How to Guarantee Your Success in Network Marketing and Recruit with a Push of a Button in 5 Simple Steps


When I first started in network marketing, I was told something that really bothered me…

It was at a nuts n’ bolts training meeting held by a successful distributor in my upline, a wealthy physician with his own private practice, who’d also made over 2 million dollars in network marketing.

He obviously knew what it took to create success in life, or so I thought.

But when I got to his house, a big house in a nice neighborhood, and sat through his training session, I was extremely disappointed.

Basically, for an hour I sat in his living room as he drew on a whiteboard, and listened to him give a big spiel that was mostly “fluff.”

Worst of all, he didn’t teach us anything which remotely resembled a strategy or skill set I could use.

Instead, he kept saying…

This business, it’s not selling, it’s sharing.

You’re simply ‘sharing’ the business with people.

You don’t need to sell; you just need to share these meetings with more people.

This didn’t make sense to me, because he was basically saying that network marketing is a game of chance and didn’t require any skills.

Think about it…

As a physician, he didn’t get “lucky” in his practice. He didn’t get lucky, when he graduated from med school and got licensed in the state of California to practice medicine.

No, he worked really hard, and he learned processes and skills for everything he did, which is how he became a doctor, and eventually became an entrepreneur by opening up his own practice.

That wasn’t easy.

As an engineer, I knew that people in my profession certainly didn’t become successful by luck.

No matter what profession you’re in, I’m sure you’ll agree that…

People Become Successful by Learning Skills and Getting Good at Them!

people-dont-become-successful-by-luck-they-become-successful-by-learning-skillsetsEven though I didn’t know much about network marketing back then, I knew his path couldn’t have been easy…and his success definitely wasn’t random.Luck has very little to do with it.

After that presentation, I craved for somebody to show me a specific process that would help me build my business in a way that made sense.

I wanted the network marketing success this particular doctor had and I wanted to know step-by-step, how he did it.

My frustration with the lack of answers, is what led me to eventually go online and find network marketing mentors who used the Internet to build large teams, using a set of strategies, which they called “attraction marketing.

Along with giving me strategies, attraction marketing solved the #1 problem in my network marketing business—a lack of fresh and new prospects for my business.

And I was able to find them, in a predictable way, without bugging friends and family OR cold prospecting strangers on the streets.

But more importantly, from my mentors, I learned that success in network marketing (or any business) isn’t about luck, or chance, or any roll of the dice.

It’s strategic, skill based and can be done in a predictable way—i.e. it’s about doing the right things in the right sequence, to achieve a specific result.

Now, what I want to share with you in this article are…

5 Proven Strategic Steps I Used to Guarantee My Success…

…and can help you guarantee yours!

Essentially, these 5 things, when done in the right order, can literally create “push button” money — which offers you the ability to recruit with a few strokes of the keyboard on your computer.

Now, I know that sounds a bit “hypey,” but let me prove what I’m saying to you…

Just like any profession, in network marketing you need to learn specific skills. And you need to treat what you are learning with the exact same seriousness that a doctor or engineer treats the skills of their trade.

Here’s what you need first…

Step 1: Find or Develop a Strategy


A strategy is essentially a series of specific steps that enable you to achieve a specific goal.

I say specific in the sense that you can draw the steps on a piece of paper or a whiteboard and map out how you’re going to achieve your goal.

Now, if you’re not being taught any semblance of a short or long-term strategy by your upline or company, you need to run away and go somewhere else!

Seriously, I’m not kidding!

Because you have 2 choices: you can either:

  1. Develop the strategy yourself, which is going to take a lot of money, time & trial and error, or
  2. You can find people who have already figured out exactly how to be successful in network marketing and model their strategy.

Now, personally, I tried to reinvent the wheel and it cost me over $150,000 is wasted money and got me $60k in credit card debt.

It is much better to follow a proven process from an already-successful networker who’s making money and doing it in a way that resonates with you. For me, the strategy, which worked best for me included using online recruiting methods, which fit with my introverted personality.

In summary: find a mentor or company that gives you a concrete strategy for recruiting your first person, making your first sale, and eventually reaching your long-term goals.

If somebody hasn’t provided that, for you in whatever team or organization you’re in, then you either need to find a mentor that is willing to teach you a clear strategy or you can give online recruiting a try by clicking here to learn more.

