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How is your future like a chihuahua burying a bone?

Is there something you can learn about digging a well from my dog Max?

Max is a rescue dog who rescued me after I lost my son. He came and offered a kind of therapy for my mom and I that I didn’t even know we needed.

He is a lap dog. He loves to cuddle on our lap underneath a throw. If you don’t have a small dog or cat you may not have experienced the kind of comfort that provides.

Max is a character. When he trots in the yard it is full of confidence. He owns the world and everyone in it. He barks at everyone who enters his realm. I used to think he was telling them to get out of his territory. Now I understand that he is inviting them in to say hi. He loves to have visitors.

Max knows our morning routine. He shows up at my side when he knows it is time for his walk. He watches me as if to say, it’s my time; let’s get with it.

I haven’t taught him many tricks. I just want him to behave. But he remembers what he has been taught. Early on when we first got him he discovered my favorite pen. It has a soft rubber grip and writes like a dream.  I don’t think he cared about how it wrote but he seemed to like to chew on the rubber grip. I had to teach him to drop it. And then it lost its attraction and he left pens alone.

Recently, he had something in his mouth that wasn’t good for him. He was about to run off with it and I said drop it. He dropped it immediately although it had been months since I had last used the command.

That makes me believe that Max is pretty smart.

But then there is the way he buries bones.

When Max gets the occasional bone or other treat he will either consume it in phenomenal time or sometimes he will bury it for later.

The problem is Max is in the house and he buries things in corners of a room or on a piece of furniture. He goes through all the motions of digging a hole in the dirt and then shoving the dirt back in the hole over his bone.

It is a comical scene. I realize that there are instincts that Max has that drive him to go through behavior that doesn’t make sense in his current situation. I keep waiting for him to figure it out. But he doesn’t.

It’s a perfect picture of what lots of very smart people are doing today.

Get a job. Keep that job.

People are going through the motions of achieving success. They are using all the strategies that have worked in the past. But like Max they don’t realize that changes have taken place.

I was an honor graduate. I wasn’t the top in my class. But I was high enough to wear a gold cord around my neck when I graduated from high school.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Actually I did. I wanted to be a wife and mother. I had seven siblings. I was the oldest. I wanted children of my own. That was what I wanted.

But I lived in a society that said do well in high school. Go to college. Get a degree. Get a good job. Keep that job by showing up and doing the work. In forty years you can retire.

I tried to follow the rules but I my heart was never in it.

I had several jobs/careers. Some I enjoyed more than others. Today I have finally realized that I am an entrepreneur at heart. I also know that not everyone is.

But everyone can learn from me and Max about how to be successful.

Dig a well. Dig several wells.

What does your future look like? Is retirement something that is vaguely uneasy?

You have followed the job strategies you were taught but you have doubts about how long you can continue doing a job that doesn’t fulfill and is filled with stress.

Keep your job; but find another stream of income.

In one of my careers I was an accountant. I worked for a CPA firm during one tax season.

( I hated it. The overtime did not come close to reimbursing me for the time I lost during that four months.)

Part of my job was to process all the tax returns that the senior accountants were creating for clients.

I saw the income of every prominent citizen in town. (I signed a confidentiality statement that I haven’t violated in 25 years so I’m not mentioning names.)

I was surprised that individuals with jobs that provided the kind of income that I would have been delighted with had other streams of income. They weren’t relying upon just their job for income.

I was impressed with what I learned but I didn’t realize that it had any implications for you and me.

But it does. You don’t have to be earning six figures before you start looking for a second stream of income.

In fact, wouldn’t you agree that it is smart to start earning supplemental income especially if you aren’t earning six figures?

Don’t dig a dry well.

What if you dig a well and there is no water?

Sadly, some streams of income are better than others. Some will work for you but not for me. Some will work for the individual who wrote the book but really no one else.

How do you find your best stream of income?

Research. Trial and error. Follow God’s leading. Observe what works for others.

It won’t be easy. But it will be worth it.

I have found three streams of income that work for me. Having three takes off the pressure of any one meeting my needs. I am doing what interests me, not what others say I should be doing. I am fulfilled and looking forward to my future.

What about you? Have you found your second stream of income? Or are you still looking?

Tomorrow I start exploring viable streams of income.


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