What’s In Your Future?

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binoculars-1209011After looking for the perfect picture on my favorite free site www.pixabay.com for a blog and not finding what I wanted, I had an idea.

Why not find a picture first and write the blog around it?

I have been researching the best ways for you to add a second stream of income so I typed future in the search bar. I knew I would get the futuristic photos but here are a sampling of other pics.

board-1647323What are you going to do next? Have you found your second stream of income? Awesome. Is it solidly established? Great. Then it’s time for another stream of income. Smart people don’t rest on their laurels. They move forward.

Tomorrow I will start a series on why we should dig a well; add another stream of income.

I have found what works for me. But I know that what works for me may not work for you. So I want to explore what are the best alternative sources of income that will work for those willing to work.

The key is that adding another stream of income is work. It will require an investment of time and or money. Probably both. With some businesses you can pick a big money investment with little time investment or the other way around.

place-name-sign-1647341But you need to be careful.

You need to do your due diligence. There are too many promising quick income for minimal work. That is almost always a red flag.

Digging a well is work. And it should be prefaced by determining if there will be plentiful water after your work.

But if you are patient and diligent you will be glad you dug your well.


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