When I Turn Seventy . . .

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. . . I will eat what I want.

That’s what I used to say.

Well, here I am. I am seventy and I must be wiser because I know the rest of the story.

True, I can eat whatever I want.

If I am willing to live with the consequences.

Let me give a real example.

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. We had company here to help celebrate. I had a lunch that accommodated different dietary requirements. The spread on our buffet table included foods that I know are not good for me.

I did practice moderation but not restriction.

I probably went above my daily allowance of calories but not enough to feel guilty. I felt that overall I had “been good.”

But when bedtime came I was experiencing consequences of the food I had eaten earlier.

The result was that I did not sleep well.

Today I am dragging. And although I should not be surprised, I am surprised to realize that my commitment to healthy eating is challenged.

Counting calories and returning to healthy food is not coming easily.

So if you are saying to yourself that someday you will eat whatever you want, that is your choice. Just be warned that no matter how old we are, our eating choices shape not only our bodies but our lives.

It’s your choice.

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