Step 2: The Strategy MUST Be Simple & Repeatable


This step is the key to duplication in network marketing…

You want to teach your strategy to your downline so they can go out, succeed, and make you some money in the process and the process should be simple, but not necessarily easy.

Now, recall that the doctor I mentioned before told us, “it’s not selling, it’s sharing.”

Even though I was new, I thought it sounded simplistic, moronic, and inauthentic.

After all, I was “sold” (influenced) into signing up for this business, so why was he telling us that we didn’t need to learn to do the same

Looking back, I know why.

  • Issue 1: The doctor assumed we were dumb, or weak, so he made the process of building the business sound easy, because he didn’t want to scare us away by telling us the truth. (i.e. that we had to learn some tangible skills.)
  • Issue 2: He was not doing what he preached. He approached his business in one way (skill based), while telling us to do something entirely different. This meant we couldn’t duplicate, even if we wanted to, because catering to weakness doesn’t duplicate.

As a leader in my company today, I use every single process and tactic I teach to my students and organization.

I give my team the exact same tools I use, and I’m constantly testing, refining, and improving my methods. And if anything changes, I let them know.

That’s my responsibility as a leader.

Besides, developing strategies isn’t the team’s responsibility; it’s the leader’s.

creating-strategies-isnt-the-teams-responsibility-its-the-leadersIt is very likely that your first time implementing a strategy won’t go well and you have to be ok with that, as long as you are committed to improving and learning.I’m not saying that a strategy or tactic has to be a “touchdown” the first time it’s used by a new rep. It just has to deliver results that can be quantified, assessed and be improved on over time.

Tim Sales, was the first OFFLINE network marketer I ever learned from that actually taught me an effective process for building offline, without the internet.

Mind you, this was long after I had already started online, so a lot of what Tim taught on cold calling or cold market recruiting, wasn’t relevant to me personally, but I understood why it worked for his team.

Tim teaches with the assumption that you are willing to actually do the work, learn skills and are strong enough to persevere, the same way I do.

Here at Elite Marketing Pro, we’ve solved the biggest problem in network marketing, which was finding new prospects to talk to every single day, who are actually interested in talking to you about network marketing. But you still need to have effective conversations to bring your prospects into your business.

In summary: The business building strategy must be repeatable & quantifiable so, anyone may perform them, see results and improve over time.

Do. Get Result. Correct. Repeat…

Step 3: Gain Experience


When you treat the strategy you’re learning as seriously as you would the skills you’d learn in any other profession, you gain experience.

And with that experience comes an understanding of nuance, meaning you start learning things that you just can’t learn in a course or in an audio book or training.

Here’s the truth of the matter: if you’re thinking, “I want to make some money now, now, now, now,” I can tell you right now you’re setting yourself up for failure.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but “get-rick-quick schemes” are just that: schemes.

They don’t create sustainable, predictable success because the success is not based on the development of skills.

Unless you treat network marketing as a profession, you won’t succeed.

You’ll also aggravate your leaders, because personally, I worked VERY hard to develop and learn the strategies I teach. I feel disrespected when people think I can teach them a trick for making 6-figures or 7-figures overnight.

It may seem like a trick, because I’m good at what I do & make it look easy, but it does require practice and time, so that eventually it does become easy. (More on this in step #5.)

(Even then, if it takes you 3-6 months to be effective, that’s better than 40+ years at a job you hate!)

So if you’re serious about this whole network marketing thing and you want to be a leader yourself, you’ve got to be committed, gain experience, an appreciation for nuance and develop DEPTH of understanding, which is impossible to attain in any other way.

This is important, because it will help you develop strategies that fit your individual goals and personality.

Sure, fundamentally, everyone building offline or online has the same basic foundation.

However, we all have different approaches, styles, and tactics, because over time, we all come to occupy a slightly different space in this business.

As you implement a strategy, you learn to customize it for your strengths & weaknesses and it becomes your own.

In summary: you gain experience through repetition and you get depth of understanding, and eventually you start modifying tactics and processes so that your strategies fit you, your team, your company, your product, etc.

Step 4: Pay it Forward


Once you have a strategy, a depth of understanding, and nuance from following steps 1-3, you’ll likely have achieved success in your business and now you’re in a position to teach what you know through video, Facebook Live, blogging, e-mails, and so on.

