacked way AGAINST you…

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One of the benefits of working from home, is that you’re in 100% control Copy of Guest BloggerFerny Ceballos.pngof your environment.

This is a BIGGIE.

Because your environment has a heckuva lot to do with your state of mind and your attitude, which ultimately results in what you DO. Or don’t do.

Make no mistake, I don’t care how ‘positive’ you are, if you’re placed in a negative environment, after some time it WILL crush your ambition, and will keep you stuck and paralyzed from taking the actions you need to take.

I think good ol’ Zig Ziglar was right, we ARE born to win.

But the challenge is that sadly, most of us are programmed to fail.

Let’s face it… between school, tv, some of the people in our lives, Facebook newsfeed and a big part of our society in general… all THAT doesn’t really create the environment conducive to your success.

We just don’t have too many cheerleaders in our lives telling us…

Go for it.

Start your own business.

Make lots of dough.

Become somebody and live a life of freedom.

It’s usually the opposite.

Are you crazy, you’re doing what?

And don’t get me started on TV and Hollywood.

Most of that stuff is garbage. And although I love going to the movies, truth is, most of them are ANTI capitalist.

Seriously, when was the last time you saw a movie about a good rich guy or gal?

Nah, it’s usually about the greedy, power hungry, unethical go-getter who wants something for nothing and exploits the honest, hard-working person with less means. Right?

And if they’re not greedy or unethical, then often they’re just rich and miserable.

Does that kinda sum up most (not all but most) of the blockbuster movies over the last 30+ years?

Sooooo…. do you think it might have a little effect on your mindset about success, achievement and financial abundance?

It’s massively destructive I tell ‘ya.

Like it or not, the odds are stacked way against us, and we ARE programmed to fail.

And unless you take full control over what goes into your mind, you’ve got a snowball’s chance in hell of getting everything you want and living the life of your dreams.

A big part of that is getting around the right kind of people. Because you do become like the people you hang around with.

Which is why you need to join us in Las Vegas at
No Excuses Summit 8.

Yes, you’re going to learn a TON about marketing your business online.

Super effective ways of driving traffic.

Cutting edge techniques for generating quality leads.

Powerful recruiting and sales strategies.

But most important of all, you’ll be locked in a room full of WINNERS for 3 straight days.

And their energy, enthusiasm and attitude absolutely will rub off on you.

You think that’s gonna help undo some of the damage and help you stay on track to reach your goals?

No doubt about it.

And you simply can’t replicate that kind of energy sitting in front of a monitor watching a webinar or a video.

To reap the REAL benefits, you need to be there LIVE.

You can get all the details and grab your discounted ticket right here.
Talk soon,

Vitaly Grinblat
Chief Wordsmith & the Editor of 
Elite Marketing Pro Newsletter

Note from Connie Suarez:

I haven’t been to No Excuses yet. Back in August of last year when I signed up with Elite Marketing Pro, I started hearing about No Excuses Summit and couldn’t wait to go.

I heard Kate McShea say she skipped her first year. It wasn’t until Kate went the next year that she saw massive success in her business.

Chef Katrina shared that she was able to network with the people who would impact her business.

Since I have been part of Elite Marketing Pro, I have been going to the NES Facebook page looking for info about this year’s Summit.

It was like I was standing at a store front saying, Open! Open! Open!

I signed up for No Excuses Summit 7 the first day it was available. I signed up for the Workshop and the Platinum Upgrade. That is how much importance I place on this event for the success of my business.

You need to be there. Here is the sign up link.

I’ll see you there.

Let’s do coffee, okay?

God bless you,
Connie Suarez
Phone: 720-507-8231


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