If you are comfortable selling, they will be comfortable buying!

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Don’t you hate it when you realize that you have just made your best friend uncomfortable because you have invited her – again – to look at your product?

To me it is worse than having her say no.

I was called to network marketing over six years ago, when I was leaving the nonprofit organization that I loved, to care for my mother.

I had been exposed to network marketing for years before and although I even had tried starting my own “party plan” company to market my Cottage Crafts and Creations company, I was not comfortable with network marketing.

My discomfort was the worst obstacle to building my business.

I didn’t quit. I kept going to the events. My belief grew. My network marketing skills grew. And I became less uncomfortable and more successful.

Last year I was getting good at sharing. I was ready to move forward and then Mom’s health needs changed my ability to do the business. I was spending my days and nights with Mom in a nursing care center. She did go home after a month and a half but I then needed to stay home with her. My ability to work my business changed dramatically.

At that time, I discovered internet marketing. At first, I saw potential for me to earn money with my writing. At the time, I didn’t realize it would also be the best tool for me to build my network marketing business.

And I started a journey towards where I am today. I have learned and embraced using attraction marketing.

It has transformed the way I interact with people both in my business and personal relationships.

And on Black Friday I will be learning the ultimate tool for network marketers who want or need to use the internet and specifically the social media to build their business.

So back to my subject line. If you are comfortable selling, they will be comfortable buying.

How are you most comfortable sharing/selling your business and products?

Are you still looking for that method?

Network marketing has evolved over the decades. And that is a good thing.

Now, Julie Burke, a pioneer in using the social media to recruit and teach her team to duplicate what she does will be sharing her method and skill sets with you.

Julie built her network marketing business:

  • Without chasing friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Without calling a single person.
  • Without any kind of advertising, neither online or offline.
  • And without even having a website.

Julie’s never put together her ‘warm market list.’ Hasn’t made a single cold call. She didn’t struggle a day (which is unheard of in our business) … in fact… she had 45 people REACH OUT TO HER in the first 12 days of her network marketing career. And…

Made $2,300 In the First Month

But the most important fact for you and I is that Julie was able to teach her downline to do what she did.

What Julie does is duplicatable. That is key for network marketers, won’t you agree?

You have learned from dynamic and successful network marketers what they did but you weren’t comfortable doing it yourself. And if you aren’t comfortable your friends and family won’t be comfortable.

Now you can have another tool in your network marketing toolbox.

Julie Burke will be teaching us how she did it and how we can teach our teams to do it.

The training is available to you for the first time and it will be live. That means you can ask Julie your questions.

You can purchase the training for half the price that it will be offered for after midnight on Cyber Monday. It will still be available for purchase but you will pay twice the price.

You have until Friday, November 25th, before 1 p.m. EST to purchase and register for the live training. (But don’t wait until the last minute!)

You have until Monday, November 27th, at midnight EST to purchase the recorded training at the discounted price. Either way you will have access to the recording so that you can reference it again.

You don’t want to miss this.

Here is the link for all the information.


Oh, by the way. If you purchase the training during this special introductory period, 40% of the purchase will go to Heifer International.

Heifer International is a charity organization working to end hunger and poverty around the world by providing livestock and training to struggling communities.

And here is my disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Elite Marketing Pro and will receive part of the purchase price for the Social Media Recruiter training. And you are an intelligent person. You know that we should not expect to have Julie Burke’s results. I don’t know about you but I will be glad for just being able to continue to work my business from home where I can care for my Mom. I will be glad to have another tool in my toolbox that I can comfortably share a great company and awesome products. I will be glad to be able to duplicate this with my business team.

How about you?




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