By creating a community and communicating with people every single day you’ll “pay it forward,” and not just for your downline, but to the industry at large.

This will do 2 things for you…

  1. People will notice that you’re giving value and other people are benefiting, and your following will grow. This is how we grew our community here at Elite Marketing Pro, by the way.
  2. As you build your fan base, you will create your own personal brand and become a leader, whom transcends any one company or product. This is key to the final step: “push button” income.

In summary: Once you “pay it forward” and develop a following by putting out great value that helps others, you will have a following of people that want to learn more and more from you.

That’s how you create an empire: a loyal community that loves you, and knows you will lead them to good fortune.

Step 5: Become a Force


This is where you get the ability to sell and recruit en masse.

What I do mean ‘en masse’? That means recruiting a lot of people or selling a product to a lot of people, with the push of a button.

That push of a button can be clicking “send” on an email, clicking “start” a webinar, clicking “publish” on a blog post, whatever medium you choose.

Heck, you can even “voice” your call to action on Facebook Live or Periscope and people will go buy your new course or fill out the form to sign up for your opportunity.


Because they trust you and your community, gives you credibility.

Because you paid it forward and have skills you developed that others would like to learn.

A lot of networkers miss #4 and #5. They miss the part about building a community beyond their network marketing organization.

So if anything goes wrong with their company or their team, they’re stuck. They don’t have a “plan B.”

You want to be in a position where you’re not dependent on anyone but yourself and your own brand, regardless of how awesome your company is.

That’s why step #4, building a community, is so important. It allows you to do step #5 which is becoming a force that no one can stop and you’re able to recruit en masse, at will.

Now what I just shared with you was a 5-step strategy for LEARNING and developing skills.

This strategy should be something you can apply, regardless of whether you choose to build online or offline.

However, if you’d like to learn the online business building strategies I use today to generate 400-500 red hot prospects per day, 30-50 new customers per day and 80-100 business builders per month, click here and I’ll gladly give you my Free Online Recruiting Course, so you may begin that journey.

Regardless of how you choose to build, to guarantee your success:

  • Step #1 is to find a strategy that is proven to work.
  • Step #2 is to make sure that strategy is skill based & repeatable, so you can DO. RESULT. CORRECT. REPEAT.
  • Step #3 is gain experience through repetition so you have an understanding of depth and nuance.
  • Step #4 is to pay it forward so you build a community around yourself.
  • Step #5 is become a force, recruit en masse, and create “push button money”…

… and live happily ever after. ‘Til next time!

By Guest Blogger
Ferny Ceballos
Chief Marketing Officer
Elite Marketing Pro


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Lessons of Failure


It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure. Bill Gates

If you have lived your life, you have experienced failure.

What are the lessons of failure?

There is one HUGE lesson of failure – failure is not final. Failure is not final, unless you quit.

In fact, wouldn’t you say that quitting might be the only failure to fear?

Here are ten famous failures who didn’t quit:

Bill Gates – it turns out he knew what he was talking about in the above quote.

J.K. Rowling – a bunch of publishers turned her manuscript down. One publisher had a daughter read it. She wanted more and the rest is history.

Steve Jobs – started a company; was fired by that company; and then took that company to the top.

Albert Einstein – disregarded as a student, he did what he knew best and revolutionized physics and mathematics.

Abraham Lincoln – he struggled before he was elected as President of the United States.

Michael Jordon – missed more shots than he made.

Steven Spielberg – struggled in school.

Walt Disney – was once told he had no imagination.

Vincent Van Gogh – suffered from mental illness and took his own life.

Stephen King – was a troubled, paranoid child who suffered from nightmares.

If you feel like failure is holding you back, just keep trying – your break through might be just around the corner.





Are You Consistent Enough?

That is a trick question.there-is-no-try-you-are-either-consistent-or-you-are-not

You are either consistent or not.

I live in a rural area where businesses struggle.

We have many empty store fronts.

New businesses fill those shells and all too often they do not succeed.

I am a believer in supporting small, local businesses. I am willing to pay more for less; but usually I get more.

I do remember a business that opened in a nearby town. I can’t remember what product or service they offered.

What I remember is that their door promised specific hours.

