Self-Talk Levels III & IV

girl-1722402Self-Talk Levels III & IV correct the pattern of Self-Talk of Levels I & II.

If you consider Level I and II of Self-Talk as defined by Shad Helmstetter in his book What to Say When You Talk to Yourself as diagnostic in nature, you might say that Levels III and IV and what the doctor ordered.

Level III Self-Talk The Level of Decision to Change. ( “I never . . . I no longer . ..” )

Levels I & II of Self-Talk do not work for you, except if you hear yourself using them and determine to make changes.

You are in control. Here is what you do next: start using words like “I never . . . “, “I no longer . . .” Present tense must be used as though what you are .is already reality.

Level III sounds like this:”I no longer smoke.” “I never eat more than I should.” “I no longer put off doing things that I need to do.”

You use this language even if you are still smoking or overeating. Using this language replaces the negative language you have been using and reprograms your subconscious. Eventually, what you speak will become reality.

Here is an example using a smoker who wants to quit. She replaces negative Self-Talk like “I will never quit smoking”; or “I should quit smoking . . .” with “I no longer smoke.”

She will say this even as she lights up another cigarette. She says it out loud even when other people are present. Of course, they will think she is crazy, and perhaps that is part of the motivation to quit.

Primarily, she speaking to herself and her subconscious which will eventually carry out the new programming she is sending it. One day as she says, “I no longer smoke.” as she lights up her subconscious will say, “Really, what is that little white thing in your hand? And it’s on fire!” Soon your subconscious will begin to make sure that you no longer are.

This is a bit simplistic and there is more to it. The book addresses details later in the book.

Level IV  Self-Talk – The Level of the Better You (“I am . . .”)

You use this Self-Talk the least and need it the most! Helmstetter says it is like drawing a picture and handing it to your subconscious says, “This is the me I want you to create.”

Level IV Self-Talk is characterized by “I am. . .” Here are some examples of Level IV Self-Talk:

“I am organized and in control of my life. I am a winner. I am healthy, energetic, enthusiastic, and I’m going for it!”

“I don’t smoke! My longs are clean and healthy. I have no habits which harm me or hold me back in any way.”

These statements remind me of Jessica’s Daily Affirmation on YouTube. It is the Self-Talk of a young girl standing on the bathroom counter. Since it has over 18,000,000 views, you probably have seen it. If not go to YouTube and search Jessica’s Daily Affirmation.

Level IV Self-Talk is the opposite of Level I. It replaces the useless and self defeating language of cannot and never.

There is one level left. I will share that level with my own suggestions for it in my next blog.

What do you think of Self-Talk? Has it helped you? Let me know. I answer all personal messages and you can message me by clicking here.







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