What a Great System We Have

flag-977833.jpgThe American political system is flawed but we have just witnessed the integrity of it.

Do you agree?

You have just seen one of the most contentious races for President in recent times. Maybe ever.

And yet in the last twenty four hours you have heard conciliatory speeches. Speeches of unity.

Did you worry that the Army would be called out to contest a Republican win? You did not. It has never happened.

Our tradition of peaceful transition of power continues even though half of the country is shocked, disappointed or angry over the results.

Was this a distraction for you? It has been for me. I have focused on politics for long enough.

It is time for you and me to get back to work because the truth is no matter who was elected our business success depends on you and me. There is no act of Congress or executive order that will grow our business.

Only you can grow your business. Only I can grow my business.

So here we go. Back to work.

I do want to hear what is your biggest obstacle to bringing success. Let me know by clicking here.

In the meantime, God bless you and your family and your business.


When you reach my age you have heard a time or two, I want to be like her when I grow up. That is strange because first, I don't want to grow up and second, I am just figuring out who I am. I am an entrepreneur. I am having fun growing businesses from home while caring for my 90+ year old mom. Life is great!

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