Twice I made the trip to do business with them at the time they had promised to be there.

And twice they weren’t there.

I never made the third trip.

The only thing I remember about them today is that they lost my business because they weren’t consistent.

That is one of the problems with a brick and mortar business. You have to have posted hours and you absolutely have to be there when you say you will be there.

And that is one of the main reasons I never want to be responsible for a brick and mortar business. I want a little more freedom in my life.

I embrace the freedom that my network marketing business gives me.

I embrace the diverse range of activities and locales that network marketing allows.

I get to enjoy variety only because I embrace consistency.

I have to consistently perform the activities that bring success.

Everyday, whether I feel like it or not, I have a list of actions that connect me with new people and build a business relationship with them.

Being an entrepreneur is my choice for providing income; but not because it allows me to show up for work only when I feel like it.

Being an employee allows for me to call in sick or take a personal day.

Being an entrepreneur means planning for those sick or personal days.

I love it.

It is fulfilling to know that I am delivering on my promise to myself.

And it is key to my success.

Want to know what my list of daily activities is? Message me by clicking here.

How Important Is Reading for Your Child?

You know it is important! I know you know that!


I was an avid reader. Learning came easily to me.

My younger sister, Maggie, struggled in school.

Learning was so easy for me that I didn’t realize how hard it was for Maggie.

Maggie was not dumb. The teaching system just didn’t work for Maggie.

My son struggled with learning as well. The teaching system didn’t work for him and he never did embrace learning.

Fortunately, Maggie did. She became a great student – of education. Her multiple degrees and certifications are what qualify her to help today’s struggling students. Her own struggle gives her the compassion to help your struggling student.

Tomorrow night you can learn what Maggie is doing today that will change the way your child reads and learns.

You do not want to miss this.

Maggie has openings for 7 students. Find out if your child is ready for this scientifically proven program.

Meet me and Maggie on a meeting tomorrow evening at 6 p.m. Mountain Time. Maggie and I will be on live at 5:45 and the presentation will begin promptly at 6 p.m.

Here is the link.

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Self-Talk Level V Amendment

Would you say that I am a bit presumptuous disagreeing with a best selling Ph.D. in psychology?

Are you interested in the controversy I have chosen to create?

What, you might rightfully ask, fuels my need to disagree? My explanation begins with first presenting Shad Helmstetter’s  idea:

Level V Self-Talk – The Level of Universal Affirmation (It is . . .)

This level of Self-Talk has been spoken for thousands of year. It is as old as the ancient religions which inspired it. It is the Self-Talk of “oneness” with God. This level of Self-Talk speaks of a unity of spirit, a divine and timeless cosmic affinity which transcends all worldly things and gives meaning to our being.¹

I used Helmstetter’s words to make sure that in my disagreement I don’t misrepresent.

Helmstetter says that Level V Self-Talk is characterized by the words, “It is” and sounds like this:

“I am one with the universe and it is one with me. I am of it, within it, and exist as a shining spark in a firmament of divine goodness.”¹¹¹

That thinking is at odds with my Faith in Jesus Christ who is the Creator of all that there is including me and the universe.

Genesis¹ clearly states that humans and only humans are created in the image of God.

I do need an affirmation from someone greater than me. But it isn’t the universe. It is a Person. i-can-do-all-things-through-chirst-which-strengthenth-me-philippians-4-13-1A personal God who indwells me and has given me many great “affirmations” to empower victorious living.

Here are some of the affirmations that I suggest for those who share my Faith:

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

If God be for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31b

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. Psalm 23:1

For me, there is infinitely greater power in invoking the God of the universe than identifying with the universe. I recognize and respect your choice to disagree with me because God has given you that choice. I hope that you will respect my choice as well.

I am curious what you think of this blog in particular. As always, I love to hear from you. I respond to all personal messages. Click here to message me.

¹Helmstetter, Shad, Ph.D., What To Say When You Talk to Your Self, Pocket Books, 1986

²And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. Genesis 1:25-26

Self-Talk Levels III & IV

girl-1722402Self-Talk Levels III & IV correct the pattern of Self-Talk of Levels I & II.

If you consider Level I and II of Self-Talk as defined by Shad Helmstetter in his book What to Say When You Talk to Yourself as diagnostic in nature, you might say that Levels III and IV and what the doctor ordered.

