Ten Steps to Losing Belly Fat

Do you want to keep belly fat from building up?

Belly fat is so much more than unsightly. It is, as you already know, terribly unhealthy. Belly fat crowds out your vital organs. That is bad enough; but belly fat – visceral fat – also creates toxins that can cause heart disease and make your body less sensitive to diabetes.

Belly fat is why, at 70, I am still interested in weight management. Belly fat is why I make PhysIQ part of my weight management plan. Belly fat is why I decided to register for the PhysIQ Body Transformation for $25,000 plus prizes. Winning the prize may be a long shot but I will lose belly fat and that will make me a winner. Want to join me? Message me.

Here are 10 ways to get rid of belly fat:

  1. Choose your drinks intelligently. EliminateQ diet drinks. In a 10-year study University of Texas Health Science Center found that participants who drank diet soda saw 70 per cent increase in waist circumference compared to those who didn’t drink any soda. Those who drank more than two diet sodas had a 500 per cent increase in their waist. Switch to fat burning teas. oolong-827397White tea breaks down stored fat; barberry tea blocks fat cells from growing; Pu-erh tea reduces belly flab; Oolong tea improves the body’s ability to metabolize fat; Rooibos cuts new fat cell growth.
    • I am not insensitive to the difficulty of breaking the soda habit. Try motivating yourself by visualizing the visceral fat being added with every soda you drink. Just as you gained the habit of drinking soda, you can become happy with one or more of these teas.
  2. Move it. You need thirty minutes of exercise that will cause you to sweat or breathe hard. If you step up the pace you can do it in less than thirty minutes. Try metabolic training. I have one such program on DVD that takes twenty minutes three times a week. It allows for all levels of fitness and I feel energized.
  3. Choose your dining partners well. Eating with a group can increase your consumption by 44 per cent. Realize that your partner, spouse, friends all influence your eating choices. Get the people you regularly eat with on the same healthy eating page as you.
  4. Diet. Practically any diet that helps you lose weight will help reduce belly fat but a diet including high fiber is better. One study suggests that even changing to a higher fiber bread may help.
  5. Make your meal time pleasurable. We are wired to seek pleasure. At mealtime, don’t let your food choices be the only source of pleasure. Set the table with a fun tableware and dishes. Or make the mood romantic. Play pleasant music. Be intentional about dinner conversation. Make your meal a relationship event. That will make it easier to exclude some of your food favorites that are not healthy for you. Play chef; try a gourmet recipe and plate your meal creatively
  6. Slow down and pay attention to how much you are eating. Slower eating helps you pay attention to your body’s clues that you are full. Practice leaving food on the plate.
  7. Don’t keep nonessential calories in the house. I seldom have potato chips in the house. They are on the permanent nonessential calorie list. I know the foods that tempt me and I keep them out of my reach. Out of sight; out of mind.
  8. Don’t overdo protein. Although high protein, low carb diets can initially be effective one study found that over a long period they lose their effectiveness. Moderation is a good rule.
  9. Two veggie facts that will help. Frozen veggies have a nutrient density that is greater than fresh and you may save money by avoiding fresh veggies from going bad. When you fill a plate use the half rule. Make sure that half of your plate is veggies.
  10. Manage stress in your life. Stress hormones can wreak havoc with your diet. Use stress reduction activities like meditation, Bible reading, exercise, relaxing with family and friends. Get enough sleep. In one study people who got 6 – 7 hours of sleep over five years gained less visceral fat than those who slept 5 or fewer hours.

The worst thing about belly fat is the health consequences; but the best thing about losing belly fat is how good it feels to experience that freedom as you lose the belly fat. As you lose belly fat your joints will be less stressed and you will feel lighter. Use that as motivation to make the changes needed to lose your belly fat.

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