Level III Self-Talk The Level of Decision to Change. ( “I never . . . I no longer . ..” )

Levels I & II of Self-Talk do not work for you, except if you hear yourself using them and determine to make changes.

You are in control. Here is what you do next: start using words like “I never . . . “, “I no longer . . .” Present tense must be used as though what you are .is already reality.

Level III sounds like this:”I no longer smoke.” “I never eat more than I should.” “I no longer put off doing things that I need to do.”

You use this language even if you are still smoking or overeating. Using this language replaces the negative language you have been using and reprograms your subconscious. Eventually, what you speak will become reality.

Here is an example using a smoker who wants to quit. She replaces negative Self-Talk like “I will never quit smoking”; or “I should quit smoking . . .” with “I no longer smoke.”

She will say this even as she lights up another cigarette. She says it out loud even when other people are present. Of course, they will think she is crazy, and perhaps that is part of the motivation to quit.

Primarily, she speaking to herself and her subconscious which will eventually carry out the new programming she is sending it. One day as she says, “I no longer smoke.” as she lights up her subconscious will say, “Really, what is that little white thing in your hand? And it’s on fire!” Soon your subconscious will begin to make sure that you no longer are.

This is a bit simplistic and there is more to it. The book addresses details later in the book.

Level IV  Self-Talk – The Level of the Better You (“I am . . .”)

You use this Self-Talk the least and need it the most! Helmstetter says it is like drawing a picture and handing it to your subconscious says, “This is the me I want you to create.”

Level IV Self-Talk is characterized by “I am. . .” Here are some examples of Level IV Self-Talk:

“I am organized and in control of my life. I am a winner. I am healthy, energetic, enthusiastic, and I’m going for it!”

“I don’t smoke! My longs are clean and healthy. I have no habits which harm me or hold me back in any way.”

These statements remind me of Jessica’s Daily Affirmation on YouTube. It is the Self-Talk of a young girl standing on the bathroom counter. Since it has over 18,000,000 views, you probably have seen it. If not go to YouTube and search Jessica’s Daily Affirmation.

Level IV Self-Talk is the opposite of Level I. It replaces the useless and self defeating language of cannot and never.

There is one level left. I will share that level with my own suggestions for it in my next blog.

What do you think of Self-Talk? Has it helped you? Let me know. I answer all personal messages and you can message me by clicking here.






What to Say When You Talk to Yourself

be-careful-of-how-you-are-talkSelf Talk Levels I & II

The book, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself, by Shad Helmstetter is way more serious than the title implies.

And it has more information than I was looking for. That isn’t a bad thing.

Shad Helmstetter shares his journey to the concept of Self Talk. He documents well his credentials and the process to formulating his levels of Self Talk.

And he has written a book that has been helpful to me. It has concepts that make sense to me and one that notably does not.

I do take exception with one of his premises. But I think there is still value you can take away.

Chapters 1 – 8 lay the foundation. Helmstetter shares his experience and education that led him to the conclusions he shares in the book. His education includes having a degree in behavioral psychology. He tells of investigating numerous self improvement programs. I applaud his thoroughness.

Using his understanding of our brains and how they function he explains why these methods don’t help us long term.

Then he introduces The Five Levels of Self-Talk.

Level I Self Talk – The Level of Negative Acceptance (I can’t . . .)

It sounds like this:

I can’t lose weight.

I can’t quit smoking.

I can’t remember people’s names.

If only I could write the great American novel.

I just don’t have the energy I used to.

I could never do that.

Listen to yourself for the next twenty-four hours. Count how many times you use this kind of language.

When you use this wording you are setting yourself up to repeat the behavior you dislike.

Helmstetter says it is our way of timidly hiding in the shadows instead of boldly thriving in the sunlight.

It seems that when I use this kind of language I am coping out. I am saying this kind of change is just too hard to even try.

Level II Self-Talk – The Level of Recognition, and Need to Change (I need to . . . I should . . .)

Although this language sounds like you are headed toward change, it just isn’t so. You are recognizing the problem but still not moving toward change.

This level will actually work against you, unless it signals to you that change is needed. And if you make the right change!

Level II Self-Talk sounds like this:

I should clean the house . . . [but I won’t.]

I need to balance my checkbook . . . [in my dreams.]

I ought to make phone calls . . . [maybe tomorrow.]

This level is still embracing the negative behavior that defeats you and your goals. It recognizes a problem but unless you embrace a solution, things will continue as they are.

Use the first two levels to identify the problem.

I suggest you keep a pad of paper handy and each time you hear yourself using talk from these two levels jot it down. It won’t take you long to identify what needs to change.

Get your paper out. Have the pen handy. You’ll be ready to take action when I post Levels III and IV.

I love hearing from you. I personally answer all messages. Click here to message me.




7 People Who Proved That Success is the Best Revenge

corporate-1613583A few people may have told you to give up and pursue what they consider “attainable” goals rather than the “lofty” goals you want to pursue. Remarks like these can be painful, but you know it is perfectly fine to reach for the stars.

You can show everyone who doubted your aspirations by exuding prosperity and success. Yes, studies have shown that envy is innate, which means the old saying, “success is the best revenge”, is true. The following are seven people who became successful and got revenge at the same time.


Disney’s love for animation, art, and photography is known throughout the world. However, in his youth, Walt Disney tried to apply his talents to get a job. He applied to work as a cartoonist at The Kansas City Star, but was never hired. Yes, the man responsible for some of the most beloved animated adaptations of classic tales couldn’t find a job as a cartoonist, even at his local newspaper.

Disney hit a few more bumps on the road; he attempted some businesses that did not go anywhere. There is no doubt that Disney lacked support, but that did not stop him. Today, many young boys and girls are happy that he did not give up.


Arunabh Kumar is mostly known as Yogi from TVF Pitchers, a web series created by The Viral Fever (TVF) – an online digital entertainment channel founded by Kumar himself. He was first interested in enriching the content showed in India. Kumar was upset that there were no thoughtful, youth-oriented shows in India. It was something that haunted him, and he attempted to address the issue by asking different media outlets to help him make more content-dense shows.

The outlets in India told him that Indian youth were simply not interested in the type of show that he was pitching. Kumar was taken aback and a bit disappointed to hear the rejection, but he was also invigorated. He wanted to show everyone in that studio that young people were hungry for different kinds of programming.

Kumar decided to try something else to bring his ideas to life. He started a YouTube channel with nothing more than ideas, but his ideas caught on. In 2015, he reached over one million subscribers.


You probably have heard of Steve Jobs, as Apple has pretty much dominated the mobile communications industry for some time. Jobs actually suffered a major setback in 1985. Jobs had created Apple and hired John Sculley to help him run the company. Little did he know that Sculley would later have a role in getting him fired from his own company.

Jobs started his next venture almost immediately. He created a new company called NeXT. The company took Jobs a few years to complete, and he invested a lot of money into it. The computers did not make a lot of money, but the platform he developed would shape the future of the internet and the iOS system that Apple uses now.

Steve’s advancements forced Apple to purchase the company at $429 million and gave Jobs 1.5 million shares of the company. In 1997, Jobs regained control of his company once again.


Jurassic Park, ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, and others have enthralled crowds for years. Steven Spielberg is a cinematic genius in his own right, but many do not know that he was rejected from University of Southern California. Despite this, he is now worth more than 1 billion dollars and is considered a master of cinematic arts.

The USC School of Cinematic Arts felt that his C-level grade average was simply too low to be accepted. The school actually rejected him a grand total of three times before Spielberg looked for education elsewhere.

The ultimate revenge story is that USC invited him to receive an honorary degree from the school. Spielberg decided to go but only after his demand was met, which was having the person who rejected his application sign the degree.


Many people know her as the author of the Harry Potter series, but J.K Rowling faced many failures before she reached fame. By the time that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s (Sorcerer’s) Stone was finished, Rowling was living on welfare and had gone through a divorce. Despite numerous rejections from publishers, Rowling persevered and published a book series that influenced a generation.


Thomas Edison was a very complex young man and prone to distraction, which is probably the reason one of his teachers deemed him too stupid to continue with normal education. Edison was home schooled after that. At an early age, Thomas set forth on what would become a long string of entrepreneurial ventures.

With each venture came successes and failures. Still, none of his failures stopped him from trying to attain his dream of being an inventor. Edison attempted to make the light bulb 1,000 times, and he failed each time before he succeeded. Edison’s perseverance definitely paid off and changed the future.


Who would imagine that WhatsApp evolved from a man who was rejected by Twitter and Facebook? The man’s name is Brian Acton. The app that Acton and his team created was so successful that Facebook decided to purchase it for $19 billion.

You can use the examples of these and countless others to motivate you in your own life. Persevere through harsh rejection and tremendous failure and you may just find that success is waiting for you, too.


Helping others improve their physical and financial health.


The Definitive Guide to Boosting Your Energy

You’re crushing this life

The only problem is—you’re exhausted.

So how do you get and keep the energy you need to keep being phenomenal?


Remember when you learned about photosynthesis in 4th grade? Plants harness energy from sunlight into chemical energy. During this process, carbon dioxide and water are combined to make glucose (sugar) which the plant uses for living and growing. Humans then take the chemical energy found in foods and convert it into a form of energy that can be used to power the cells of the body. The energy harnessed from food allows us to:

  • Breathe
  • Think
  • Stay warm
  • Sleep
  • Move
  • Stay alive

So if energy comes from the food you eat, the obvious solution to tiredness or fatigue would be to eat more food… right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. It’s true that eating enough food is an important part of keeping yourself energized. The problem is that the feeling of tiredness, fatigue, and exhaustion that most of us feel is likely not the result of a lack of food.

Where then is your exhaustion stemming from and how can it be fixed?


Pinpointing exactly why you’re tired can be tricky, and there are loads of well-meaning people out there who tell you to just exercise to increase your energy levels. The problem with that is that if there’s an underlying reason you’re tired, exercising can make it worse.

The very first thing you should do is see your doctor and ask for a full blood panel. You’ll be able to check your vitamin levels and see how your thyroid and other areas of your body are functioning. Check out this article for an explanation of normal blood levels and a breakdown of what the various tests in a blood panel mean.

If your blood test results are normal, it’s time to look at your lifestyle and eating habits.


Eat Foodcarrot-1085063

And by “food,” I don’t mean pizza—we’re talking vegetables, protein, and fruits. Look, whole entire industries have been built convincing us that food is sexy and comforting and rewarding, but its basic function is fuel. When you stop looking at food as a friend or a prize, you realize that it’s just there to help us live. Which means that higher-quality food provides a higher-quality life.

One potential reason for your increased fatigue could be due, in part, to a lack of nutrients in the foods you eat. According to an article published in Scientific American, some of the food you eat today appears to have less nutritional value than at any previous time in history.

Thanks to things like soil depletion and pesticides, the carrot you eat today appears to contain less vitamins and minerals than the carrots your parents ate growing up. This would mean that even if you eat the same amount of food as generations before, you’re not getting as much of the nutrition that helps to fuel your body.

Therefore, to ensure that you give your body the fuel it needs to thrive, it’s important to make the focus of your diet on high-quality foods and limit your intake of high-sugar, high-fat foods.

If you’re tired, the last thing you want to do is work out. But exercise is absolutely vital for giving you energy and has a number of other health benefits, one of which includes boosting your metabolism.

If you find that exercising keeps losing out to Game of Thrones when you come home from work, switch your routine to morning workouts. You’ll most likely find that the 3 o’clock slump disappears and that you have more energy to power through the workday. Not a morning person? Make it a point to go for a long walk after dinner. Walking after a meal can also be good for digestion.

Ok, this is basic, but because the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 30% of adults don’t get enough sleep, it’s worth repeating. Sleep helps keep you slim, promotes optimal cognitive function, and lowers the risk of developing chronic conditions.

Plus, if you’re exhausted, you’re less likely to choose healthy eating options and you’ll definitely be less likely to work out. There’s no way around sleeping less, either, so don’t try and trick your body into having energy by pounding Monster drinks all day: just go to bed.

While we’re primarily talking about physical fatigue, it’s impossible to ignore how great a role stress plays in our overall energy. Why is that? Mental stress can be draining.

Meditation lowers cortisol, the stress hormone that puts your body into the flight-or-fight mode. Meditation gets a bad rap for some reason, and it’s most likely that people are less likely to believe that the mental state and the physical state are connected. Trust science on this one: they are.

So, to give yourself more energy and give your brain a break, begin meditating at least twice a week. And if you’re skeptical, try it anyway—you just might like it.

Drink Water
Our bodies need water even more than they need food. If you’re even slightly dehydrated, you’ll likely notice a decrease in energy and cognitive function.

And it doesn’t take much: even mild dehydration  can increase fatigue and stress.


While there are plenty of hoaxes on the market that promise increased energy, there are a few legitimate products that can work small miracles. They won’t replace the hard work of eating well and exercising, but they can help you feel better in conjunction with the rest of a healthy lifestyle.

Ah, B12. The tiny little pill helps your cognitive function and provides you with a mood boost as well as an energy lift. It won’t help if you’ve already met your daily recommended dose, but if you’re even slightly deficient, B12 may be a miracle worker.

If you’re not into the pill thing, try AXIO by LifeVantage. It’s a powdered drink mix that can easily be added to water. You’ll still be getting the full punch of B12 and other natural energy boosters, but it tastes much better than a pill.

This seems like another no-brainer, but multivitamins have been getting a bad rap in recent years. Too many blogs and health sites say that taking a multivitamin is just a way to create expensive urine, but that’s not exactly true. If your nutritional needs are being fully met by your diet, then you most likely don’t need a multivitamin. However, many of us are guilty of not eating our 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, so taking a multivitamin every now and again might be a good idea.

When you’re looking for a multivitamin, quality matters. did a massive review of multivitamins that did most of the work for you. Start adding a multivitamin to your regimen to optimize both your health and energy levels.


Eating vegetables is a chore and exercising is even worse—this is the future, so why in the world do we have to keep doing things the hard way? Why isn’t there a single pill that makes you feel like you can tow a semitruck with your teeth?

There isn’t. But that doesn’t stop company after company from claiming that their product can give you the endless supply of energy you’ve been searching for. Here are some of the worst culprits:

Look, we all love caffeine. it releases adrenaline that wakes you up, gets you through the day, and makes you feel like every idea you have is a good one. But the dark truth about caffeine is that it’s a short-lived cure. You’ll feel more invigorated for a while, but after that initial high wears off, you’re doomed to a heavy crash that will leave you feeling more tired than you initially were.

And that’s not all. Excessive caffeine intake has been linked to dehydration, poor sleep quality, increased heart rate, headaches and even diarrhea. And for some, it can be addicting. How many people do you know who can’t get by without a morning cup of coffee? That addiction leads to an increased tolerance, which means you’ll be forced to increase your caffeine exponentially over time in order to give you the initial rush of your starting amount.

Coffee isn’t the only enemy here though: these days, it’s all about the energy drinks. Even the name “energy drink” implies it’s the answer you’re looking for, but it’s a dangerous misnomer. Energy drinks amp up your adrenaline and when taken in high doses can lead to a host of adverse health effects which include:

  • insomnia,
  • nervousness,
  • headaches,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting, and
  • rapid heart rate.

Make sure you keep your caffeine intake to a safe level to avoid any of the negative side effects and to minimize the chances of a heavy crash. Adults can safely consume between 300-400 milligrams of caffeine per day, though individual tolerance can vary.

Sugar may be even more beloved than caffeine and can be just as problematic. When consumed in large amounts, simple sugars from sweets and treats can lead to that same crash you experience with high caffeine intake. They are quickly digested and absorbed into the bloodstream and are taken up by the cells just as quickly as they entered the bloodstream. When your blood glucose falls as a result, you’ll have what’s normally referred to as a sugar crash. You might feel irritable, confused, anxious, or just plain exhausted.

To avoid this crash, reach for foods that include fiber, fat or protein in addition to the sugar. This will help to slow the digestion and absorption of the sugar, giving you sustained energy.

So, yes, cake is delicious, but try some Greek yogurt instead. You’ll avoid the crash and find the afternoon slump no longer affects you.


If a product promises instant energy, avoid it: chances are, it’s relying on sugar and caffeine, and now you know that those are energy zappers, not energy makers.

The real secret is that changing the way your body feels is all about how you treat it. Give yourself real fuel like vegetables and fruits and get more rest than you think you need. Consider taking a high-quality multivitamin, look for good supplements, and learn to meditate. It’s not a sexy, easy answer and it takes more work on your part, but you’ll find the results are well worth the lifestyle adjustment.

Are you ready to take action?

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